The Equator Man Episode 11 Summary

As a professional, Lee Jang Il must hide his shock and act along Seon Woo as if it’s their first time meeting. Jang Il flashback to the unfortunate day at the cliff while he was following Seon Woo in the corridor to the meeting room. The officer brief Seon Woo’s impressive profile and Seon Woo got down to the business right away and gave Jang Il and team his professional advice about the mining industry. He told them that the person they’re investigating just boasted the source’s stock, but Jang Il didn’t really take his words. Jang Il looked tense all the time they’re sitting face to face, while Seon Woo, of course, just enjoyed the moment playing his role as the expert David Kim.

But then after they formally said good bye and Seon Woo left, Jang Il couldn’t help it but to run catching up with Seon Woo. He asked what he meant by pretending he’s still blind when they first met. Seon Woo said he’s actually wanted to give a surprise but Jang Il was in a rush that time so he couldn’t make it.

As Mr.Jin told him about his colleague, Choi Yoon Seok, who was investigating Mr.Jin, Jang Il gave him the advice of leaving Mr.Jin alone because he wouldn’t be a good use for Choi.

Seon Woo was having a meeting with a foreign investor and Ji Won was there to offer a help as a good hotel manager. Seon Woo pretended he’s annoyed by the way Ji Won kept asking, “is there anything I can do to help you?” He talked harshly to her and told her to  be in a good attitude during her second-chance interview.

Seon Woo was talking about their petition plan with his friend when his friend tried to make the situation a bit relax by joking, “should we have some drink downstairs at the bar instead and call Han Ji Won and give her a hard time?” Seon Woo said that he might be coming back too late for her. His friend said not to worry about women since they’re half of world. Seon Woo said, “But half of my world is her.” Ji Won was his reason to go this far. Then they got down to the business about their petition plan. They’re going to drag down Jin No Shik alone because it seemed that he had more plan for Jang Il and his father.


Seon Woo started by getting testimony from the police officer who handled the case back then. The police told him that Mr.Kim’s suicide case was a bit suspicious because the rope knotting and the position.

Seon Woo and Park Yoon Joo had been a very close ever since they’re in US that when they finally meet again in Seoul, Seon Woo embraced her warmly and gave her peck kisses. He asked if her father was Mr.Jin and asked her about his business. Yoon Joo said she’s gonna introduce him with his step father instead, so that he could meet him in person.

After being almost out of his mind because Seon Woo never picked up his phone call, Seon Woo finally call and invite him for drinks. Jang Il fulfilled Seon Woo’s drinking invitation and came to his office. At first Seon Woo just brought up the old story about their friendship and hometown. But then he asked the question which must sound like a thunder for Jang Il. “Why did you do that to me?” Jang Il froze. But it wasn’t about he throwing Seon Woo off the cliff. “Why did you lie about my father’s death? He didn’t die when I was a kid.” He told Jang Il that he heard about it from Mr.Choi and Geum Jool and his memories came back one by one.

Coming home that night Jang Il got the sudden chill he always had ever since he came home that day after throwing Seon Woo off the cliff. He was trembling under the blanket and couldn’t even talked to Ji Won long when she called. Ji Won felt a bit burden because Jang  Il came to her mom when she was hospitalized and even paid for the bill. Ji Won just wanted to say that she would pay him back.

Seon Woo seemed to have trouble with his sleep that he woke up in the middle of the night screaming out as if he still couldn’t see. He still had that trauma.

Ji Won came for second chance interview. Seon Woo asked her some personal information that of course it’s more of  his own curiosity than the professional requirement. At first he asked why she’s finding a new job, then asked if she’s married. His seconds-paused could indicate his relieve when hearing Ji Won said she’s still single.

Ji Won actually stared at him for a while and Seon Woo just coldly asked why she’s doing it. She said his face reminded him of someone. Seon Woo just responded that he didn’t like that because that meant his face was just ordinary.

Moon Tae Joo visited Eun Hye’s grave and right after that was Jin No Shik. Mr.Moon was suppose to bring Kim Kyeong Phil’s last letter to him, but he told Seon Woo he had lost it. Seon Woo was suspicious about it because as he knew Mr.Moon was not the type of person who would lose such a precious thing like that. “Or somehow the letter has an information that you don’t want me to know?” Seon Woo asked him. Mr Moon said there’s no such a thing. He absolutely lied. If Seon Woo read the letter, he would instantly figured out that Mr.Jin was actually his father.

Mr.Jin couldn’t hide his surprise when seeing it was Kim Seon Woo who appeared as David Kim. But he pretended not knowing it’s Seon Woo, not until when they’re left alone and Seon Woo asked if Mr.Jin remembered him. “I was Jang Il’s friend who came asking for your help regarding my father’s death.” Mr.Jin just said, “Ah you’re that student.” Mr.Jin asked how Seon Woo changed his name. Seon Woo said it’s his new name in US. Yoon Joo added that David was taken from the bible’s David. The one who fought with Goliath. Mr.Jin asked, “then who’s goliath for this david?” Seon Woo said, “Everything that come in my way. Everything.”

Soo Mi came to Jang Il’s father’s birthday as Mr.Lee himself invited Soo Mi. He wanted to match Soo Mi and Jang Il as a couple. Jang Il instantly put his unfriendly face since the first time he found Soo Mi there and again, talked harshly to her after his father left them alone. He insulted Soo Mi’s father who came down meeting him in the DA office and said, “Do you think i’ll love you that you’re back as a famous artist?” This time Soo Mi had lost her patience and self pride that she said, “Remember when you treat me badly in Seoul Station? You said you would regret yourself later. Now you’ll really regret it.”

Soo Mi arrived at her studio furious. She took out a box of probably her old things or paintings. Then when she had calmed herself down again leaning back on the couch enjoying wine, we knew she really had won the game: she got the series of paintings about the detail scene when Jang Il hit Seon Woo’s head on the back and threw him off the cliff.

“Lee Jang Il, I was there that day.”

Mr.Jin summoned Jang Il and asked him why he didn’t tell him about Seon Woo. Jang Il said he had no obligation to inform him about Seon Woo. Then Mr.Jin talked about their fact and fate. They’re linked with Seon Woo’s father’s death and Jang Il was responsible for Seon Woo’s accident. But Jang Il just being cold as usual, defended his father and himself. That made Mr.Jin said, “What if when your father brought him away that man was still alive?”

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  1. just make up with her, seon woo…
    don’t torture her… poor ji won…
    u r torturing yourself too by torturing her…
    i hope they can make up faster…
    can’t wait

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