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The Equator Man Episode 4 Summary

The adult actors are coming in on The Equator Man episode 4. I think the casting was excellent, they could find actors that quite look a like, so the connection between the youth version and the grown up version of the characters are smooth, especially between Shi Wan and Lee Joon Hyeok. After throwing Seon […]

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The Equator Man Episode 3 Summary

The Equator Man episode 3 still tells the story during Seon Woo and Jang Il’s youth. In the end of previous episode, Seon Woo was ordered by the bad guys to find this man named Jun Taek and killed him. Since they threatened him to ruin Jang Il’s life if Seon Woo refused or failed […]

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The Equator Man Episode 2 Summary

The Equator Man episode 2 still tells what happened to Jang Il and Seon Woo’s lives in 15 years earlier. Last episode’s ending was Seon Woo found his father’s body hung on the tree. Jang Il’s father was in the middle of his work in President Jin as usual. He was looking for his master […]