The Equator Man Episode 20 Summary (Finale)

We’re finally at the end episode of the heartbreaking drama The Equator Man. Ahh Sun Woo-Jang Il fate is decided here and somehow I had sensed it that the ending would be bitter between these two guys.

After screaming out at Mr.Jin’s house, Jang Il went to Sun Woo’s office telling him about his father’s death. Sun Woo’s response was cold saying that he felt the same way too 15 years ago. “You’re just like your father, your biological father. You and your father are the same evil!” said Jang Il.

Later that night, Sun Woo was drinking with Ji Won. He said it’s a good day. He finally accomplished his revenge: Mr.Jin was out of business, Mr.Lee died, Jang Il lost his job, and Soo Mi’s paintings were ruined. However, Sun Woo admitted that it didn’t feel as good as he thought. In fact, he felt so bad… Ji Won asked him what Jang Il was talking about earlier, about his biological father. Sun Woo just said that he had no idea. And then he just cried on Ji Won’s lap.

Jang Il somehow knew that no matter how cold Sun Woo had become, he would eventually came to pay respect to his father. Jang Il even left a note on the glass where his father’s ash was stored telling Sun Woo to pick up something at the receptionist. Jang Il left him a letter. It’s a farewell letter…”Sun Woo, you were my very best friend, yet you become the person I hate the most in this world. I’m sorry that I killed you back then, but don’t forgive me. I’m gonna end this all tragedy for good.”

Jang Il went to Thailand as he was asked by Mr.Jin. But he didn’t come to work for him, instead to kill him by his own hand and then killed himself after that. Sun Woo came right in time and he prevent Jang Il shooting Mr.Jin. Jang Il instead, pointing the gun towards Jang Il, but suddenly he’s pointing it towards his own head. With his quick move, Sun Woo managed to tackled Jang Il but the shot got Mr.Jin on his arm. Sun Woo firing all the gun loads to the air.

He took Mr.Jin for medical help. Mr.Jin asked why he was doing it. “Because you’re hurt,” said Sun Woo flat. “Kim Sun Woo-ssi. Sun Woo-ya,” called Mr.Jin. The last words made Sun Woo stopped his step. “Are you my son?” asked Mr.Jin. “No, I am not your son,” said Sun Woo.

Sun Woo came down to check on Jang Il in his place. At first Jang Il said Sun Woo should’ve let him kill Mr.Jin because he’s helping him avenging his father’s death. “Where do you hide him?” asked Jang Il. “I will find him anyway, I’m the Prosecutor Lee Jang Il.” Then Sun Woo was telling him to  go back to Seoul with him tomorrow, but Jang Il told him to be quite. “I’m talking to my father now, so shut up.” Sun Woo noticed that Jang Il had lost his mind.

Soo Mi was walking with Mr.Choi who was still on the wheelchair when Geum Jool came and informed her about Jang Il being hospitalized in mental hospital. Soo Mi visited him and unlike Jang Il’s reception for her all these whole years, that day, Jang Il was being so nice to her.

After being officially left by his wife and Yoon Joo, the authorities came to arrest Mr.Jin for his crime on business: embezzlement and bribery.

Jang Il’s mind was kind of messed up between the past and the present. That night when Sun Woo visited him, in his mind, they’re still in high school. He asked if Sun Woo was making trouble again fighting with some thugs. Then they both studied as if Jang Il was helping Sun Woo doing his home work just like the old days. Then suddenly Jang Il said, “Sun Woo, tell your father not to go to Mr.Jin’s house.” Sun Woo asked why. “I don’t know, I can’t remember, but I don’t think it’s gonna be good.” Sun Woo said that he’s father wouldn’t ever go to Mr.Jin’s house so Jang Il had nothing to worry about. “I’m sorry. I think I put you in a trouble, but I couldn’t remember.”

In the prison, Mr.Jin received a letter from Mr.Moon. Along with the letter was his paternity test result saying that Sun Woo was really his son. “Be a good father to Sun Woo from now,” said Mr.Moon.

