The Equator Man Episode 14 Summary

Ji Won refused to hear anything anymore from Seon Woo. This is a very normal reaction in my opinion. She just left without anymore words. And when Seon Woo was going to catch her, she already got into the taxi.

Meanwhile Mr.Choi had a nightmare. He’s lying during the testimony and then Mr.Kim suddenly came approach him asking him for the last help. Soo Mi told him to just come to the DA office and told them that he really did see Mr.Kim’s spirit.

Jang Il tried to assure his father that everything would be. People wouldn’t know that he’s Jang Il’s father. Jang Il told him the scenario he had to tell the prosecutors. All he needed to say was he didn’t see anyone coming that day because he was busy working.

Ji Won didn’t come to work. Seon Woo understood her situation and gave her some time. He text her to come to the blind center and asked for an audio story about Salmon Story. The story was pretty much told about how much Seon Woo missed Ji Won.

Mr.Choi finally came down to the DA office. Choi Yoon Seok asked why he cared so much for  Seon Woo that he even came to the hospital every day when Seon Woo was unconscious. Mr.Choi said that he felt sorry for Seon Woo. Yoon Seok also asked him about his initiative to hold the ritual after Mr.Kim died. Mr.Choi said he didn’t believe that Mr.Kim would kill himself like that on the day of his son’s birthday.

Seon Woo was having conversation with Mr.Moon when Mr.Jin made a sudden visit to Seon Woo’s office. Mr.Moon went hiding into one of the rooms. Mr.Jin’s point of coming was to tell Seon Woo to stop his petition, but these two people talk in a very high political way so they both still acted very polite to each other. When Mr.Jin was about to go, he noticed a reading glasses. He sensed there’s Mr.Moon somewhere in the office. But Seon Woo said the glasses is his because he got a bad eyesight since the accident.

Jang Il informed Mr.Jin about his men coming down Mr.Jin’s house in disguise as reporters. Mr.Jin had all his family put on an acting to support him.

Ji Won paid her debt money to Jang Il. For Jang Il it’s a clear sign that they would never be more than friends and Ji Won confirmed it by saying that “we’re only college friends.” Jang Il said it must be because of Seon Woo and that guy was so lucky to get her deep love.

Ji Won was at the blind center recording a story when Seon Woo suddenly appeared in front of her. Seon Woo asked her to listen to his explanation. He said Ji Won was the main reason he done surgeries to get his eyesight back and decided to come back to Korea, but he had another matter to solve. He had been having a big burden in his recent life that made him delayed his plan to confess to her. Seon Woo showed her the petition and shared Ji Won his story from the beginning, the moment when his father was found dead 15 years ago.

“I was going to tell you when it’s over and asked for your forgiveness the rest of my life. I didn’t want you to see me come back as a person with so much vengeance in his heart.” Ji Won asked what if she would never forgive him. “I will wait for your forgiveness all my life,” said Seon Woo. Ji Won was going to leave, but Seon Woo stopped her saying, “I won’t lose you anymore. From now I on, i’ll be the one waiting.” Ji Won just left.

Ji Won tried to think about this matter with a clear mind. She finally realized that it wasn’t only her who had been in pain and had gone through a hard life after their separation. She recalled her memories with Seon Woo and made up her mind. The next day she prepared the box and put on her old scarf again.

She left the box on Seon Woo’s desk. Seon Woo found it later, thought that Ji Won was leaving him. But when he checked Ji Won’s desk, he found a note telling him to go to the park they used to go when he was still blind. So it was Ji Won’s way of giving her forgiveness and take Seon Woo back. Seon Woo embraced her tight and said it felt so much like the old days. Ji Won said, “Whether you were blind or now you can see, I’m just very happy to have you by my side.”

