The King 2 Hearts Episode 19 Quick Summary

The court ladies was celebrating their boss’ birthday. Jae Shin came and gave her loyal chief court lady a present. The scene flashback to when Shi Kyeong asked Jae Shin to start singing again.

Meanwhile Shi Kyeong was pointing his gun towards Jae Ha on the cliff, in front of John and his men. John told Jae Ha to resign from his throne soon. “Otherwise you’re gonna kill me?” continued Jae Ha. John gave him 10 minutes. Hang Ah decided not to go back to Korea with her father. She told her father that actually Jae Ha had told her something, but she couldn’t share it with her father.

Back to the cliff, Jae Ha asked Shi Kyeong if he’s really gonna do it, Shi Kyeong said he’s tired. Then he continued his speech and suddenly he moved his gun’s pointing towards John.

then both armies from Korea and China came. And Hang Ah was preparing a sniper gun from another part of the cliff.

It’s actually Jae Ha’s and Shi Kyeong’s grand plan. Shi Kyeong ordered John’s man to be unarmed, including the creepy woman. And as they had thought, the creepy woman didn’t obey it and pointing the gun to Jae Ha. This was Hang Ah’s job to shoot her. Then Shi Kyeong shot her, too and all the army. The woman died right there.

John was arrested by ICC men. Hang Ah was uninstalled her gun. This when John shot his gun and it was Shi Kyeong who got shot. Jae Ha cried and begged for him not to die. Shi Kyeong was talking about not to ever give up forever and Jae Ha would be forever his king. Jae Ha kept crying and begging for him not to die. But finally Shi Kyeong gave up…

It was Hang Ah who told Jae Shin about Shi Kyeong. She handed Shi Kyeong’s dog’s tag to Jae Shin. That princess was crying her heart breaking cry again. HAng Ah too. And ME TOOOO….Why why why?? Is he really dead? I really really hope not. I CANNOT TAKE IT…NOOOOO…I think I’m gonna cry the whole episode :(

Jae Ha came to Mr.Eun. Jae Ha said if he thought Jae Ha would be happy that now they’re in equal position (Mr.Eun caused Jae Ha’s brother’s death and now Jae Ha caused Mr.Eun’s son’s death), he was wrong. Jae Ha, instead, asked Mr.Eun to guide him just like a father. Jae Ha made the respectful bow and then embraced Mr.Eun.

And Eun Shi Kyeong was REALLY DEAD! Goooooooooddddd… They held the funeral in military custom and it was led by Jae Ha himself.

John was brought to the ICC court, but as the Club M leader, he got all the best lawyer from that club to release him temporarily because Korea’s accused on him had a very weak base of allegation and not enough evidence. And when he’s back in his safety hive, John was already planning some evil plan again. John Mayer is not dead, everyone should never forget that and this story would still strictly move on since that loony was still around. No time to stay teary weepy after Shi Kyeong’s death.

Hang Ah started to do her public service work as Royal Family. Jae Ha called her to ask her to have a date together. “Can we really do dating just like ordinary people? Go out and drink coffee…can we really do that?” asked Hang Ah. Jae Ha said yes.

Well it was a nice effort to lift up the mood after what happened just a few minutes before, but my question is: why’s everyone not telling what happen to Jae Shin?? I think the answer was the same: there’s no time to be teary weepy for Eun Shi Kyeong’s death. The reason he died was perfectly clear, and the reason why Eun Shi Kyeong’s character MUST die is also obvious. So no need to narrate it melodramatically, this is just not that kind of drama.

So wipe your tears and let’s get back to business.

Jae Ha’s position was actually not easy for accusing John for murder without any strong evidence. John’s position as the Chief of Club M made him secured by the US and therefore Korea would have to face that country in political level if Jae Ha insisted on dragging John to the court. The ICC man tried to threaten Jae Ha that he had a high enough position in US governance, and Jae Ha instantly cut him ” And I’m the King of Korea.”  That guy said Korea would face some problems with US if they continued on prosecuting John, but Jae Ha said he’s not scared of that.

Jae Ha was having a meeting with his counselors about how to deal with John’s matter. Hang Ah accidentally overheard the meeting. In the same time, she saw her father was coming and Hang Ah asked for his help. Hang Ah asked Jae Ha to be involved in this matter and go meet the ICC and John herself. Jae Ha strongly opposed it. “Can you just be by side?” asked Jae Ha. And no matter how hard Hang Ah persuaded him, Jae Ha still opposed it. They argued and Hang Ah left to her room.

Hang Ah was persuaded to go out by the chief court lady. Without really knowing the real plan Hang Ah arrived at the appointed place and when the lights were on, it was Jae Ha who was standing in the middle of the pond stage. Oh, he had the fireworks too. Okay, this one IS the Korean drama typical. Anyway, It was Jae Ha’s way to apologize for missing their date and for their arguments. He asked her not to think about anything but themselves and their happiness for the moment. They had a cruise at the amusement park and really enjoyed themselves just like other couples.

