The Blade And Petal Episode 14 Summary

The dead minister corpse’s neck is attached to a written message: “Yeon Gaesomun is not a hero, but a man who killed the king, and one who will bring about Goguryeo’s demise.”


The people who gather to see the ceremony break into a messy crowd, scared and panic. Choong barks his orders to the agents and goes immediately to the stage to protect the king, ministers and all VIP guests are seated and stands with his back in front of them all. Nam Saeng worriedly runs to find his father and just before that Moo Young reaches into her uniform to get her dagger. Obviously she tries to use the uncontrolled situation to murder the prime minister, but now with two of his sons ready to protect their dad she knows she can’t do that.

Moo Young puts back her dagger, nevertheless Boo Chi comes out from his hiding place with his bow and daringly shoots an arrow to the prime minister. The arrow misses its target and unfortunately it simply reveals that someone wants General Yeon to die there at the moment. Choong instantly runs to chase him, with Moo Young and Mo Seol behind him.

The other Geumhwadan members drag Boo Chin straight away coz his attempt is too dangerous especially since he fails and now all the agents are ready to hunt him down. Mo Seol darts her hairpin-secret weaponry onto Boo Chi’s direction, however Moo Young blocks the attack with her spear then acting all innocent because she then runs after him too.

In the palace Jang seems to be extra happy as he gladly points out the embarrassing situation namely; the failure of the intelligence agency. He mercilessly mocks General Yeon saying how he has two of his sons there, yet they’re not even able to protect their father’s honor.

But it’s General Yeon he deals with, so when the General reveals what he plans to do to counter the shameful event, his plan proves that it brings only greater authority to the Joye Agency and himself as the prime minister. No more public gathering allowed, catch anyone who spreads rumors, and eliminate all indications of rebellion no matter insignificant it looks.

General Yeon gets his two sons to report him who they think is responsible, and Nam Saeng is just about to rant when his father interrupts him how he ignored Choong’s suspicions. The General asks Choong about what he thinks and plans regarding the situation they have now, and turns out Choong’s just exactly the ones of his father’s. Clearly that he wins the General favour, almost always, and Nam Saeng looks more and more agitated with that fact.

King Jang and Moo Young meet and discuss about the event and he knows that it’s all Moo Young’s act. Moo Young calmly says that what she did is just the beginning. At the Joye Office, Nam Saeng speculates about who’s responsible. He says it’s either someone who hates his father, or someone who wants his father’s power, all said while he purposely glances in Choong’s direction.

Almost like he’s just talking to himself, Choong blurts out the possibility of revenge as a possible reason behind the fail ceremony event. Nam Saeng takes it as one possibility until he reaches a conclusion: the rebels seem to be the supporters of the former king, and the only person they will serve is the only daughter of the dead king himself, Princess So Hee.

Everybody thinks that the princess is thought to be dead, however Nam Saeng insists if anyone confirmed the body. It reveals then that all they saw is her remains, but never the body of the princess herself. For Nam Saeng it tells that she’s alive, so he orders to search for her in secret.


Choong remembers how he held her clothes at her grave and claims that the princess is dead. I think Choong knows that Moo Young is the princess but he wants to protect her so he helps her indirectly by persevere that the princess is really dead. Nam Saeng replies that he did heard hyeong-nim’s love story with the princess, but he will only believe that princess is dead after he sees that with his own eyes.

Suddenly Nam Saeng wants Moo Young to be called and when he notices that Choong wonders with that, he explains that Moo Young is his favourite agent among the others. He tells Choong how he wants Moo Young to do something for him today. What he wants her to do is to kill Leader So by beheading him.


It’s just this scary and disturbing that Nam Saeng seems to see that the teaching of how to kill a human being is just so exciting and fun. That after her first murder then the next will be much easier than using her chopsticks. Moo Young of course hesitates at first but then she moves her sword and gets stopped by Choong. He just nods and agrees when Nam Saeng thinks CHoong stops her killing Leader So because he wants him to be on his side. However once they’re out of the prison, Nam Saeng grumbles that things won’t work out well according to Choong’s plan.