When Sun Woo visited Jang Il again, Jang Il’s memories had come back. “Thank you for forgiving me. I remember everything now,” he told Sun Woo. “I had been you. If I had gone through what you had, I wouldn’t have been able to forgive me.” Sun Woo said he had forgiven Jang Il and was sorry for hurting him too. Then Jang Il asked Sun Woo to that place: where their tragedy started, their hometown.

Jang Il enjoyed the fresh air of their hometown. Then he asked Sun Woo to bring him there…to the ill fated cliff. “I want to pay my respect and apologize to your father,” Jang Il said. Being on that cliff again, Jang Il’s mind was here and there again, switching past and present times. “Sun Woo, since that day, I could never smile whole-heartedly again nor I could sleep well at night,” said Jang Il. Sun Woo just said, “I know. Let it go know.” Then Jang Il saw the teenage Sun Woo and asked if he would ever forgive him. The teenage Sun Woo said he already had. And Sun Woo also saw the teenaged Jang Il asking for forgiveness to him. Sun Woo said he already had. I literally was crying watching this scene… T-T

So these two best friends had finished their issue and forgive each other from the bottom of their heart. “I’m sorry Sun Woo,” said Jang Il again. Sun Woo said they should forget it and just get out of the cliff. They’re on their way leaving, Jang Il even said that they’re eating on his treat after from this place. But then he suddenly stopped and looked back while Sun Woo was just keep walking. Jang Il saw the scene when he hit Sun Woo’s head and threw him off the cliff. So he might know that Sun Woo had forgiven him whole-heartedly, but deep down in his heart, Jang Il could never forgive himself. Sun Woo suddenly heard something got into the water. And when he turned around, Jang Il was no where behind him. He knew Jang Il jumped off the cliff.

In the water, Jang Il could finally have a big sincerely smile. Sun Woo jumped off the water too to take Jang Il out…but he couldn’t reach him and he got his eyesight problem again. Later the doctor told him that his lost of eyesight this time wasn’t because of the cornea displacement, but more of psychological and stress. He may or may not be able to see again.

Ji Won said that no matter what happen to his eyesight she would always stayed beside him. “You’re always the same person to me,” she said. Then Sun Woo was going to tell her, I think it was actually about Mr.Jin, but he hesitated and told her another thing instead. “I sent the bucket flowers,” confessed Sun Woo. Ji Won said she had guessed as well as hoped it was him.

Sun Woo visited Mr.Jin in the prison. At first Mr.Jin didn’t notice Sun Woo had gone blind again and thought he came visiting him just to see how bad his condition was. Until Sun Woo reached his had when Mr.Jin was about to leave the table. He realized Sun Woo couldn’t see. He took off Sun Woo’s glasses, hugged him and cried. On that moment, Sun Woo slowly got back his eyesight again, though they’re still blurry.

Sun Woo finally told Ji Won that Mr.Jin was his biological father and he knew it’d be hard for Ji Won to accept it because of what happened to her late father. “I couldn’t leave him alone like we really had nothing to do with each other. I actually hate him now, bu in the same time, I felt sorry for him in my heart,” said Sun Woo. As he expected it, Ji Won hard to take that reality. She said she needed time to think about everything, and then left.

Sun Woo decided to leave again. He left another farewell letter to Ji Won again. “I never thought I would write this kind of letter again,” he said in the opening part. He said this time it would be very hard for both of them, especially for Ji Won. He understood that Ji Won couldn’t leave him, but neither could be happy if she stayed by his side. “So I’m the one who’s leaving. This time, I won’t ask you to wait for me. Neither I will wait for you.”

Soo Mi ran an ordinary life with her father, though she’s still be an artist. Mr.Choi had to stay on the wheelchair. She asked her father why everything didn’t go as we planned in life. Mr.Choi said because that’s how life works. People couldn’t pick up the day they’re born nor the day they die or how they die. “But you become the artist like you’ve always wanted. You still have to be grateful for that.” This small conversation between Soo Mi and her father was very meaningful.

