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Hyun Bin Won Daesang Award on 47st Baeksang Arts Awards

At May 26th was held 47st Baeksang Arts Awards on Kyung Hee University. Obviously there’s a lot of news from that event, but I put my attention mostly on the winner for the Daesang Award TV category: Hyun Bin, for his role in “Secret Garden”. This drama also won the Best drama category and the […]

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Hyun Bin is Placed at the Frontline: Confirmed

Finally, on April 18th South Korean Marine Corps official decided that Hyun Bin (Kim Tae Pyung) who serves as a combat soldier will be placed in the country border area. Hyun Bin will end his basic training on April 22nd, then he would be given 5 days off . After the 5 days rest he […]

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Secret Garden Episode 20 Summary (Final)

Actually, I like happy ending for Joo Won and Ra Im, but like my mom said that too much candy can make you sick…yeah I think  I’m really sick because after watching this drama, I pray to God for Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won to become a couple in the real life, the thing […]

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Secret Garden Episode 19 Summary

Though I was disappointed with the previous episode, I couldn’t stop watching this drama. The adorable 21 years old-Kim Joo Won was too cute to ignored, and yeah..i felt sad, because soon we had to say goodbye to Kim Joo Won-Gil Ra Im…huks… T_T..and here’s the climax They didn’t kiss, instead Ra Im borrowed Joo […]

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Secret Garden Episode 18 Summary

May I skipped this episode? Ough .. I really hate this. When I was watching this episode I never stopped grumbling “Is this the best from you (Ms. Writer)?” Aaarggh … Okay I’ll be quite brief here . Whats Oska feared finally happened. Ra Im’s soul now in Joo Won’s body. When she’s already aware […]

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From “Late Autumn” VIP Premiere

Sorry I’m so late, On February 11, the VIP premiere for “Late Autum” or “Manchu”was held. “Late Autumn” starring Hyun Bin and Tang Wei. On February 10, the leading roles attended the press conference. I like Hyun Bin’s hair style, and Tang Wei looked sexy in red dress. At the premiere, Hyun Bin’s friends attended […]

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Secret Garden Episode 17 Summary

Actually I’d rather ride a roller coaster than watching this episode for the first time. Too many tears here, and make my emotions drained. Ms. Writer were you sure this was a romantic comedy drama, not a tragic romantic drama? And for Ha Ji Won .. wow! You’re the queen of tears. (And actually I […]

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Secret Garden Episode 16 Summary

This episode preceded by (Ra Im’s) father’s words “When I called to duty doesn’t care about strong fire. God please give me strength to save lives, but even so I’m still scared and praying for rain to come. I’m ready if God wants me to die, please look after my wife and my family” I […]

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Secret Garden Episode 15 Summary

Oska feel that person in front of him wasn’t Kim Joo Won, his cousin. Kim Joo  Won should know Ji Hyun, his bestfriend and also his therapist.  Joo Won even put Ji Hyun’s phone number into his speed dial number one on the  phone. Oska intended to call Ji Hyun and ask her to go […]

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