Moo Young rushes to the gisaeng’s house which actually a secret Geumhwadan headquarter. She wants them to get Leader So out from the prison soon because she’s not sure when Nam Saeng wants to kill him. Dal Ki the gisaeng wants Moo Young to get out from the palace too since they worry that Choong will recognize Moo Young if she stays much longer, but Moo Young stays calm. She says she doesn’t think he’s aware she’s the princess and that she needs to hang in there as long as she can.


So that night the Geumhwadan sneaks into the prison with Moo Young watches the situation for them. As a matter of fact, Choong keeps searching proofs about Moo Young and now knows that while they can trace Moo Young’s family and other important people for her, they can’t however find her friends. It’s obvious now that Moo Young has created this fake life for her new identity.

In the prison a man with a mask on pours gasoline while Nam Saeng alone and think seriously in the Joye Agency.  Choong then meets Moo Young who’s still outside watching for the Geumhwadan. When he asks her why she’s there, Moo Young nervously answers that it’s her turn for the night patrol.

Out of the blue Choong asks her: “Do you have someone that you want to protect?” Moo Young says no, then asks him the same question.
Choong answers it with, “She is dead”. He looks at her with guilt in his eyes and shame in his face.  It’s almost felt like he wants her to know and understand. Choong adds, “I killed her.”

The masked man who poured the gas now starts the fire but in almost the same time gets killed by Nam Saeng’s right hand man. While the prison guards busy with the fire, Boo Chi gets out from his hiding and rushes to Leader So’s prison cell and breaks the lock. Moo Young and Choong’s moment breaks when they see the fire lights up the sky and they rush off to the prison.

Choong sees the Geumhwadan try to escape from the prison, then soon he and Boo Chi engage in a fight with fire surround them. Dal Ki helps Boo Chi by throwing a dagger which then stabs Choong in the shoulder, and when Choong determined to chase them Moo Young pulls him from behind at the same time a burnt out wooden pole drops off the ceiling almost to crash on Choong.

Both Choong and Moo Young collapse to the ground, but Moo Young then falls unconscious. Choong carries her onto his back to safety, and in a distance Nam Saeng spots them both and quick to follow. Choong looks panic and a bit lost but anxious Nam Saeng immediately holds her in his arms and calls her name continuously. While he does that he glares at Choong as if he blames him for not protecting her as he should. It’s so sad how Choong receives those glares willingly, that it’s true he can’t protect her the way he suppose to.


Moo Young’s eyes finally opened and the first one she sees is Nam Saeng, yet she automatically turns her eyes to look for another man, Choong. When he hears how Moo Young can respond to his question, Choong just leaves and let Nam Saeng takes care of her. It seems that Choong feels he’s not the right person to take care of her, he doesn’t see how Moo Young refuses Nam Saeng’s touch after that.

Mo Seol worries so much over Choong’s stab wound, something Choong totally ignores. She heard though, that Moo Young was hurt coz she tries to protect him. Because of that she says she reconsiders her thought that Moo Young is a double agent, based on how she thought Moo Young purposely blocked her attack at the monument ceremony. Choong gets more curious and yeah, more convinced after he heard Mo Seol’s story.


Leader So is taken to the Geumhwadan hiding post, and he meets the umbrella maker there. Shi Woo his son is there too, apparently all these years he travels around the country to gather more supporters and allies for their side.


General Yeon later talks again with his two sons about the fire, and Nam Saeng quickly blames Choong at his careless action for letting a big leader of the rebels alive. Plus, the prison is under Choong’s jurisdiction, and he lets a fire happens.

Nam Saeng proudly voices his suspicion that the rebels are those who loyal to the former king, and how he send agents to confirm the princess’ death. Choong dismisses his act, and says that it’s better to keep an eye on any warlords who used to be close to the former king. Their dad tells them to do anything they have to and he wants to see who gets the job done first.

