The Equator Man Episode 13 Summary

Jang Il came home crying, saying that if he should marry Soo Mi. This man is really sick. His father embraced him asking if Seon Woo do something bad to him. Jang Il knew that now his real problem is not only Seon Woo, but also Soo Mi.

The next day at the office, Jang Il and Choi Yoon Seok were summoned by their boss to handle the petition of Kim Seon Woo. Jang Il’s fear embraced him well. He was panic calling his father to call Mr.Jin from a public phone where there’s no cctv around and to tell Mr.Jin to meet him at a certain place.

Jang Il told Mr.Jin about his involvement on this case and said that if he’s proven guilty he had to receive the punishment. Mr.Jin said Jang Il should stop this matter and stop Seon Woo’s petition to end. Mr.Jin said if he’s falling, he would drag Jang Il along. Then Jang Il asked him why he killed Seon Woo’s dad, but of course Jang Il didn’t get the answer he wanted.

Han Ji Won came to work and acted calm as usual. But both actually couldn’t really help their missing for each other. Ji Won could only touch the wall that connected her room and Seon Woo’s and in the same time, Seon Woo also did the same thing. And later during lunch time, Seon Woo was on his way somewhere when he saw Ji Won was enjoying the break time with other staffs at the near by restaurant. I think it was out of his consciousness, Seon Woo stopped and lean on the restaurant’s fence, watching Ji Won. Sensing someone was staring at her, Ji Won turned her head and saw her boss. Seon Woo acted cool as usual and just continued his walk.

Because Jang Il was on a TV the other day and the fact that Soo Mi went to the same high school as him, Yoon Joo proposed an idea of holding a media interview of both Soo Mi and Jang Il as old friends that supported each other. Jang Il refused the idea at first when Yoon Joo called him. But hearing Yoon Joo mentioning that Soo Mi had paintings to give him, Jang Il agreed to come. Soo Mi said they should also invite David Kim. If he’s coming, Soo Mi would go the interview with them.

Both Jang Il and Seon Woo came. Jang Il looked tense looking at the closed curtain where Soo Mi put all her secret paintings the other day. Meanwhile Seon Woo kind of curious if Soo Mi had more paintings that was suspicious like the bridge scenery painting. Yoon Joo opened the curtain and Jang Il could finally breathe when he saw the paintings behind the curtain were totally different. Then Soo Mi said she’s not feeling of doing the interview only together with Jang Il because Seon Woo said he couldn’t be seen together with Jang Il in public because of his petition. Soo Mi’s sudden change in decision upset Yoon Joo. Seon Woo also excused himself when Soo Mi said sorry that she’s not in a very good mood that day. After Seon Woo left, Jang Il grabbed Soo Mi and talked harshly to her just like usual. He even grabbed Soo Mi’s face. but thankfully, Seon Woo suddenly came back, made Jang Il let go of Soo Mi. Seon Woo said sorry for interrupting, but he was only going to get something he had forgotten still left on the table.

Seon Woo made a trip back to Busan with his friend and Mr.Moon. They visited Seon Woo’s historical places, like the place where Seon Woo found his father’s body hanging on the tree, the cliff and the next day they visited Seon Woo’s old house. Moon Tae Joo worried about Seon Woo’s submitting his petition. He said no matter how hard he tried to bring them down, Jang Il would fight him back 10times harder. But Seon Woo didn’t even think of stepping back, he said, ”That’s why I have to make the first move.”

Soo Mi and Mr.Choi were enjoying expensive facial maskers when each of them received a phone call in the same time from the prosecutor office. As Seon Woo had mentioned that he put their names as witnesses, they would be summoned to make testimony. Mr.Choi was panic, saying he wouldn’t go. But Soo Mi tried to persuade him.

Soo Mi suddenly made a visit to Seon Woo’s office. But there’s only Ji Won there. She asked Ji Won, “Isn’t it hurt that Seon Woo didn’t recognize you?” Ji Won knew where the conversation would lead, so she coldly said that she would go make her some coffee. Soo Mi was measuring Seon Woo’s wall (to hang a perfect painting, I guess) and suddenly needed a sheet of paper. Since Ji Won didn’t respond to her calling, Soo Mi searched through Seon Woo’s desk and found Ji Won’s picture in the drawer.

Seon Woo still had his night mare and always hysterically screaming “I cannot see! I cannot see!” when he woke up. His friend said it must have something to do with the stress he’d been having related to this petition matter.

The next day he went straightly to the DA office to attend his interview and the person who submit the petition. Jang Il was the prosecutor in charge of the interview. His introduction saying that he actually went to the same high school with Seon Woo quite surprising others. Then he started questioning Seon Woo but from the other point of view. His questions seemed to lead to the possibility of Seon Woo made it all up to bring down Mr.Jin. Seon Woo coldly asked, “Have you already concluded that Mr.Jin is innocent?” JAng Il had his excuse saying that as a prosecutor, they have to see the case from various angles. Seon Woo seemed to be cornered in this interview until when he was about to leave the room he said that they should also check Mr.Jin’s employee during that time  and ask them if any of them saw his father coming that day.

Apparently, Soo Mi had put Ji Won’s picture in the file she saw on Seon Woo’s desk. Her plan did work, Ji Won finally got the picture on her hands. she finally knew what her boss had been hiding.

Since Ji Won was too shock facing the reality that Seon Woo knew her, and had been pretending as if he didn’t know her, that she turned unwell the rest of the day. She and Seon Woo had to go to a meeting, but looking at Ji Won’s condition, Seon Woo gave her a day off.

At home, Ji Won opened up again the box where she had kept Seon Woo’s old stuffs and recalled Seon Woo’s goodbye-letter. She still didn’t show up for work the next day and when she finally got back behind her office desk, she still looked unwell. Seon Woo came to her room, made the stare again, before he finally said that she should go home if she’s tired. A spontaneous question from Ji Won startled Seon Woo a bit, “Where should I get a massage when I have eyes fatigue?”

Seon Woo was back in his room when Ji Won finally decided to just go home. To Seon Woo surprise, Ji Won gave him back her picture. Seon Woo was shock finding out the picture was out of the frame.

“So you already knew me all this time?” asked Ji Won. Seon Woo went speechless, but Ji Won demanded him to speak. He finally made a confession that he straightly recognized her the first time he saw her. “And all this time you pretend not knowing me? Are you crazy or something?” argued Ji Won. Seon Woo’s excuse was that he waited for the perfect timing to tell her the truth. “You need prefect timing to just tell me ‘I remember you’?” argued Ji Won again. Seon Woo said he waited for the right moment to tell her the truth because what he wanted to tell her is more than just “I rememer you.” Ji Won said she didn’t want to hear anything anymore.

Seon Woo called her “Hemming-ssi” again and tried to stop her. But Ji Won let go of his hand and coldly said, “You’re no more Kim Seon Woo that I used to know.”

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