The Blade And Petal Episode 15 Summary

Choong loosened up his grip on his sword, letting the sword falls to the ground so he can catch Moo Young’s body. On his hiding place So Sa Bun wants to move to get the princess but his men stops him, reminds him that other intelligence agency men come so it’s better for them to escape now. The agents under Choong’s command surround Boo Chi and his gang, but those Geumhwadans are able to defend themselves and run away from the site.

Choong carries unconscious Moo Young on his back and brings her to Joye, and Tae Pyung – Choong’s rigt hand man – helps him take care of Moo Young. Tae Pyung clearly adores Choong and such a fanboy to his own boss, when he sighs that it should be him who takes the arrow for his commander instead of Moo Young. Tae Pyung reminds him that including the fire incident, Moo Young has saved Choong’s life twice.


Choong stays in Moo Young’s room, still in shock and grief over the fact that Moo Young is actually Princess So Hee. I guess that he already suspects her identity but tries to deny it because he can’t accept that hatred and revenge have put them both at the centre of such two different sides. He spends so much time in Moo Young’s room it urges Mo Seol to get him out telling him that as the deputy director Choong still has many tasks to do regarding the big trap that kills so many Joye agents. Mo Seol expresses her objection that Choong seems to favour Mo Young much more than the other soldiers, but Choong ignores her and walks out.


In Geumhwadan base, they suffer the same things. Not only now they worry over the princess’s safety, but they also lose so many members during the battle with the Joye agents. Meanwhile in the palace, Jang and the other minister talks about how the mighty prime minister seems can’t control his own children causing such an intelligence agency falls into a trap and suffers a great damage. But as a mighty general with such intelligence, General Yeon is able to find the real root of the case. That a living descendant of the former king is still alive out there, and the rebels are actually his/her supporters and now they start to move.

Back to Joye, Choong not only has to deal with his childish-tantrum dongsaeng, cares the wounded soldiers and the survivors, sorts out the damages, but also worries over Moo Young. He spends another night in her room, sitting quietly and watching her sleep, restless and contemplating.  The next day both Joye and Geumhwadan separately hold a praying ritual for their dead fellow soldiers, and in her room Moo Young gathers her consciousness back and wakes up.

After the ritual is done, Choong gets back to Moo Young’s room to check her. He’s a bit surprised to see she has get off from her bed, but he tells her that he’s going to send a doctor to see her wound. Moo Young says she’s ok and he doesn’t need to specially send her a doctor. Pretending that he still doesn’t know that she’s actually his Princess So Hee, Choong gently scolds her for being so lightly cares with her own life by blocking an arrow for him using her body. Moo Young however, refuses to be touched by his attention, her resistance breaks Choong’s heart. That poor man just wants to make sure that his love one is all right, but girl can’t even stand his touches.


Choong is surprised when Jang visits Moo Young, a king comes and visits a low rank soldier is very intriguing, something Moo Young points out at Jang too. But Jang tells her right now mostly people just think he’s crazy, assuring her that no one will suspect his visit. He also worries over the princess’s health, and wonders why the espionage task must fall into her. She replies she’s the one who knows the palace best, and once she gets in she won’t leaves again. She’s going to put everything back into its place again.

Choong also clearly covers Jang’s motive in visiting Moo Young, because he tells the training instructor perhaps the king just wants to hear a heroic story from the source himself. The news of Moo Young saving the deputy director spreads over the palace, so it’s actually a pretty believable story. Even a report how king visits and talks to Moo Young personally reaches the prime minister too, but he seems doesn’t think that it’s suspicious enough.

Moo Young is tidying up her bed that night when Tae Pyung gives her some stuff, a sweet cake and few bandages. He tells her how the injured soldiers have their parents to visit, and because orphanages like Moo Young doesn’t, then their deputy director prepares the cake so she won’t feel all alone. Their boss himself is a bastard son, so he knows how it feels to be lonely. Then he tells her how the boss told him that Moo Young resembles his lover who dies because he couldn’t protect her. For sure, this information shakes Moo Young’s heart.

She walks out to the yard only to find Choong is there too, though actually he was standing outside of the room when Tae Pyung told her about her resemblance with his long gone lover. Moo Young is about to turn her body when he stops her, asking about the wound. She thanks him for caring, but he replies that he’s the one who suppose to thank her.

