The Equator Man Episode 18 Summary

Kim Sun Woo reconstructed the cliff incident again after everyone left. He hit on the back Jang Il for real this time: hard and twice. Then he dragged Jang Il to the edge of the rooftop and almost threw him off. This scene was from last episode. Thankfully, Geum Jool, yoon Joo and Soo Mi managed to open the door right in time. “What are you doing?!” screamed Yoon Joo. It stopped Sun Woo from being out of his mind and did something he would regret in the future.

There’s a news that another mining was found in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Mr.Jin insisted on getting the claim of the mining. He did all he could to win the competition by threatening a fellow businessman to help him.

Sun Woo told Soo Mi to tell everything Jang Il had done to him to the police. “Can’t you just forgive Jang Il?” asked Soo Mi. “You can’t do it? (tell the truth)” asked Sun Woo. “Then jump off here. I will paint you. Or give me your hand so I can smash it.” Sun Woo had no intention to forgive both Jang Il and Soo Mi. But he said he’s a bit thankful for her paintings because it lessened a bit of his stress.

Sun Woo was talking with his friend about the Law program TV was taking their bait that they planned to investigate further about Sun Woo’s case after his call. Ji Won came and grabbed Sun Woo’s drink, stressful after seeing the pictures of Sun Woo-Jang Il reconstruction scene on the internet. She said, “If I were you, I would just ask the authorities to investigate my case officially.” Apparently, the sentence offended Sun Woo. “Don’t use the words ‘if i were you’ if you’ve never been in my position. Don’t ever talk to me like that.” Sun Woo went to the pantry and Ji Won apologized. Sun Woo said he would bring them to end where there’s no more hope, just like what they did to him back then. “But we met each other back then,” said Ji Won. “Wouldn’t have it been better if we had met somewhere else?” Then Sun Woo was going to grab the liquor but his eyesight suddenly got a problem. Ji Won noticed it, but Sun Woo just said he needed some rest and then left to his room.

Sun Woo submit the petition of his incident. The police wondered why he didn’t open the whole truth to them. Sun Woo said his memory didn’t come back fully after the incident and he had things that he wasn’t sure of. He requested the police to have Jang Il to be the prosecutor who handle the case. And the public investigation run by the TV program had just started. It was just by the time Jang Il’s life and career would be shaken in front of the public.

Jang Il’s father met Sun Woo. He apologized, but still didn’t admit that Sun Woo’s dad was still alive when he hung him. He said he’s just following Mr.Jin’s order. He asked Sun Woo to call Mr.Choi to  let him meet Mr.Choi in private. He said he needed to clear up Mr.Choi’s misunderstanding about him, just to ask him to go out drinking together. Sun Woo did call Mr.Choi to make appointment, as if it was him who was going to meet him. Mr.Lee also said let him had all the blame to make Sun Woo leave Jang Il alone. “I was the one who hit you from the back under Mr.Jin’s order.”

Mr.Lee told Sun Woo what he heard from the conversation of Mr.Jin and his father that day. He was talking about Mr.Jin’s fiance had born a son and he’s still alive. He’s bringing up Moon Tae Joo’s name as well. Then Mr.Kim asked Mr.Jin to take the son with him.

Prosecutor Joon ho was listening to Mr.Choi’s testimony on the recorder when Jang Il came into the room. He told JAng Il that he would open up the case again and even started to investigate him too. “For me being your friend comes in a second place after my job,” he told Jang Il coldly. Then he asked Jang Il to tell him the truth. JAng Il was still in his lie: Sun Woo was just delusional. Joon Ho said he’d hand the recording to the chief. Jang Il was already grabbing his own table name tag and was thinking of hitting Joon ho from the back, but he didn’t do it at last.

Mr.Lee was almost out of his mind. He came to attack Mr.Jin in the elevator saying that they should die together. But thankfully the security guards saw the scene from cctv, so they rush to stop Mr.Lee.

