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Cheon Jeong Myeong Got an Injury

It’s a bad news from “The Duo” filming set. Cheon Jeong Myeong’s agency announced on May 17th  that the actor  got a very serious spine injury . He fell from the horse and got himself injured on the neck and the spine. For this reason, he is suppose to get some rest and not to […]

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Which Drama to Follow?

With “Dream High”  wrapped up the airing, I get unsure which drama to follow. The already airing KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama that’s taking “The President” slot, “The Thorn Birds” (가시나무새) doesn’t seem very attractive to me. The plot line is so drama cliche and complicatedly unrealistic. It also received quite negative critics on its first airing. […]

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The Duo: Script Reading Session

Finally after being postponed, the casts of “The Duo” got their scripts, including the two leading roles, Cheon Jeong Myeong and Han Ji Hye. In this picture they look reading the script. Besides them, this drama will have Lee Sang Yoon, Seo Hyeon Jin, Lee Moon Sik, Choi Jong Hwan, and Yoo Yoon Seon. “The […]

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Cheon Jeong Myeong-Han Ji Hye on “The Duo”

Cheon Jeong Myeong will play with Han Ji-hye in MBC new drama “The Duo”. This drama picked up the late Joseon period setting about two men from different social classes who were exchanged family after they’re born: the poor become rich and vice versa. Cheon Jeong Myeong will play as one of them, while Han […]