And then they kiss. Passionate kiss. Adult kiss! In comparison with Seung Gi’s kiss to Ha Ji Won or Yoo Chun’s kiss to Han Ji Min, Tae Woong and Lee Bo Yong’s kiss was like a show off to them, “hey kids, this is how adults make out!”  :mrgreen:

Back to the office Ji Won and Seon Woo opened the box together. She asked Seon Woo to read the brailles book and Seon Woo still pretended it was an old novel. Ji Won said she had found out the truth about the book. Then she gave him the letter, addressed for him, she found in his house after he left. Seon Woo was surprised reading the short note. Ji Won also read it.

Seon Woo discussed the letter with his friend and Mr.Moon. They thought it must be someone who was relatively close to Seon Woo, considering he knew Seon Woo’s address in Seoul that time. Then Seon Woo recalled his memory of Mr.Choi offered him to hold a ritual after his father’s death. Seon Woo decided to summon Mr.Choi to his office. He pretended that he would send Mr.Choi a box of nice fruit and asked him to write down his address. They’re going to check if his writing match the writing in the letter.

Jang Il looked more tense when Soo Mi came down the DA office for her testimonial. He even imagined Soo Mi would gave him no mercy by saying out loud that the prosecutors should also checked the person behind Seon Woo’s accident and that person was none other than Lee Jang Il, the prosecutor. But it was just Jang Il’s imagination.

But the reality was quite surprising. Just like Seon Woo had sensed, Soo Mi seemed to be standing on Jang Il’s side in this matter. Soo Mi told Choi Yoon Seok that she had a secret she never told Seon Woo and had been in a deep regret ever since. She said the day before Mr.Kim was dead, she met him in front of the convenience store in a strange condition and held a rope. She remembered asked him if he’s sick. Mr.Kim just said that nothing good in life that he should continue to hold anymore. Soo Mi even showed Choi her drawing of the bad mood Mr.Kim that day. The date in the drawing confirmed her story.

Jang Il was so surprise that Soo Mi did the reverse thing she had been threatening him. When Soo Mi was about to leave the DA office, Jang Il ran to catch up with her, but stop at a distance. Soo Mi noticed Jang Il and she turned around. The look in Jang Il’s eyes express a mixture feelings of confuse, surprise and probably gratitude.

I’m not sure why Soo Mi finally did this. She was supposed to help Seon Woo, but is her love for Jang Il that much? Or it’s just one of her plans to make Jang Il’s life in hell? Or probably what she told the prosecutor was simply the truth, because if we recall to Mr.Kim’s condition that time, he was pretty much like a mess and frustrated after hearing about his worsen cancer. And Seon Woo kind of knew that there’s something going on between Jang Il and Soo Mi, so he could sense it that Soo Mi might go to Jang Il’s side in this petition matter.

Seon Woo came down to Jang Il’s office. Jang Il told him that his petition towards Mr.Jin would like to result just the same as it was 15 years ago: Mr.Kim’s death was just a suicide. Seon Woo said that’s exactly the reason why he came to his office, that his father’s killer probably wasn’t Mr.Jin.

“Jang Il, was my father killed by your father?”

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  1. And then they kiss. Passionate kiss. Adult kiss! In comparison with Seung Gi’s kiss to Ha Ji Won or Yoo Chun’s kiss to Han Ji Min, Tae Woong and Lee Bo Yong’s kiss was like a show off to them, “hey kids, this is how adults make out!”

    I watched the kiss like 12 times or something so fat lol

  2. awww… so sweet… love this drama a loooottt….
    can’t wait next epi…
    thankks 4 the summary

    han ji won n kim seon woo…

  3. NewKDramaAddict

    Yeah, that was some kiss!! The kind of kiss you feel like you intruding on someone’s intimate moment type of kiss. Other dramas, you just go awwww; this kiss you go DANG!! I was so glad the secrets/lies between SW and JI came to an end. I believe they have the same goal against Chairman Jin. As far as Soo Mi, can I say I did not expect that? I am convinced its a lie, granted SW’s Dad might have been depressed about his illness but he was all about making sure SW was going to be taken care of which is why he went to visit Chairman Jin in the first place. Looking forward to ep 15 to see the real revenge start.

    • it is certainly false testimony she never saw him she made up the whole thing.. what I am waiting for is JW real self I mean her hidden agenda against the president

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