The Equator Man Episode 9 Summary

In Equator Man episode 9 we finally find a bright hope for Seon Woo. The fairy god father, Mr.Moon Tae Joo,came to take a responsibility of Seon Woo’s life. At first Seon Woo thought that he’s just one of the bad guys, one of Mr.Jin’s men, but Mr.Moon convinced Seon Woo by saying that it was Kyeong Phil’s last will for him to take care of Seon Woo and “If you’re not going with me, than Kyeong Phil’s murder will forever be just a suicide case.” He’s giving Seon Woo 24 hours to wrap up things before leaving with him.

In Busan, Mr.Choi was picking up the money he black mailed Mr.Jin. But it turned out to be a trap. Mr.Jin hired a man to kill Mr.Choi, but Mr.Choi managed to escape with only an injured left arm. He was panic and called Soo Mi to put down the sign board on their house. He was afraid Mr.Jin would find out his identity.

Seon Woo got a call from the school that he had a massage therapy session with a customer. The lady in the school said that the customer had been massaged by him before so he wanted to call Seon Woo again. Seon Woo was afraid it’s gonna be Mr.Jin again. So he called Geum Jool, saying that if he’s not calling him in the next 2 hours, Geum Jool should look for him.

But the customer turned out to Ji Won. She said it’s the only way to let her speak with him. She begged him to put down his pride in front of her and let her be by his side, help him to build his life to seek for a better future. But Seon Woo knew he’s leaving soon, so he just acted very cold towards her. “What you feel is just a sympathy. What I like is a strong woman, not a weak woman who look for a pity to a blind man. You should find another person.”

Ji Won said, “I know what I need is a rich boyfriend, but the fact is that I cannot see other men (except you). Isn’t it love?” Seon Woo kept saying harsh thing to her. Ji Won tried to keep him from going, but Seon Woo just coldly said, “If you do this again, i’ll tell the blind center.”

It was a heart breaking moment for both Ji Won and Seon Woo. Ji Won thought that she’s been coldly rejected by Seon Woo. Meanwhile Seon Woo actually felt it so hard to leave her and said those harsh words to her despite her begging him and he actually wanted her more than she wanted him. Before he left, he wrote a letter.

“I wanted to tell you to wait for me. It was actually me who wants you to be with me. I’m leaving, but i’ll be back for you. Wait for me. Please wait for me. I don’t know how long I’ll be going, but i’ll surely be back.”

Geum Jool came in a rush because he thought something was wrong with Seon Woo since he didn’t call him after 2 hours like he told. Seon Woo said he’ll be going with his father’s friend and would be back. He asked Geum Jool not to tell anyone that he saw him leaving that night.

Ji Won was still sad. In the class she saw the university newspaper that her photographer friend brought along. The picture on the front page was the tree on the sport field and there’s Seon Woo in there! Ji Won asked her friend when she took the photo, the girl said it was on Monday.

Ji Won went in a rush to Seon Woo’s place, but all she found was an empty messy room. She tidy up the scattered things Seon Woo left behind: the Hemingway’s novel that made Seon Woo started calling Ji Won as “Hemingway”, the concert tickets they failed to watch, the jacket Seon Woo bought that ended up with a fight with a guy, and the novel in Braille that Seon Woo read for Ji Won in the dark. Then Ji Won found the letter Seon Woo wrote before leaving.

Finding out Seon Woo’s real feelings for hear was already quite heart breaking. But the heartache was worsen when Ji Won found out the real truth about the novel in Braille. She asked the lady in the school for the blind. Apparently, it wasn’t an old novel like Seon Woo told her. It’s a book about basic knowledge for massage therapy. And in the page that Seon Woo read for her was telling about the basic massaging technique. So the sad story Seon Woo was telling her was actually Seon Woo’s real feelings for her. “You’ll be staying here. I’ll be on a journey. But i’m happy knowing that I have you in my heart.”

If I were Ji Won, I’d be crying out my self out loud for the heartache. But Ji Won just cried mellowly on the bench in front of the tree where Seon Woo waited for her the other day. Jang Il saw her crying and asked what happened. Ji Won said, “That man left.”

Jang Il then went to see Geum Jool to ask him where Seon Woo had left for. As Seon Woo’s loyal buddy, Geum Jool did what Seon Woo had made him promise. He didn’t say anything.

Soo Mi was painting something that inspired by the Braille text that she even learned how to read them. Apparently, she had one of Seon Woo’s script. Having the knowledge of the letters, Soo Mi read it and was surprise by what she was reading. It was Seon Woo’s journal about how he said he couldn’t forgive Jang Il for hurting him that day on the cliff. Soo Mi finally realized that Seon Woo had never forgotten anything.

Soo Mi visited Jang Il in Seoul, telling him that she’d be leaving for US to study abroad. At first I thought she’s gonna tell Jang Il her finding or at least made a kind “threat”, but she kind of knew that revenge should wait a little longer.

And then 13 years had passed. The story came to year 2012. Jang Il become a star prosecutor that he’s not only famous for his good career, but also appear on public service ads on TV. Meanwhile Soo Mi had a bright career in art and photography. She’s also a star on her field.

And then Seon Woo. He become this hot rich guy :D However, we still didn’t know whether he’s ability to see had come back or not.

But anyhow, Uhm Tae Woong’s muscular body is really… really…you named it yourself :lol:   Korean dramas never miss this part, don’t they? exploiting the main actor’s body :D

Meanwhile Ji Won had become a manager in a hotel.

Seon Woo started his revenge action. He surprised the Lee family by suddenly made a call to Jang Il’s father, saying that he’s inviting them for a reunion. Jang Il’s happy life suddenly found the black spot again. But he told his father he’d go meeting Seon Woo.

Jang Il and his father came down to this restaurant where Seon Woo said he’d be meeting them. They found this man on sunglasses waiting on a table. Jang Il observed Seon Woo for awhile and waited for his reaction. But Seon Woo didn’t make any reaction until JAng Il finally greeted him.

Seon Woo stood up, offering a hand to a wrong direction. Jang Il thought he might be still blind. Seon Woo even made a mess on the table when he insisted on serving Jang Il’s father the tea. Jang Il asked what his real reason for this reunion. Seon Woo just said that it’s been a long time they never see each other and he felt sorry for not be able to keep in contact with him. “But why you never look for me?” asked Seon Woo. Jang Il said he’d been busy. Observing Seon Woo’s appearance, Jang Il kind of knew that Seon Woo seemed to  have a much better life. He asked him where he had been and Seon Woo said he’d been just here and there building his life. Then Jang Il said he couldn’t stay longer because he’s still busy. He told Seon Woo that his father would help him go home, but Seon Woo said he’d be okay that now he got used to everything very well.

Jang Il and Mr.Lee left. He checked on Seon Woo once again before leaving, wanted to make sure if Seon Woo was really still blind. Seon Woo sat still looking at one direction in a blank expression. But as soon as Jang Il had gone, Seon Woo’s eyes become more focus. I think it was all just an acting for Seon Woo.

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  1. I was not reading am afraid of spoiler but when i hear dis shirtless scene i can’t help but watch,,,,,,,,that dork ajushi realy got de body hmmmmmm

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