The Equator Man Episode 7 Summary

Jang Il didn’t make any noise at all and didn’t let Seon Woo know his presence. However, I think Seon Woo kind of knew that Jang Il was already there. People sometimes mistaken blind people as stupid, which is so wrong. They just cannot see, doesn’t mean they cannot sense. Jang Il insisted Ji Won to go dating with him, but Ji Won kept saying no with so many excuses, mostly her works. Then Jang Il pushed her to the wall and was about to force kiss her. But Ji Won was a strong girl. She shrugged him away and left.

After Ji Won left, Seon Woo was back to the room looking for his watch. Jang Il didn’t make a noise at all, watching Seon Woo searching for the watch. Then he gave it to him without saying anything. I think Seon Woo could actually sense it that the mute person was Jang Il. Later that night, Jang Il came into Seon Woo’s room and said that Geum Jool told him that Seon Woo had a girlfriend. Seon Woo said she’s not, but Jang Il said that Seon Woo sounded like her. But Seon Woo changed the topic of conversation by saying that he’s sorry for  staying in his house a bit longer. Jang Il said it’s okay.

In Busan, Jang Il’s father finally received the black mail letter. He had no idea who sent it, but it freaked him out. He went out drinking, and coincidentally Soo Mi’s father had to sit in front of him because the drinking place was so crowded. The big mouth Mr.Choi asked annoying questions to Mr.Lee like “Is something wrong with you?” “Should we share this big pancake together?” blablabla that it pissed off Mr.Lee. Then Mr.Choi murmured, “Aahh this man might think that he’d kill me tonight.” Then they got into a fight, but it was in the restaurant, so Mr.Lee was hushed out.

In the morning, Seon Woo made a phone call to the police station asking a direction to an apartment. Jang Il was suspicious, so he checked on the last dialed number as soon as he thought Seon Woo had left. But Seon Woo suddenly came back and said he thought Jana Il had left because no one answer him when he call out his name. Jang Il asked why he had to call the police. Seon Woo said they’ve been giving a public service for the blind. Jang Il who got very curious then followed Seon Woo if he really was going to this particular apartment, and yes he did. It was Jang Il’s over-alert mode that he sensed Seon Woo just tried to scare him or something like that. But that brainy Jang Il never expect his old buddy was actually a smart head too.

The freaked out Mr.Lee came to Mr.Jin for a help. He thought it might be Seon Woo’s doing. Mr.Jin actually reluctant to help him, but he finally agreed to give the money, but Mr.Lee had to catch that man and work something to Seon Woo.

Because Seon Woo was very active in borrowing books, he got two tickets to a music performance. Before meeting Ji Won, he went to a nearby shop to buy Ji Won a scarf. Ji Won coincidentally saw him entered the shop and watched him buying the scarf. She kept following him to the school and later met him as if she just arrived and received two surprise presents: the scarf and the two tickets left in her desk from Seon Woo. She said she liked the scarf and actually wearing it and asked him to go together to the music performance.

Jang Il’s father made a visit to Jang Il’s place. At night when he thought everyone was already in their deep sleep, he made a phone call report to Mr.Jin. He said Seon Woo wouldn’t be the one who wrote him. Seon Woo heard the whole conversation and held his anger in silence.

So it was a date. Seon Woo was waiting for Ji Won at the lobby, but Ji Won was already 40 minutes late. They agreed to have a coffee first before the show. Then he heard an announcement that there’s a big accident on the street that caused a bad traffic jam, even the show was postponed for 15 minutes. Then everyone started running in and bumped into Seo Woo here and there. Seon Woo was panic, so he went out to check on Ji Won. She’s a little late and when she came running to the place, she didn’t see Seon Woo passed her by on the other end of the grand stairs. Ji Won was looking for Seon Woo and she finally found him.

When Seon Woo heard his name was called by Ji Won, he made that heart-melting face. I think it was a combination of  panic for himself and worry for Ji Won in the same time. He just dropped his stick then reached out for Ji Won and hugged her tight.  It took a while for Seon Woo to finally aske her if she’s okay. Ji Won said she’s fine.

