The Equator Man Episode 15 Summary

Sun Woo came to confront Jang Il in his working place, saying that if it wasn’t Mr.Jin who killed his father, I would be his father. Jang Il pissed off, saying that Sun Woo had been over the line while they’ve been working their best on the case. Sun woo insisted his argument was true and Jang Il didn’t even felt sorry at all for him.

“what the hell should I feel sorry about??” Jang Il pushed Sun Woo several times, so Sun Woo lost his patience and fought back. He pushed Jang Il to the wall, saying, “Don’t ever touch me again!” And then left.

Back to his office, Ji Won was about to go back home from work. Sun Woo asked to hold her hand for a while, he needed to calm himself down. Ji Won asked what was the burden in his mind and asked about the man who wrotee him the letter.

Sun Woo pretended he’s okay and said he’d share the information with her later after he made sure the whole things. Then Sun Woo said he was glad that Ji Won was by his side again. “I didn’t expected you read my letter,” he said. Ji Won said she never waited for Sun Woo, nor remember him for the past 12 years. Sun Woo asked what if she met someone else. Ji Won said there’s no one as good as Sun Woo.

While he was preparing breakfast for his presocutor son, Mr.Lee got a phonecall from the DA office. He’s finally summoned to give his testimony regarding Sun Woo’s case. Jang Il told him not to worry and they would practice everything later at night.

Sun Woo went to the hospital to check on his eyes. The doctor said even though he could see again now, he should be careful about his eyes. If he got another hit or very stressful, his eyessight would be in danger again. Kim Sun Woo might be a dare devil, but I think now he had one biggest fear in his life: losing his eyesight again.

In the Da office, Prosecutor Choi insisted on doing a further investigation on Mr.Jin’s employees. Jang Il said he shouldn’t push thing out as if intending to set up Mr.Jin to be guilty and caused the DA office in a trouble like he did another businessman last year.

Jang Il summoned Mr.Choi into his office. After a light chitchat, sun Woo finally got down to the business. He asked Mr.Choi why he sent him the letter. “Did you know something all this time? Or did you hear something from someone?” Mr.Choi freaked out, but kept saying he knew nothing, he didn’t send him any letter, and then left.

Already bit drunk, Mr.Choi came down to his daughter’s studio to ask her drinking together with him. And then he saw the curtain and wondered about it. He opened it and got a shock of what he was seeing: Soo Mi’s secret painting.

Mr.Jin brought up the talk about Mr.Moon with Sun Woo. “I heard that he’s your biological father,” said Mr.Jin. Sun Woo still pretended that he just knew Mr.Moon was a legend in the mining business. Then the conversation was getting tense when Sun Woo started talking about his father’s murder case. Mr.Jin kept acting like a fool about it.

Mr.Choi was frustrated that his daughter had fallen too deep for Jang Il that she even protected him from Sun Woo. Soo Mi said,”As much as I hate him. I feel sorry for him. I like him, but I can’t have him. So I will destroy him that no one will have him either.”

Jang Il managed to see the questions Prosecutor Choi prepared for next day interview. JAng Il shared the info to his father and they rehearsed what Mr.Lee must and must not do at the interrogation room.

JAng Il came down to Soo Mi’s studio to asked her why she lied for him. Soo Mi said she didn’t do it for him. JAng Il told her to just leave the country as he knew she might backstab her later on after this. Soo Mi said they’re alike and Jang Il was the master of backstabbing.

Sun Woo, Mr.Moon, his friend and Ji Won went for camping for Sun Woo. That man needed a break for his eyesight sake, and he had his loved ones with him. Spending their time alone, Ji Won told him that the reason she smashed Mr.Jin’s car window 15 years ago because she hated him from taking her father’s business in a dirty way. Her father already died without being able to get it back and had his own incompetence to blame for it.

