The Equator Man Episode 10 Summary

Kim Seon Woo is back on action in 10th episode of The Equator Man. He’s no longer Kim Seon Woo we knew before, the young guy with an unfortunate life. He had become this rich guy with full of confidence. But Seon Woo let us see what he had been through in the last 13 years. It wasn’t all an easy life. He had all the desperation and tiring series of surgeries, many training, caught up in formal education…he really built up his life and showed us that what made him today was a series of hard works.

Moon Tae Joo brought Seon Woo abroad. The first thing they did was giving him back his eyesight. Seon Woo’s first surgery didn’t work, but he didn’ give up. When Seon Woo was frustrated and about to give up, Mr.Moon hit his weakness point. “On the back of Han Ji Won’s photograph she wrote a beautiful letter. I won’t read it for you. If you give up now you wouldn’t be able to read it forever.”

On the last surgery, Seon Woo finally could see the light when the doctor opened the bandage. The first thing he saw was a beautiful face of a girl in the picture Mr.Moon showed him: Han Ji Won. “I guess you wouldn’t want my face to be the first thing you see,” said Mr.Moon. Seon Woo finally could see Ji Won’s face and what she wrote in the back of her picture. After the successful surgery, Seon Woo started to build his life. He learned martial arts and studied hard in university (become friend with Mr.Jin’s  step daughter).

One thing for sure he never left behind: Han Ji Won. For years Ji Won kept receiving a bouquet of flower with anonymous card on every event, Christmas, birthday, etc. She could sense it was from Seon Woo, but the sender never left any trace. She tried to find any information about Seon Woo where about from the school for the blind, but they had no idea either.

After finishing his school, Seon Woo finally asked Mr.Moon what was the real reason he helped him. What he wanted from Seon Woo in return? Mr. Moon just replied, “Why would a father have any reason helping his son?” Seon Woo said his father was Kim Kyeong Phil. Mr.Moon said that Seon Woo was the son of a woman he loved and Kyeong Phil had been a brother for him in their youth. When Seon Woo asked Mr.Moon who his biological father was, Mr.Moon said he didn’t know.

Then Seon Woo decided to pay back Mr.Moon by working hard in the equator to build up Mr.Moon’s business again. Because he was focus on helping Seon Woo, Mr.Moon’s business turned into a down fall that his client left one by one. Seon Woo promised him to bring them back no matter how hard it would take, otherwise he would never be back.

Seon Woo worked like a beast, knowing no turn back nor give up, that he often exhausted himself. He worked on Mr.Moon’s coal mining business in Indonesia and in years, he successfully bring back Mr.Moon’s client. Mr.Moon’s name absolutely disappeared from the business because his was taken over by this young man in his mid 30 named David Kim. Due to his success, he become a famous young businessman in his field.

Seon Woo kept his promised and Mr.Moon was so proud of him just like a father was proud of his own son. So it’s time for Seon Woo to go back home. He said he’s not going to fight those he hated. “I’m going to destroy them,” he said merciless. Mr.Moon said he didn’t have to axed down a full-of-bugs tree because they would collapsed anyhow by the wind. “So all you need is just to be the wind for them,” said Mr.Moon. He’s not only teaching Seon Woo survival and business, but also life wisdom. Revenge could harm himself, and I think another reason is Mr.Moon didn’t want Seon Woo to regret in the future of hurting his own real father, Mr.Jin. Besides revenge, Mr.Moon knew for sure that Seon Woo had another mission.

It was none other than finding the girl in the picture: Han Ji Won. Kim Seon Woo knew exactly where he could find her. That night he watched Ji Won enjoying her work as the hotel manager for VIP guest. Ji Won was preparing a wedding event. Seon Woo just watched her from the door, saying nothing nor approached her. When he finally left, he made that expression. He had to hold his feelings towards Ji Won despite his badly missing her.

Seon Woo visited Geum Jool that he made that big guy almost fainted when he showed him that he could see again. He kept a promise of bringing Geum Jool a nice Geum Jool (gold chain) when he’s back. He asked Geum jool for a help to find again the taxi driver who drove his father to Mr.Jin’s mansion who had now become a gambler, and to find the police officer who was in charge of his father case.