Ji Won and Sun Woo went to see the movie like the old time. He asked Ji Won to tell him the scene while he closed his eyes, but Ji Won eventually told him to just watch it himself because the scene was difficult to explain. Sun Woo asked when she’s gonna drop the honorific whenever she talked to him. Ji Won said when everything was over and things were easy for Sun Woo’s life, she would take it easy too, even though she didn’t know when that time would come. After the movie, both visited the neighborhood where Sun Woo used to live.

While he was still with Ji Won, Sun Woo kind of had a hunch of something might not going alright about Mr.Choi meeting Mr.Lee. He called Mr.Choi to tell him the truth that it was actually Mr.Lee who wanted to meet him. after receiving Sun Woo’s call, Mr.Lee struck Mr.Choi on the back of his head, twice. He was going to dump him somewhere but thankfully, there were a group of boys who were cycling passed Mr.Choi and rescued him.

In the hospital, Mr.Choi told Soo Mi it was Jang Il’s father who tried to kill him. After his murder attempt failed and probably had sensed that police started to search him, Mr.Lee got frustrated that he even almost jumped himself off the bridge.

Jang Il came to the hospital. But he was there to scold Mr.Choi and called him a liar. Soo Mi couldn’t stand him anymore. She slapped him and said, “You’re done now.”

Mr.Jin and Sun Woo was competing in the mining claim. But of course Mr.Jin bribed the board giving all he had for the claim, and it’s exactly how Sun Woo wanted.

Lee Jang Il finally submitted his resignation letter.

Soo Mi met Ji Won to ask her to tell Sun Woo to stop this whole thing. “Why don’t you go to meet him yourself and beg?” said Ji Won. It’s right when Ji Won said Soo Mi wanted to gain everything without doing anything. She never even try to beg Sun Woo forgiveness. Soo Mi kind of blame Sun Woo for being too crazy and just going to bring them all down. Ji Won reminded her made him become what he’s today: “It’s all of you who made him like this.”

Mr.Lee was writing a note for Shin Joon Ho taking all the blame at himself and Jang Il was completely innocent. He also left  a note for Jang Il, a good bye note. When he got home, he didn’t notice the body hanging on the terrace. He read his father’s note and searched him here and there and finally found him. By the fact that Mr.Lee was still getting the oxygen tube in the ambulance, we knew he’s still alive. While he was in the ambulance with his father, Jang Il narrated, “Was it like this what Sun Woo went through?” And when he was in the hospital, it was only Soo Mi who came to see him, but she just saw him from a distant, not saying anything.

Mr.Jin failed again with his mining claim and it seemed to crush him bad.

Meanwhile it’s Eun Hye’s birthday and Mr.Moon told Sun Woo to go visit his mother. Sun Woo went there and after a moment he left. But he forgot to give the handkerchief Mr.Moon told him to give it to his mother so he went back. And there he found Mr.Jin and found out he was his mother’s fiancee….and likely to be his biological father, Sun Woo kind of sensed it.

Knowing now Sun Woo was his fiance’s son, Mr.Jin put all the blame on him. It was because of Eun Hye was having Sun Woo that everyone’s life was ruined: his life, Tae Joo’s life and Eun Hye’s life as well. “Who’s your father? Kyung Phil or Tae Joo?” Sun Woo answered that both men were his father.

He came to Moon Tae Joo for explanation. Moon Tae Joo finally gave him Kyeong Phil’s last letter for him: the answer whether Sun Woo was Jin No Sik’s or Tae Joo’s son. Sun Woo demanded Mr.Moon’s answer right there and he got the ugly truth. Mr.Moon told him that Mr.Jin was his biological father he admit it or not.


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  1. NewKDramaAddict

    Finally, the birth secret is revealed! Boy, this was an extremely heavy episode! So much happened! It was like watching a marathon of all bad things happening to people who had wronged Sun Woo. I always figured that the most precious things would be lost or affected. So far I am right. So what will happen next week? Only two episodes left!

  2. rhinna (@kishniquin)

    very intense now you know what it feels like Jang II everything is crushing down on him…. & Sun Woo the ugly truth reveals more pain in his heart now having a sweet revenge turns out to be bitter to worst…his physically emotionally damage poor guy…can’t wait what’s next

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