The Equator Man Episode 16 Summary

Lee Jang Il is mentally wounded, for sure. But I didn’t realize how loony he could be until he made that solitude creepy self-pride smile when he was seeing himself smiling proudly in the newspaper and watched over and over again the tv report about him helping a woman.
His father suspicious about Sun Woo left a letter in the fruit box, but Jang Il told him not to worry about anything. He said his father just made a mistake and Sun Woo was just acting like a lunatic and he wouldn’t let him win. This man had surely gone loony himself.

Sun Woo arriaved back at his office, and thankfully Ji Won was still there. She waited for him to come. They sat by the window and read the braille novel. Then Ji Won asked him to read her heart, too. Sun Woo said he had no idea. “Cheer up, I’m on your side, Kim Sun Woo.”

Then Ji Won said she could talk to Soo Mi and Jang Il and even Mr.Jin if he let her to, but Sun Woo didn’t want her to get involve.

Sun Woo ordered Geum Jool to keep his eyes on Mr.Jin because that man had invested a lot of money for an empty mining. And also to come by Soo Mi’s place often until the petition date expires. He also had to do something to get Jang Il casted in the TV program.

Sun Woo met prosecutor Joon Ho. They’re talking about Soo Mi’s testimony and it’s suspected to be a lie. Soo Mi said she saw Sun Woo’s dad buying a rope from a convinient store, but at that time the convinient store had been closed for a week because the son of the store man was hospitalized. The prosecutor even had confirmed to the hospital. They were wondering that Soo Mi must have a reason for telling the lie, of course Sun Woo knew because he remembered what Mr.Choi told him the other day. And then Sun Woo asked if he’s close with Jang Il and we couldn’t hear the rest of of their conversation.

Soo Mi came down Sun Woo’s office. She didn’t expect Sun Woo would know she’s lying. Sun Woo had checked the art competition date and Soo Mi was there during the week that she even won a gold medal. “I know why you’re doing this,” said Sun Woo. Then he said if she still considered him as a friend, she should tell the truth when she’s summoned to the DA office again for the testimony.
When Soo Mi came back to her studio, her dad told her that he had told Sun Woo everything. He even said he would go to the prosecutor to tell them the truth. Soo Mi begged him not to do it. They fled abroad, to Hong Kong, as Soo Mi had some works to do there.

Everyone was looking for both of them, the prosecutors, Sun Woo’s team and even Yoon Joo. The expiry date was coming and they needed to get them testify otherwise the case would result as a suicide just like before.Ji Won and Geum Jool came to Soo Mi’s studio but found no one gave a respond to them. Thankfully Yoon Joo came, so they could enter the studio.Geum Jool was talking to Yoon Joo when Ji Won was looking around and found the secret series of painting. Sun Woo got the news instantly.

Sun Woo met Yoon Joo and her mom. They’re asking Sun Woo to invest in a business they’re going to set up. Sun Woo agreed, but he wanted some shares in Bookyung Chemicals, which belonged to Ji Won’s dad before. He also wanted Soo Mi’s painting to be exhibited. He would invest on the exhibition and would take responsibility since the exhibition was without the artist’ approval. He told the mother and daughter that the model of the paintings was him. Then they also noticed Jang Il in there.

Meanwhile Jang Il tried to do everything to make nothing would come up until the petition expired. Prosecutor Joon Ho was frustrated.

Ji Won tried to persuade Sun Woo to end the matter peacefully between him and Jang Il. But for Sun Woo it’s all to late. Meanwhile Jang Il’s father found the letter Jang Il found in the fruit box, and Mrs.Jin found Mr.Choi’s blackmailed letter to her husband about someone’s death. Then Sun Woo did media interviews related to mining industry which led to push Mr.Jin to the corner since he made a huge mistake in the diamond mining investment.

And finally, the case was close. The expiry date had come. It was Jang Il himself who signed and sealed it.

Then he came down Sun Woo’s place for a drink. Sun Woo said he didn’t care about the DA result because actually he just wanted to know the reason why they killed his father. But for Jang Il, he really wanted to hear from him what his real reason hitting his head from the back that day on the cliff. He told him he remembered everything. He remembered his head was hit twice and then he could feel the water. And when these two guys were talking, Ji Won was actually on the next room.