Jang Il was in the middle of an investigation. They had been collecting evidence to summon the bad guy, but they needed a help from an expert in resource business. One famous name on the field was David Kim. In the middle of his tight schedule, Jang Il had to attend a colleague wedding. It was in the hotel where Ji Won worked. Jang Il finally saw her and only asked about her from another hotel employee. He didn’t meet her right away.

Ji Won who had been having a tough time with her higher by being framed for a bribery case while her parent needed money for surgery, suddenly had an offer from a company named Head Hunter. She would be interviewed by the boss that day, but it was a hard day for her: caught in a traffic jam, raining, her clothes got dirty because of the splash from a car…she ended up late for the interview. But what Ji Won didn’t see it coming was the boss. He had a familiar face: Kim Seon Woo.

However, Seon Woo acted like he never knew Ji Won. He talked harshly to her, sending her away for being late for the interview. Ji Won just stood there for some moment, startled and tried to digest the situation. Seon Woo said he would give her another chance for another meeting interview next week.

Ji Won was in shock. She tried to confirm if the boss’ name was Kim Seon Woo, but the admin man said his name was David Kim.

It was obviously just an acting that Seon Woo didn’t recognize Ji Won. His friend asked him why he did that. Seon Woo said, “I’d been gone for too long. I didn’t promise her anything. How could I ask her to accept me back after all these years? I wasn’t even sure if she recognize me.”

Soo Mi, the famous Korean artist that had been famous in Hollywood, held her exhibition in Mr. Jin’s wife’s gallery. Park Yoon Joo (Mr.Jin’s step daughter) offered Soo Mi to send the invitation for her. Soo Mi would only send one, for Lee Jang Il. Yoon Joo told her that she knew Jang Il and Soo Mi just asked a brief info about Jang Il’s current life.

It was Ji Won’s job to give a service to her VIP guest. That morning her guest was David Kim. She asked if he needed anything, Seon Woo just coldly said he’s okay doing everything himself. He said, “The woman with you was you boss? She looked mean, so no wonder you need a new job. Don’t worry, i’ll keep it a secret.” Ji Won gathered up her courage to finally asked the question, “Don’t you remember my voice?” Seon Woo paused his motion for a while, and then pretended as if he never heard the question and started to talk about clean clothes she needed to provide for his bathroom.

Jang Il finally met Ji Won in person. His excuse was to give his father a nice birthday dinner, which was actually true. He noticed Ji Won’s law book on her desk and asked if he could help her in law matter. Ji Won said it’s nothing.

Jang Il came down to Soo Mi’s exhibition, pretending that they just a mere high school friend. He didn’t stay long for his busyness, but when he was about to leave the exhibition, a painting hit his consciousness.

Can you see the painting on the background? Doesn’t it remind you of something? It absolutely reminded Jang Il of his past, the day on the bridge after he pushed Seon Woo off the cliff: his eternal sin. So it was Soo Mi’s way to attack Jang Il. She just gave him a victorious smirk when Jang Il looked at her in shock. But the presence of Mr.Jin made him to hide his emotion. Mr.Jin asked him to look into his colleague who’d been investigating him. Jang Il was about to refuse it, but Mr.Jin said, “If he’s investigating me, it won’t bring you any good either.”

Jang Il’s office had a guest: the expert they’d been waiting for. The star prosecutor must feel like being hit by a lightening when he saw this famous businessman he’d been expecting was stepping into his office in a full of self confidence. Seon Woo opened his sunglasses, looked directly into Jang Il’s eyes and said, “Are you prosecutor Lee Jang Il? Pleasure to meet you, I am David Kim.”

As n audience I hate that Seon Woo had to pretend that he doesn’t know Ji Won. But as a writer and if I put myself into Seon Woo’s shoes, I agree with the argument. That he had been gone for too long that he had no confidence of suddenly appear in front of Ji Won and asked her to accept him again. I really can’t wait for the next episode X|

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  1. i’m so grateful for the person who writes this. i mean it. this is the only blog i can find such an accurate kdrama summary with pics. i love the way you write it and everything jongmal kamsahamnda.i hope u continue doing such a nice thing.fighting!!!

  2. can’t wait 4 next episode…

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