The Equator Man Episode 12 Summary

Lee Jang Il  is under attack, I think that’s the main theme of The Equator Man episode 12. Seon Woo is no longer playing nice, while Soo Mi had lost her patience. And it was actually Jang Il himself who pushed these two persons to attack him without any mercy.

Soo Mi actually witnessed everything happened in the cliff that day. Apparently Soo Mi painted what she saw that day into several paintings. She was sending one to Jang Il.

Seon Woo got an information from the police office that his petition was still lack of evidence that they couldn’t open the case again. It’s actually as he had expected it and he seemed to have his next plan already.

Seon Woo called out Jang Il for a meeting lunch. He had a favor to ask: to help him to open up the case again. Jang Il said it’s out of his jurisdiction. Seon Woo asked if he could find someone in the jurisdiction he knew that could help him. His next statement made Jang Il had no chance. Seon Woo said that night when he stayed in Jang Il’s place he heard his father talking to Mr.Jin about they’re being the only two people at the villa that day. But Seon Woo made it smooth by saying, “of course he said that because he didn’t want to be suspected. They’re the only witnesses I had, but I leave out your father’s name.” Being cornered, Jang Il said he knew someone in crime division.

Seon Woo’s friend’s part in the scenerio was to be in contact with Choi. He went to Kendo’s dojo where Choi went and did sparring with him and be in the same sauna room. He just needed to pretend receiving a phone call from someone saying that Jin No Shik was accused of being involved in a murder case. And it worked, Choi studied back documents related to Mr.Jin.

Geom Jool brought Mr.Kim’s old stuffs to Seon Woo, then he asked Seon Woo to come to Soo Mi’s second exhibition. In the flyer he saw the painting bridge Jang Il saw the other day. It reminded him of the familiar place back in his hometown. Seon Woo said he’s coming to Soo Mi’s exhibition.

Seon Woo asked Jang Il if he had called his friend from the criminal division yet. With so much hesitation, Jang Il called his junior, Shin, and went drink with him. He told Shin that an old friend asked for a favor. But he said it in a way that this old friend was a bit confused thinking his father’s death as homicide instead of a suicide because he had gone through accidents and hard life. But when Seon Woo came down the DA office to meet Shin, that young prosecutor turned to be more than willing to look at the file. But Jang Il distracted his attention by giving him information about a bigger criminal case he should take over. And it worked.

Ji Won came early for her new position at Seon Woo’s company to study her new job description. Seon Woo said she could start the whole thing later and her first task was to prepare for the company’s party.

Ji Won brought Seon Woo to check on the venue. He made the stare and Ji Won noticed it. but Seon Woo had a good excuse, Ji Won missed one of her earrings. Then he asked if she had any dress for the event. Knowing she didn’t have one, Seon Woo brought her to a boutique and chose the best gown for her after several tries, saying it’s not personal presents but for the sake of company’s image.

In the car, Ji Won asked Seon Woo if he knew everyone in his guest list. Seon Woo said some he knew, the others were the ones he wanted to meet. Then she asked about Jin No Shik and Lee JAng Il. He said he knew Mr.Jin but not much and wanted to know better. As for Jang Il, he didn’t hesitate telling him that they’re best friend in high school. Ji Won wondered why that day, when Jang Il found her playing guitar for Seon Woo he didn’t say anything.

Yoon Joo was asked by Mr.Jin to go dating with Choi. That rposecutor was still investigating Mr.Jin, thanked to David Kim and Mr.Jin did sense it. Yoon Joo just gladly do her step-father’s favor since it’s merely business.

Ji Won excused herself from the office and Seon Woo just said “good job” without even looking. Ji Won got back when Seon Woo was in a deep thought looking at a book. She watched from the behind the door and then left quitely after awhile. Seon Woo knew she was looking at him.

Seon Woo visited Soo Mi at the gallery. At first he put on a show pretending he was still blind. He asked the story behind Soo Mi’s bridge painting. Soo Mi said it’s just a scenery. Then Soo Mi brought Seon Woo to have drink together with her father. Seon Woo told them that he’s going to make the police open up the case again. He told them that he had put their name in the witness list, so he asked for their cooperation. Both suddenly looked tense for each of their own reason.

Everyone came to Seon Woo’s company’s party: Mr.Jin and his family, Soo Mi, Geum Jool who wore nice suit, and of course, Jang Il. The old best friends were having conversation when the expected lady came in her pretty long black gown. The only person who was startled there was Jang Il. Seon Woo just pretended to be surprise by asking how could they know each other. Ji Won said they’re college friend.

After Seon Woo left, Ji Won asked why Jang Il never told her that Seon Woo was his best friend. Jang Il said Seon Woo’s condition made him not be able to tell him that the girl he liked was the same girl he had fallen in love with. Jang Il asked if she got the job because of their old relationship. Ji Won said Seon Woo didn’t recognized her, so he’s just a boss for her now.

Soo Mi and Geum Jool asked Seon Woo how could he manage to find Ji Won, the girl from the blind center that he had a crush on. Seon Woo just coldly said, “I met many girls in the blind center.” and “I liked many girls too there.”  Aarggh, I’m not sure if I could buy Seon Woo’s excuse again for pretending to forget Ji Won. And I wonder what made Ji Won stay quite. I mean, if I were her, after these whole years of waiting…and when that man finally came he pretend not to know me?? I would give him a hard slap on the face and said, “you shouldn’t have asked me to wait!” hehe.

Seon Woo knew that young prosecutor Shin was putting his case on a hold and Jang Il was obviously being unsupportive. Then Seon Woo asked a provocative question, “What if there’s a deal to make the homicide into a suicide? Your scholarship is not an investment but a deal to hide the truth.” Jang Il couldn’t help himself to grab Seon Woo on his collar and punched him hard in front of the public.

It’s obviously Jang Il’s worst nightmare. After that party he went back to his office and found the painting Soo Mi’s sent to him. He came to the gallery the next day and confronted Soo Mi.

Soo Mi told him that she was on the cliff that day. She was painting and was on her way back when she saw Jang Il knelt before Seon Woo. And she hid herself behind a rock and witnessed the whole scene.

Jang Il asked why she didn’t give the painting to Seon Woo instead. She said what if Seon Woo had actually knew it all. She also said that she’d go giving her testimony if the police opened up the case again. “Do you want me that badly that you do all this? Have you gone crazy wanting me badly?” asked Jang Il. “It was you who turned crazy,” said Soo Mi. “Why you did all this to your own best friend??” Soo Mi reminded him again that he was the one saying that he would regret it later. “So you will regret it.”

I really hope Seon Woo-Ji Won matter would be solved in the next episode. And I cannot wait for the next episodes to come.

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  1. This is definitely the top of my favorite weekly drama list! This episode brought everything to the forefront! The reveal that Soo Mi saw everything was shocking to me! It also let’s us know that she knows everything and still keeps everything hidden. Why? I think Jang Il said it best, she wants him and this is her way to hold onto him! I am curious how things will go from here. I also hope against hope that Seon Woo and Ji Won relationship evolves!! I can’t wait for them to get back together. Its obvious that there is no hope for Jang Il. The look she gave him after he punched Seon Woo was telling!!

  2. this drama is DAEBAKK!!!!

  3. Thank you so much for your recap! :D I really appreciate your hard work and effort. I <3 Equator Man hehe. I wonder when Jang Il's troubles will end…

  4. thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for the summary..
    can’t wait 4 next ep…

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