Ji Won lived her life in Seoul without Sun Woo. She worked at the blind school again, and everything kept reminding her of Sun Woo. Meanwhile Sun Woo went back to the equator and lived a humble solitude life in a remote area. Ji Won finally came to Thailand to find Sun Woo.

At first when she arrived at Sun Woo’s place, Sun Woo wasn’t there, so Ji Won decided to just leave. They actually split ways in the airport. Then Sun Woo came back to his place. And Ji Won did too. “You didn’t wait for me, did you?” asked Ji Won. “No I didn’t,” said Sun Woo. “So I should just go now.” “That’s right,” responded Sun Woo. Ji Won had already turned around. “But can you really go?” asked Sun Wo. “I can’t,” said Ji Won. “Then don’t go. This time stay with me forever. I love you.”

They embraced each other. Then they kissed and kissed again. And on each kiss, Tae Woong seemed like eating Ji Won, too passionately :D Poor our Ji Sung if he had to watch this…

If you think this drama has a happy end, I have to disagree. Even though at the very end, Sun Woo was together again with Ji Won, it’s not actually a happy ending indicator for this drama. For me with Ji Won came to find him eventually was actually one thing that’s certain in Sun Woo’s life. He had lost his own revenge. Instead of getting all he wanted, he lost them all. He had blood in his hands too with Mr.Lee’s death. He also lost Jang Il in front of his very own eyes…sadly it’s all after he ruined Jang Il’s life. And he had to accept the fact that he’s the evil guy’s son, the person who ruined everyone’s life including the life of the woman he loved. So Ji Won’s presence is the only good thing in his life, the symbol of hope that in a very harsh life, there’ll still be a small precious thing to be grateful about.

However, I hate that I have to criticized detail in this episode! Ahh, I couldn’t stand Tae Woong’s switch hair style within seconds. They were supposed to do something with it first, at least to have Uhm Tae Woong changed the color of his hair into dark brown again before shooting if they couldn’t do much with his current hair style. And somehow, I felt like the script was in rush in some part, trying so hard to match the old shooting and the current one but still I think they failed to match them smoothly. Not only the script, the scenes were too. Ahhh…they should’ve done better! Thankfully they have great story that it still made me cry in the saddest part of this episode.

Thanks for those who always come by this drama summary. I’ll probably see you on Gak Si Tal? I’ll definitely give it a try since Joo Won  was on it. :D Ohh what a great continuation of 2D1N members on TV dramas…



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  1. NewKDramaAddict

    As always, Rizz, thanks for your commentary. I was highly disappointed with this finale (at least it was not totally screwed up like Fashion King (will I ever forgive those writers?!!). I thought the flash-backing took up too much of the episode and it felt extremely rushed!. I can tell you every scene when Jang Il was behind Sun Woo made me nervous, I was waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop with a fatal blow to the back of the head! It was so rushed, I wasn’t even sure if Jang Il had died. The total change in Sun Woo’s appearance through me off. I felt at the end, he looked younger than he did though the entire drama! Was it just me?! All in all, if it had not been for the tremendously strong episodes leading up to the finale, I think I would have been upset. Otherwise, I will remember Equator Man fondly and will definitely look forward to UHmForce and my Lee Joon Hyuk’s future projects! Uhm Tae Woong made me a fan with this one! What is Gak Si Tal? Another variety show? Hope to see you recapping again! Ok, let’s make a deal, you summarize Arang and I will faithfully read every one? HAHA!

  2. I got so confused when he was blind and they were sitting down and he confesses that he gave the flower baskets and when she asks why are you telling me this (when he said leave me.) and he changed subjects and said is jang II doing well? So did he survive or :S

    • I don’t think so. What Sun Woo meant by “is Jang Il doing well?” was actually “is he doing well up there?” Sun Woo failed to save Jang Il because his eyes suddenly couldn’t see well in the water that moment.

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