Ji Won said she still hate Mr.Jin until now but the way she did her revenge was to live a good life. Then She asked him about what really happened in the accident that took out his eyesight. Sun Woo told her, but omit the name of the person who hit him. Ji Won said she hoped it wasn’t the person she had in her mind.
And when Ji Won had fallen asleep on his shoulder, Sun Woo said all this time he had been wondering that all people he loved leaving him. His father, his best friend. He hoped Ji Won would stay with him for a very long time.

Sun Woo told Moon Tae Joo that he wanted to visit his mother’s graveyard. But the next day they had to hurriedly go back to Seoul because the IRS was going to investigate their company’s tax. Someone had to be behind it.

Mr.Lee did as he had rehearsed the other night with his son. Of course he lied. Sun Woo managed to wrap up his work and came down to watch Mr.Lee’s testimony. When Mr.Lee was on his way home, Sun Woo made him go with his car. Mr.Lee was so tense. To make it more tense, Sun Woo said he’s going to stop by at JAng Il’s place as well because he had a box of fruit for him.

The three tried to be less tense during dinner together, until Sun Woo brought up the topic of Mr.Lee’s cooking. He remembered having dinner with them 15 years ago and told them about submitting the letter to the police and the next day it was gone. Then he asked Mr.Lee if he really never saw his father’s face. Jang Il told him to leave. After sun Woo was leaving, Jang Il threw the fruit box from Sun Woo to the floor. He found a copy of Mr.Choi’s letter among the grapes.

Mr.Choi finally came down to confess his sin to Sun Woo. His introduction was the background reason what made him shut up this whole time. “Soo Mi still likes that bastard.” Then he started to tell Sun Woo everything he saw that night, including the fact that Mr.Kim was still alive when Mr.Lee hang him on the tree. “Why didn’t you try to do something?” demanded Sun Woo. Mr.Choi said that the thrill of witnessing such a terrible scene was hard to explain and he didn’t know it was Mr.Kim until he heard him murmured, “I have promised Sun Woo…”

“Why didn’t you tell me the truth?? Why didn’t you tell the police back then??!” Sun Woo’s emotion went out of control. Mr.Choi he would do everything Sun Woo told him to from now on. He would also tell the police everything.

It was a very heartbreaking moment and Sun Woo screamed out a heartbreaking cry. He sounds like a little kid who lost his mother in the crowd and didn’t know how to react but to cry desperately out loud. Thankfully Ji Won was still in her office and she witnessed all this too. She couldn’t help listening to Sun Woo’s cry so she stepped out and be the soothing place for Sun Woo to cry on.

Mr.Jin made a mistake in the investment of diamond business, which happened exactly like Sun Woo had advised him the other day. He was frustrated and was planning an illegal way to cover up. Then he summoned Sun Woo for this reason, and Sun Woo with his own reason was more than happy to come down. For Sun Woo now it didn’t really matter what the DA investigation result. He just wanted to hear from Mr.Jin himself what really happened that day. He even showed him the letter. Mr.Jin kept acting innocent. Sun Woo said he would give him another kind of punishment than a mere justice sentence. “I would take away your most precious thing,” threatened Sun Woo. Mr.Jin was furious and told him to leave. “I’m not gonna be the Goliath that you (David) could beat down,” he said. Before leaving, Sun Woo, “I hope you’re not.”


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  1. NewKDramaAddict

    Sun Woo’s crying was the most intense, sorrowful scene I have ever seen a male actor do. I’d seen male actors cry before but I cannot say that I’ve ever felt the need to cry with them and console them (King 2 Hearts comes close) but what I did not understand is how you are supposed to be someone’s girlfriend and you see your man crying his heart out and you are emotionless! Now that through me. Geesh, even crazy Soo Mi cries for Jang Il and they don’t even have a relationship! Go figure! I still love this drama and I am glad they did not extend it! Revenge will be sweet and as Sun Woo said, it will be by taking what’s most precious to these people! But Sun Woo, what are you going to do about Soo Mi?!! Your friend!!??

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