The Equator Man Episode 19 Summary

As this drama is reaching the finale, The Equator Man is getting bitter for everyone, especially for Sun Woo. He was still confused by the fact that Mr.Jin was his biological father. He asked Mr.Moon why Mr.Jin didn’t raise him and why his mother’s family experienced a bankruptcy. Mr.Moon told him that Jin thought Eun Hye was having his (Tae Joo) child, so he ruined everyone’s life: taking Eun Hye’s father’s mother and framed Kyung Phil and Tae Joo that made them be put behind bars for years. Sun Woo said knowing Mr.Jin as his biological father was no longer mean anything for him and he would continue on his plan to ruin the life of the man who had abandoned his mother, killed his father 15 years ago, and ruined Ji Won’s family businesss.

Mr.Jin was already falling but Sun Woo didn’t even think to give him a little pity. He bought some of the shares in the company group and had his team building allies so that on the board meeting he would be able to kick Jin No Shik. Sun Woo was stealing Mr.Jin’s precious resort in Thailand.

During Sun Woo’s meeting at the office, Geum Jool came and told him about Mr.Lee tried to hung himself and now in a coma at the hospital. Geum Jool asked him to forgive Mr.Lee, but Sun Woo’s respond was very cold. Even Ji Won’s words didn’t work for him. After everyone had left, Sun Woo had another visitor, Yoon Joo’s mother. She asked about why Sun Woo was in Eun Hye’s graveyard. He told her that he just came there on the behalf of someone who loved her. And then Mrs.Jin sounded like she was going into Sun Woo’s side on the impeachment of Mr.Jin from the CEO position in the board meeting.

Jang Il was in the hospital with his coma father when Joon Ho summoned him to come to the DA office for interrogation of murder attempt of Kim Sun Woo. Jang Il of course consistent on his lies that he denied hitting Sun Woo’s head from behind and throwing him off the cliff in their hometown. Joon Ho brought Sun Woo in to confirmed Jang Il’s lies, but Sun Woo said Jang Il had no reason to try to kill him. But Joon Ho thought Sun Woo’s words sounded fishy, so he decided to summon Choi Soo Mi too.

There the three of (ex)childhood friends sat together in the interrogation room. Joon Ho asked if the paintings were the scenes of the real event with Sun Woo as the victim and Jang Il was the real bad guy. Soo Mi kept on her scenario that both boys were just her models. But Sun Woo said he was never be Soo Mi’s model and what she said was all lie.

Sun Woo told Joon Ho that the paintings were Soo Mi’s way to blackmailed Jang Il, because she had a crush on him since long time ago, for a big secret: it was actually Jang Il’s father who tried to kill him on that cliff. So Sun Woo put all the blames on Mr.Lee and Mr.Jin that both men were involved in his father’s murder and Mr.Lee tried to kill him to prevent him submitting the petition to the police that day. Joon Ho asked why Sun Woo didn’t tell him from the beginning. Sun Woo said he thought Mr.Lee would apologize to him and enjoyed seeing Mr.Lee to live in lies. Jang Il went furious and grabbed Sun Woo’s collar. But Sun Woo released himself and told Joon Ho that he wanted to stop the interrogation right there since he had told him the truth now.

Both Jang Il and Soo Mi seemed not to be grateful of Sun Woo’s saving them from the prosecution. Even Jang Il went furious instead of saying thanks. Apparently it’s Sun Woo’s way to punish Jang Il to spend the rest of his live in regret of selling out his own father. “If you don’t like it just go back upstairs and tell them the truth!” said Sun Woo. He knew Jang Il would never do that. “Hey, I haven’t heard you’re saying thanks to me?” he said when Jang Il was leaving.

This whole punishing Jang Il and Soo Mi things didn’t actually made him happy at all. Instead, it put him into a bad stress that his eyesight was having problem again while he was driving back from the DA office.

