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Han Ji Min Becomes Political Enemy for Hyun Bin in “The King’s Wrath”

Finally Han Ji Min confirmed her role on up-coming movie “The King’s Wrath”. On this historical movie, she decided to take an antagonist role, Queen Jeongsun, the step grandmother of King Jeongjo (Hyun Bin). Her status might be as the grandmother, but her age just seven years older than her step-grandson. Based on the history, […]

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Hyun Bin Chooses Segeuk Movie as His Comeback Project

Oh yeah..finally it’s confirmed. Hyun Bin chose sageuk movie as his post army project.  On his new movie ” The King’s Wrath” (역린)  he becomes the 22nd King of Joseon, Jeong Jo. Besides being his first sageuk project, this is also a big challenge and heavy burden for him since he has to  portray the […]

Hyun Bin’s Adorable Pics From Hong Kong Fans Meeting

Actually i post this just because i think these pics are so adorable and cute. After he’s discharged from military, Hyun Bin runs his fans meeting in two Asian countries: Thailand and Hong Kong. Hyun Bin appeared with his civil hair, looked younger, and of course more gorgeous. Hyun Bin greeted his fans with bright […]

Hyun Bin Prefers Movie Than Drama as His Comeback Project

Rumor has it that Hyun Bin is currently reviewing a new drama project, and it seems to be not more than just a rumor. As reported by OSEN, from their conversation through phone-call with Hyun Bin’s agency, they said that speaking of Hyun Bin’s drama comeback is too early. Hyun Bin’s come back plan is […]

Hyun Bin Makes Women’s Heart Melt Through CF

Yeah..we really really miss this guy. Recently Hyun Bin appears in CF teaser on thee internet, the 15 second  video just shows his face, the perfect angle and the perfect model makes this video really worth it to watch. Even though just his face  his sexy charm still can be seen, his shape and his […]

Hyun Bin Enjoyed Los Angeles for Filming CF

Just in case if you can’t  wait any longer for his comeback, i posted a couple of photos of Hyun Bi while he was filming Samsung Smart TV. The shot took place in LA city this winter. He wore hat because of his post-haircut and the chilly weather, and as always i love his dimple […]

Handwriting Letter from Hyun Bin for Fans’s Unchanged Love

To show his feeling sincerely, on January 18th Hyun Bin wrote a message for the fans through The Space. And this is so sweet, he wrote the letter with his own hand. He’s really grateful that his fans keep pouring him with unchanged love before and after military service. He feels so much blessed having […]

Hyun Bin Is Back!!!

Yay! finally the D-day has come, today (December 6th) at 10 a.m Hyun Bin is officially discharged from army. He has wrapped up his duty on marine corps for 21 months . Hyun Bin became the most awaited actors, because he entered the military when his popularity was on the highest level because of his […]

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Hyun Bin’s Photos Update, D-20 before Military Discharge

The time is ticking faster and i bet Hyun Bin and his fans counting the days so excitedly. Finally just 20 days left before the private Kim Tae Pyung (Hyun Bin’s real name) discharged from military duty on December 6. And with pleasure i just want to share this pleasure, Hyun Bin’s latest photos. These […]

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