He thanks her for saving his life twice, and Moo Young looks at him with such tender eyes, something Choong notices. Moo Young of course argues, says she does nothing and deep inside her heart she toughened up herself, “I will never … be swayed.” She has to keep reminding herself that, because the accident really changes their relationship now, even when she still pretends that she’s not Princess So Hee.

Choong interacts with her in a more personal intimate way now, still treats her like a guy to guy but the delicate nuance in his treatment can’t escape from her observation. It never occurs to her that Choong has found out who she is, and that somehow he compromises with full knowledge how she holds revenge towards him and the new Yeon regime. He helps her with her cover, supports her in any way he knows. If the girl he loves wants to stay in disguise as a guy, then he’ll let her be.


When Choong leaves her to go inside, a pendant slipped off him and falls to the floor. Moo Young sees that and picks it up to give it back to him. She tells him how pretty the woman drawn in the pendant is, and Choong says that it’s his mother’s picture. The pendant is given to him when they parted long time ago, and it’s so precious to him.

The next day General Yeon gathers all the agents and gives them a short encouragement speech and announces that he degrades Nam Saeng from his position as the director of Joye into deputy director, and appoints Choong to lead the intelligence agency as the new chief.

It rages Nam Saeng, and he fumes and rants to their father how a bastard son from a slave girl like Choong is put above him. Choong just quietly stands and listens to him flaring up and as if he rolls his eyes over his lil bro’s tantrum, finally Choong says he rejects the position. Nam Saeng gets angrier when Choong declines the position he so desires, their father gets annoyed too with both of them, and he brusquely warns Choong that thing will be the same if Choong makes mistakes and he needs to  do his job thoroughly.


Restless and agitated, Choong tries to organize his thoughts by practicing his sword stances in the practice room. The training instructor approaches him, knows that he needs a friend to talk. The instructor then shows a geumhwadan poster, and tells him that Geumhwadan is a secret organization established to protect the former king and the descendants. The organization consisted of Goguryeo’s best swordsmen, and once the former king died, they disappear too and no one is able to trace them. The instructor believes that above the prisoner who escaped from Joye’s underground prison which is the Geumhwadan leader, there’s another central character, the one who really holds the command of the organization. They need to catch that person.

When Choong meets his father, he notifies him that as the new appointed chief of the intelligence agency he prefers them for not to be involved with the political war. The agency has to focus only to catch traitors or blocking attacks from outsiders. The prime minister agrees to his condition if he’s willing to do the same. If the rebellions are really supported by Geumhwadan, then they must be stayed close with the former king’s descendant and they possibly know a lot about the princess.

Knowing how the princess they’re talking is standing behind him, Choong counters by saying that the princess is dead, he wants to protect her as long as he can. Before they parted, Choong tells General Yeon that the agency will take over the security measurement for the prime minister’s safety and his residence will be guarded day and night

Tae Pyung gives Moo Young a schedule on their night duty to guard prime minister’s residence, and in that schedule her turn will be on the tenth days. In a class, Mo Seol teaches the new recruits including Moo Young, that the biggest responsibility of an agent is to gain enemy’s heart and trust. She also explains that the dangerous threat for an intelligence agent is to fall in love with the enemy. As if Moo Young still needs to be reminded of such things, which unfortunately yes, she does.

Finally Tae Pyung finds out that Moo Young is a girl, because he coincidentally enters the room they share when she is changing her bandage. She tries to persuade him to help her with her disguise, and while they have the conversation thing is getting worse for her because Nam Saeng pops out out of the blue and now Moo Young has to convince him too about her disguise.


The greedy Nam Saeng wants to help her covering the fact that she’s a girl with one condition; he wants her to spy his brother, Choong. He wants to know his weaknesses so he can defeat him and reclaims his position. Moo Young hates him and the idea of course, but she has no choice but agrees.

She meets with Jang too that night, and it’s clear that she still wants to keep a distance from him. Despite that fact Jang tells her though, how he buries with his own hands the remains of the former king and Moo Young’s brother whom Jang endearingly calls them with his father and his brother, in a mere unmarked land behind the palace. That night, both Jang and Moo Young cry for their father and their brother.