Then Ji Won brought him to an empty small auditorium. Ji Won played the piano and then Seon Woo came down from the audience seat to sing along with her. They spent the rest of the day having fun together. They rode a couple-bicycle and Seon Woo did a sprint on the running field. But he made a bent which made Ji Won had to catch him. When she did catch him, they fell. Seon Woo explored Ji Won’s face with his fingers for the first time,saying that Ji Won was actually prettier that he had imagined.

Back in Busan, Soo Mi still had a hard time at school because she’s known as the fake-shaman Mr.Choi’s daughter. Her professor appointed her as the representative of their university for the National Gallery Competition. Soo Mi told his father that even if she got the 3rd place, the award would let her go for study abroad, and she was sure she would win it. And she asked her father to start a new in Seoul, leaving everything behind and even changed his name. She was just too desperate and sick of being treated bad by other people because of his father. She wanted them to have a much better life after she returned home from her study abroad.

Back in Seoul, later that night, Jang Il received a phone call looking for Seon Woo. It was Ji Won. Then he overheard their conversation. They started talking like a couple, asking each other if they arrived home safe blablabla. And Seon Woo even said this kind of thing in the end of the conversation, “Okay, sleep well. You hang up first. No, you hang up first. Okay, sleep well.”

Jang Il told him that he worry for the girl was making a rush decision, brought along only by her emotion that later could cause Seon Woo to get hurt. Seon Woo knew his condition and said, “I will get hurt later. For now, I just want to stay like this.”

Jang Il’s father delivered the money to the appointed place. But the clever Mr.Choi never came to pick it up because he knew Mr.Lee was still watching from a distance and might plan something else. When Mr. Lee realized that the person didn’t show up, he made a call to Mr.Jin for a report. Mr.Choi who was in disguise, overheard his conversation and was curious whom Mr.Lee called as “Mr.Chairman.”

He followed Mr.Lee and found out that it was Mr.Jin who was on the other side of the line earlier. Then he concluded the real script. It was actually Mr.Jin who had killed Seon Woo’s dad and Mr.Lee was just a puppet to leave Mr.Jin’s hand clean.

Seon Woo finally moved to his new place. It was just one room type of place. Geum Jool worried about him being left alone, but he had to go somewhere else. Seon Woo said he’d be fine, but later when he was alone…he felt the loneliness and just sat there in the dark.

But then suddenly he heard Ji Won’s bright voice came in. She brought him some moving-in presents for good luck and also some books for him to read. Seon Woo asked what’s she’s doing her. Ji Won just said, “Why else do you think i’m here?” Then Seon Woo requested Ji Won to read him Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea,” but when she’s about to read it the bulb light went out. Seon Woo prevented her from changing the bulb for him and said, “I am the man who read in the dark.”

Seon Woo read her this beautiful passage from an old novel he found in the library. It tells about a man’s letter for his girl. The man in the story had his courage because of the girl, but he didn’t know how the girl was really feeling for him. “I hope you’ll let know, for I will go on this journey and you will stay.” So he would know that when he was back he could go to find this girl again. I bet Seon Woo’s life would be like this story in the near future :(

Mr.Moon finally found Seon Woo’s place. He was upset that Seon Woo, his son, had to live in this kind of place. Then he ordered his assistant to teach Seon Woo every skill and knowledge he knew: English, French, kendo, fencing, everything, even how to look for a what kind of girl. Knowing Seon Woo was having a guest, he would be back later.

Seon Woo got a training of how to be a massage therapist. Ji Won kind of objected about this, more because she thought Seon Woo even as a blind man could do something much better than that with all his talents. Then she asked what actually happened to him on the accident that caused him lost his visions. “Was it because of you’re hit by a ball when playing baseball? football?” Seon Woo said he got hit on the back of his head. “By whom?” asked Ji Won. Seon Woo said he’d talk to her later and left.

It was Mr.Jin’s turn who was black mailed. He ordered Mr.Lee to kill again, but Mr.Lee said he couldn’t commit anymore sin. Then Mr.Jin made an action. He came down to check on Seon Woo himself.

Seon Woo got an order for giving massage to this unknown person. He came to that man’s room. And it was actually Mr.Jin who welcomed him.


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