On the board meeting, Sun Woo who had made a deal with Mrs.Jin finally succeeded to kick out Jin No Shik from his position as the CEO. Mr.Jin had to witness his own friends turning his back on him and the worst of all, his own wife as well raised her hand in the voting. Before he was leaving the meeting room, Sun Woo said to Mr.Jin that he’s still thinking what the most precious thing for Mr.Jin was.

Although he told Geum Jool and Ji Won that he had no time to visit Jang Il’s father that night, Sun Woo eventually came down the hospital. Jang Il came and thought Sun Woo would kill his father in his coma. “Why would I do that?” said Sun Woo, “In fact I wanted him to wake up and receive his punishment before the law for his crime.”

Sun Woo’s words provoke Jang Il and Jang Il was about to hit him, but the much stronger Sun Woo grabbed and lifted him instead. Sun Woo threw Jang Il to his father’s bed. “Tell him to get up now!” screamed Sun Woo out before he was leaving. It affected his eyesight again.

Ji Won was calling him but Sun Woo but because of his eyes’ problem Sun Woo was late picking it up. Ji Won was kidnapped by some men and she was kept in a warehouse. Sun Woo and his friend noticed Ji Won went missing that night and they thought Jin was behind this. And they’re right. Mr.Jin took Han Ji Won as the trade for his resort.

Sun Woo demanded Mr.Jin to tell him where Ji Won was, but Mr.Jin refused to do it unless he gave him back the resort. Sun Woo was furious but remembering Mr.Moon’s words telling him that Mr.Jin was his biological father, Sun Woo just retrieved and express his anger to Jin’s furniture instead.

Mr.Moon finally decided to show up before his old arch villain. He just straight forwardly told Jin No Sik that Sun Woo was his son. “I loved Eun Hye, but I never slept with her. Sun Woo was your son,” said Mr.Moon.

And Jang Il came to Mr.Jin in the right time. He overheard Mr.Moon’s conversation.

“So you killed Kim Kyung Phil because of your biological son and you put my father’s life like hell,” said Jang Il. “If my father died, i’ll ruin your life as well.”

Sun Woo could rescue Ji Won. He got the information after beating and threatening Mr.Jin’s secretary, but he told Ji Won it was Yoon Joo who told him the location.

Soo Mi burnt the paintings right in front of Sun Woo. “Why would I sell them to you?” mocked Soo Mi. Sun Woo just laughed and ask her to have a drink together. And to Soo Mi’s surprise, while she was taking the drink, Sun Woo ruined all her precious paintings with his small knife. Sun Woo tore them all very calmly and whistling casually…he was scary here.

Soo Mi tried to stop him, but Sun Woo just pushed her on the face and threw the knife. He just left without saying anything, kept whistling.

Jang Il father finally died. “Father, where are you going? Do you go to the place where Uncle Kyung Phil is? If you see him, just beg for forgiveness. If he beats you, just take it. I’ll pay for the rest of the sin.”

Jang Il went crazy. He came to Mr.Jin’s house to express his anger towards that man. “You killed my father!” he screamed and struggled while Mr.Jin’s men caught him tight. But Mr.Jin who had just finished his meeting discussing his Thailand resort, just calmly offer him to go work with him in Thailand. Jang Il just cried and screamed like crazy.

And the scene was cut because of a broadcasting error.

Watching this drama, especially the last 2 episodes was suffocating. The reality was too harsh for everyone. And all of this tragedy was just because of Jin No Sik’s misunderstanding on Eun Hye’s pregnancy. I’m a person who valued friendship so highly, especially with best friend I grow up with, so putting myself in Sun Woo’s shoes…this whole things really feel like hell. And Mr.Moon telling him the truth was just pouring a vinegar in Sun Woo’s deep wound. I can’t wait to write the finale…

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  1. I really love this drama,
    It has everything love, hate, evil, kindness, friendship, lies, obsession, revenge and forgiveness
    Great play, great directing, too bad it ended
    One of the best dramas in 2012 were

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