As soon as he appointed as the new chief of the intelligence agency, Choong moves fast. He asks his old friend, Jin Gu, to be his informant and report him what people in the market or streets talk about. Meanwhile in their base, Geumhwadan still suffers for their last damage and now they’re in lost what to do. One of the members see their confusion and disappointed at what he sees. He thinks he joins the movement with an expectation that Geumhwadan will provide better future, but now they’re all still in hunger, they lost in the fight with Joye, and seems now they’re starting to lose their focus in the battle of will too.

The next day, he heads to Joye and openly admits as one of the Geumhwadan and asks a meeting with the Joye director, Choong himself. Choong at first sceptical with what the member offers since he thinks it’s just another plan to trap the agency again. But Choong’s basic nature is a warm hearted one, so he melts when the member confesses that he wants to exchange the info he has with a bag of rice. He sits in front of him, and listens to the biggest info the man carries with him. That daughter of the former king is still alive. Princess So Hee isn’t dead as what people believe she is all this time. He’s surprised though, that instead of probing him more the chief just plainly asking who else knows about this truth.

The member maybe never thinks that Choong has aware with the princess identity since the first time she joins the agency. Choong walks silently to gather his thoughts  while a flashback of how he finds out the truth about her comes to mind. It’s unavoidable now, he has to let the princess go since it only matter of time till any other people will uncover Moo Young’s real identity. He has to make her leave before it’s too late and too dangerous for her to stay, because when it happens, there’s nothing he can do to save her.

Moo Young and another agent go patrol on the next day, they get a tip that there’s a gisaeng house which frequently used by a guy who plaster the whole town with geumhwadan posters. The gisaeng house is indeed the geumhwadan base in downtown city, and Moo Young has to sneak to contact the gang that their base seems to be revealed so they need to clear the base soon.

The geumhwadan is more concern about Moo Young’s safety if she stays much longer in Joye, especially after her disguise as a guy is known by her male roommate. However, Moo Young insists to stay for 10 days more as the tenth day will be her turn to do night watch in Yeon residence. Having no choice with her persistence, So Sa Bun tasks Boo Chi and Dal Gi to follow and protect the princess from distance. Yet it seems that Boo Chi and Dal Gi has a secret plan to do which doesn’t involve Leader So at all.

Suddenly Choong comes to Gibang and when asked he just says that he drops by after probing the area. When he wants to go back to Joye, he demands Moo Young to go back with him telling her there’s something she needs to do for him. He remains silent during their way back to the agency, so Moo Young guesses somethig big will happen. Once they reach Joye, Moo Young asks Choong about what’s happening. Instead, he asks her back, demanding to know her real identity, twice. She answers with her fake identity, that she’s So Moo Young, the son of Daeja Fortress Constable.

In a tired voice Choong tells her about why he always doubts her. Because what he sees from her eyes all this time merely revenge. His words surprises Moo Young, and when she tries to escape from the conversation his next words stop her. Choong says, “Those eyes, were not the ones I knew”.


Moo Young still tries to argue, but then Choong starts talking to her in honorifics, putting himself as someone with much lower social status than her. Choong knows that she’s actually Princess So Hee. He tells her that it’s still not too late and how he wishes her not to dip her hands into more blood anymore.

He knows that she leads Geumhwadan, also that she’s the one behind the Daemangniji monument incident, and the one who sets the trap that kills so many Joye agents, and also how she disguises under fake name and false identity. He says that he can bury everything now, if she stops what she’s working. That being survives from the tragedy is the most precious thing for her. And also for someone else, he himself.

Moo Young: “It’s true that I live only for revenge. I’m now Moo Young without parents, a brother, a name, or even a shadow”.

Choong: “You treated me who had no parents, siblings, or a name, like a human. And the moment you died, I died too”.

But then Choong draws his sword, saying that he’s Yeon Choong now, the director of Joye Intelligence Agency. He has responsibility to bear, and a task to fulfil. Moo Young bluntly asks him to kill her, because there’s only sword which stands between them. In a distance Boo Chi prepares his arrow, ready to shoot Choong if he tries to kill her. Choong moves forward, puts the point of his sword to Moo Young’s throat then slowly pulls the sword away, in their hiding spot Boo Chi lower down his arrow again. They have no idea that Nam Saeng follows their conversation secretly behind a wall.


Choong takes a deep breath and sadly asks her to leave. That’s all he can do, he says. He continues with how he pleads her not to see each other again, because once they do, he will have to kill her. Moo Young listens to him quietly with tears in her eyes, just like Choong has too.



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