Jang obviously enjoys how General Yeon keeps getting bothered with this and that. The General warns him though, that anything he’s planning needs to be stopped.  Jang blurts he’s just a puppet, and puppets can’t make plans. But yeah, he can stand by and just watch.

Nam Saeng tells his thought to Mo Seol that the late king’s followers have to be base  close to the capital, and she advices him to take a look at the weapons smuggler who they once captured and died. Nam Saeng opens his clothes and sees the bamboo and flower patterns  have tattooed on his chest, he remembers then how the smuggler confessed that the location of the weapons is right outside the city wall.

Nam Saeng thinks the smuggler worked for the rebels, then perhaps they can find clue from the weapon location. He immediately instructs most of the agents to follow him into the mission, but after he leaves Mo Seol gleefully says that he actually doesn’t hear the full story.

Moo Young asks another agent where they head to for the mission and knows that they all fall into the trap she sets with the Geumhwadan. It’s all bait they’ve prepared. Moo Young planned to get them into one place and swipe them all in one huge attack. In the location all the Geumhwadan ready to ambush, with the umbrella maker reminds them to be careful, the princess can be just to be among their enemy.

Moo Young keeps looking around as if she anticipates someone to come, her act makes Nam Saeng playfully teases her that could it be she looks for him. However Moo Young simply asks whether Choong will come and join them. Nam Saeng says that no way Choong will come.

At the Joye, Choong comes to the agency and finds the office rather empty. Mo Seol tells him that Nam Saeng brings almost all the agents to a mission, and how she thinks Nam Saeng wants to take all the credit if he gets the mission done. Soon Choong finds from Mo Seol that their enemies used a dying man as their agent, and he would only  reveal what he wanted to tell them. Choong now believes it’s all a trap, which his lil bro walks into with his opened eyes. Now he has to save them before it’s too late.

At the location they set to trap Nam Saeng and Co, someone comes out to pull Moo Young away from the battle field. She acts like she goes hunting for the rebel, something makes Nam Saeng smiles proudly at her, though I suspect more people are waiting deep in the forest to kill whomever agents with her.

Choong rides hard on his horse along with his troops to catch while Nam Saeng victoriously walks into a shabby sack which the smuggler said as the place he hid the weapons. He finds the Geumhwadan symbol inside a wooden chest, and realizes belatedly how his agents outside are dying under rain of torched arrows. He finally grasps that it’s a fatal trap but shock gets him numb and unable to think or do anything.


Choong rushes and scolds him for being reckless then after a quick assessment order to retreat. Still in denial for being trapped so easily, Nam Saeng refuses to back away and screaming like a loon that he wants to kill all the rebels. Without wasting any time Choong gets other agents to guard and take his brother to safety, he himself draws his sword and jumps right into the battle field.

Boo Chi, Dal Ki and Chi Woon prove to be the best warrior among the rebels as they kill so many of Choong’s agents, while as the best swordsman in the country Choong is the most deadly opponent for the rebels. He ends up directly fighting the strongest three of the Geumhwadan members and able to maintain his ground alone.

In a distance Moo Young spots the scene, she tightened her lips before clenching her sword and approaches Choong, her sword is ready in position to stab him from behind. Choong on the other hand, notices her and swing his sword to join her. In a split second Choong moves his body as human shield for her, and through his grinded teeth he orders her to retreat.

This confuses Moo Young and the gang, they never expect Choong like this. As her commander, it’ll be natural to let Moo Young not only to fight with him but also to fight for him. Asking a low soldier like her to retreat and he’ll fight for them both is not common, which only means that he wants to protect her. Choong even hits some arrows shot into her direction to the ground, he does protect her.

Moo Young grasps the fact that whatever happens, Choong will protect her. This knowledge makes her instinctively hits the arrows which now directed to Choong, even steps in front of him, but then very bad thing takes place. An arrow shot straight to her chest, when she falls Choong lets go his sword and catches her into his arms.


The camera pans slowly into Choong’s tense and frightened face, while Moo Young closes her eyes.



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