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Gong Yoo’s Mysterious Pictorial in Jeju for Singles Magazine

For December issue, Singles magazine put our gorgeous guy, Gong Yoo, as it’s cover story. Gong Yoo took the photoshoot in Jeju island, with gloomy and blue toned representing winter season, Gong Yoo looks dreamy and mysterious in winter collection. Meanwhile, in the interview he talks about his  two latest movies, “Crucible” (2012) and “Suspect” […]

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Song Jung Ki, The Nicest Boy on Cover for “Singles”

This autumn is for Song Jung Ki, his acting was brilliant on “Nice Guy”, and managed to put the drama as the winner on Wednesday-Thursday dramas battle. Then his movie “Wolf Boy” recorded on the first place on blockbuster movie list for these weeks, gained over 5 million of viewers. After finishing his duty on […]


Gong Hyo Jin Gets Wet and Bold for Singles

After announcing  that she’s already officially single after breaking up from her long time boyfriend, Rye Seung Bum, Gong Hyo appeared on Singles magazine and shows  the slender body and her beautiful legs. Yeah..now this single lady is allowed to become sexy and seductive. Her poses are so provocative. I think this pictorial isn’t tacky […]


Kim Ha Neul Looks Chic and Sexy for “Singles”

Recently, Kim Ha Neul spotted on Hawaii for Singles magazine’s photoshoot. With her natural beauty, Kim Ha Neul shows her perfect body and pretty legs on the spring fashion. Most of the photos show her with hot pants and actually it makes her looks younger and hot. Kim Ha Neul makes this tropical island looks […]

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Park Min Yeong’s Sexy Bold Transformation for Singles

Park Min Yeong shows her other side charm. If usually she is adorable and sweet girl, on Singles Magazine for January issue, she looks glamorous, darker and bold. With smokey eyes she performs her sexy image and pretty legs. This pictorial was made in the middle of her tight schedule, but now she’s wrapping her […]

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The Dark Grim Reaper Jung Il Woo for Singles

“Singles” Magazine for May edition has something precious to be seen. Our sweety-lovely-boy photoshoot, Jung Il Woo…aaww… But this time he doesn’t look sweety anymore, he’s getting “dark”..gaaah..I’m dying. from my-good-boy transformed to be my-bad-boy. Even in some pictures he looks like a vampire, a sexy vampire (with pretty eyebrow). I even think, he should […]