No matter how hard Sun Woo pushed him, Jang Il kept pretending innocent. “Deep down in my heart, I really want to forgive you. So apologize to me,” said Sun Woo. But instead of being scared, Jang Il turned to be angry. He’s mocking Sun Woo, “Who do you think you are?” Sun Woo was actually giving him enough time to change his mind, but Jang Il kept his self pride and decided to leave. When he was out of Sun Woo’s room, he could hear Sun Woo was calling Prosecutor Joon Ho.

The next day, while Sun Woo was having a meeting with Yoon Joo and her mom about their new business, Ji Won came to Moon Tae Joo. She asked him to stop Sun Woo because his war with Jang Il would end up very ugly. Mr.Moon said Sun Woo was smart that he would eventually realized what he’d been doing was wrong and finally stopped himself. “But what if he was too late when he realize it?” asked Ji Won. Then she went to see Jang Il to ask him apologize to Sun Woo soon otherwise it would be very ugly for both of them. “Good for whom? For Sun Woo?” Jang Il responded it very coldly.

Soo Mi and Mr.Choi finally were back from their short escape. Soo Mi realized the paintings were missing.

Jang Il appeared on a TV show. It’s a legal consultation where viewers could call him and asked for his advice. Sun Woo’s friend persuaded one of the program directors to let Sun Woo be the first caller because he had a legal problem he needed to ask the famous prosecutor. And Sun Woo got his spot.

Jang Il’s first caller was a familiar voice with a familiar name. Sun Woo said that his best friend hit him on the back of his head and pushed him off the cliff. He asked if that case counted as an attempt murder. Jang Il said they needed to consider the hitter’s reason of doing so.

Then Sun Woo asked if he could process this case to the legal court, it happened 15 years ago. Jang Il said the time limit had almost expired, but if there were enough evidence and witness then it could be proceeded. Sun Woo said what if the bad person was working in the justice field. “His name is…” he made a pause, which gave a tense in the situation. Jang Il’s eyes were open wider. “Lee… Jang…” And then he turned off the phone and left.

The scene was flash back to the moment when Jang Il heard Sun Woo was still drinking with Sun Woo. Jang Il kept acting innocent. But then Sun Woo made an offer. “Let’s make Mr.Jin as the bad guy, so you could save your father and your name would be clean.” Jang Il refused it, because if he said yes then it meant he admitted it that he and his father were actually guilty. So then he left.

Apparently, as soon as Jang Il heard Sun woo was calling Joon Ho, he turned back to the room. He finally said, “Let’s say Mr.Jin killed your father.”

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  1. NewKDramaAddict

    Ok, here goes. I’ve been wanting to rant about this episode for awhile. To start off, I just don’t understand Ji-Won. The man that you supposedly love got his head bashed and practically went blind permanently (I mean died) and all you can do is constantly try to defend the other person?! I just don’t get it! Especially after hearing Jang Il’s responses, you still try.

    Sun Woo was right on the money when he said that he was more disappointed with Soo Mi than Jang Il. Remember, they had been friends for a long time so for her to do that to him was major. As far as Soo Mi’s Dad, he knew what was up with the sudden trip to Hong Kong!

    But the best line in this episode was Director (with no name) who said after Ji Won found the paintings: There is a old Chinese proverb for what I am feeling: Mental Breakdown; two words Men Break; three words What a bitch!!!! So funny!

    • that’s also my favorite part when Sun Woo’s friend emotionally said the “chinese proverbs” of his version about Soo Mi :D

  2. Jiwon is afraid Sunwoo will get hurt mainly and yes because she was close to Jang II she cant see him as a killer yet it is what happens in every love triangle

    • NewKDramaAddict

      I don’t think Ji Won is especially close to Jang Il (near attack in the music room cured that) but it probably was done more to protect Sun Woo. I think I am starting to understand that more now. I slightly forgive her (except for remaining emotionless at the end of ep 15, still cannot do that myself!)

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