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Best Actor/Actress 2012 KBS Drama Awards Goes to Song Jung Ki, Yoo Joon Sang, & Moon Chae Won

2012 KBS Drama Awards got tough competition for Best Actor Awards. The nominees were our favorite actors, like Song Jung Ki, Uhm Tae Woong, Joo Won, etc. But as the result was out, we got the winner(s). Song Jung Ki (Nice Guy) and Yoo Joon Sang (My Husband Got a Family) have to share the […]

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Best Couple Awards for Song Jung Ki and Moon Chae Won at 2012 KBS Drama Awards

Through drama Nice Guy our nice guy Song Jung Ki and his partner at the drama, Moon Chae Won, won Best Couple Awards at 2012 KBS Drama Awards. Actually, along with them, there are 3 more lovely couples who won this awards. Our on screen lovely husband and wife, Kim Nam Ju and Yoo Jun […]

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Song Jung Ki, The Nicest Boy on Cover for “Singles”

This autumn is for Song Jung Ki, his acting was brilliant on “Nice Guy”, and managed to put the drama as the winner on Wednesday-Thursday dramas battle. Then his movie “Wolf Boy” recorded on the first place on blockbuster movie list for these weeks, gained over 5 million of viewers. After finishing his duty on […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 20 Quick Summary [Final]

For Nice Guy final episode tonight, I really really hoped for a happy ending. Most of all characters in this drama have been unfortunate in their lives and they deserve another chance to start over. But what this drama gives us is… Anyway, let’s get back to where this show ended yesterday, on episode 19. […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 19 Quick Summary

Nice Guy this episode opened with Eun Gi walking alone. It’s one day earlier, before Eun Gi witnessed what she saw in the park in the ending of previous episode. She’s following Ma Ru a few steps behind. Her mind wondered about her and Ma Ru’s fate. She saw Ma Ru was sitting on a […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 18 Quick Summary

Tonight’s Nice Guy started with the moment Ma Ru talked to Eun Gi by the river. “I know everything, Eun Gi. Your memories are back. You remember what kind of man I am.” Then Eun Gi asked, “Since when you know my memories are back?” Ma Ru said that he knew the spreading scandal rumor was Eun […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 17 Quick Summary

This week Nice Guy started with the scene when Eun Gi was in the board meeting telling the board about her condition. Secretary Hyeon was frustrated with Eun Gi’s sudden one-side decision. At first Eun Gi said it’s nothing to be worry about…but then she surprised Secretary Hyeon by asking, “That time, the other person who had […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 16 Quick Summary

After watching Ma Ru and Eun Gi were kissing, Han Jae Hee drove back home broken hearted. Meanwhile Ma Ru and Eun Gi went to Ma Ru’s old house. At the front gate, it was Eun Gi who asked, “Don’t you remember? It’s here when I told you (what’s in my heart) back then. You don’t […]

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Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 15 Quick Summary

After Jae Hee’s sudden decision of Eun Gi’s promotion, she met Ma Ru outside the meeting room. She asked how Ma Ru’s feeling after what he made her to do. “I’m happy with it,”said Ma Ru casually and quite content. She couldn’t believe that Ma Ru could use her abusive brother to threaten her. Ma […]

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