“I’m not an ordinary woman,” Hang Ah opened up the conversation again. She said she’s the woman whose hand was asked by Jae Ha and it made her felt like it’s part of her responsibility.

She started to address Jae Ha with Comrade Jae Ha again and Jae Ha opposed it. but Hang Ah really insisted on going to meet John. So Jae Ha gave her a shot. He asked her to practice in front of him first. “Let’s say now i’m Bong Goo. What are you going to do to me?” challenged Jae Ha. Without much words, Hang Ah in a quick glance buckled Jae Ha  and turned into the cold assassin military lady  from North Korea again.

Jae Ha gave up and let her go. “It’s only for three days,” Hang Ah promised. “Please do make sure you come back,” asked Jae Ha. And of course, they made out. Did Hang Ah’s lips move in the kiss in here after all these whole times?? Unfortunately, Uhm Tae Woong-Lee Bo Yong’s passionate kiss was still the best. :D :mrgreen:

Hang Ah went to meet the ICC to tell them Korea’s official allegation to prosecute John. The ICC said they had bailed out John 20 minutes before she came. They said there’re many influential countries behind John’s back and “Your opponent is US, it’s tough,” the ICC man said. So politics is rough and yeah, in the real life… when it comes to United States, nothing seems to be able to beat it. And it upset Hang Ah that they thought of Korea as just an insignificant country.

Hang Ah just went out of the building. John’s car stopped right in front of her and he went out of his car. Meanwhile, Jae Ha was meeting with US representatives. He recorded the conversation because it’s taken place in Jae Ha’s imperial office. Jae Ha asked him what the US was going to do. That man said US military strategy would never be shared to foreigners, including Korea. After all attempts were made, Jae Ha, HAng Ah and Mr.Eun sat together to talk about strategy to face John and his US support. Mr.Eun said that Jae Ha’s position was difficult in this matter. He had two bitter options, though at the end it was all up to him of what kind of a king he wanted to be.

Yeom handed over a safety box to Jae Shin that belonged to Shi Kyeong. “The secret code was 8603…” Yeom couldn’t remember the rest, but Jae Shin knew exactly what it was, her own birthday date. Shi Kyeong was struggling to write a letter to Jae Shin before he left for China, so he decided to record himself. While Jae Shin was watching the video, she thought of Shi Kyeong’s 3D projection was right there sitting right in front of her. In his -heart breakingly- shy but brave expression, Shi Kyeong started his speech:

“The kiss last time…I’m sorry. I was a coward. I like you from the first time we met. You were so free and bold. I thought if I had someone like Princess, it’ll be good. I wanted to be the right person for Princess. ” Then he said he was going to come back to be more expressive person. “I will come back and for sure tell you directly ‘i love you’.” And then his closing was the military salute.

I can only sigh… Looking at Shi Kyeong’s expression made me wanted to cry along with Jae Shin… Nooo…

Anyway, the media was announcing that the US had captured a terrorist from the attack attempt. The terrorist was a North Korean citizen. It made both Korean countries in difficult situation. The north Korean general was very upset because they’re dragged in this situation. But Hang Ah’s father tried to negotiate with his higher. The Prime Minister was called by the US military representative. And when the South finally spoke out through its news broadcast, it sounded provocative for the North. The North general was furious. He’s ordering for an attack. The situation changed into a high alert.

Meanwhile Jae Ha and Hang Ah were just harboring with the ship after their journey. Yeom received the instruction from the new Royal guard’s chief about the alert situation. Yeom told Jae Ha that they’re ready to alight from the ship, but HAng Ah couldn’t go with him because her father was waiting for her. Jae Ha thought of they’re going to meet Mr.Kim together, but Yeom insisted that he couldn’t do that because Mr.Kim asked for a private conversation with his daughter. Hang Ah was left alone on the ship.

After Jae Ha left Hang Ah’s father came to her. The situation apparently turned to be uglier than anyone expected. Mr. Kim was taking Hang Ah back to the North. Hang Ah struggle to flee, but his father said no matter what she’d do, he would absolutely bring her North at all cost. Meanwhile Jae Ha, when he arrived at the palace, he was welcomed by his military highers. They informed him about the alert situation that the North would attack them that very evening. Here Jae Ha just realized about Hang Ah. He demanded explanation from Yeom, and Yeom told him about the real situation.

Heavy? yes. Frustrated? of course. This episode was wayyyy to much to handle. It’s even hard for me to breathe. I was still very deeply sad about Shi Kyeong’s death, but in the same time I had to get myself back again to cover John Mayer’s scenes… And the characters in this drama are of course tough people. So they don’t drop down into a deep sadness after someone’s death. They had a quick mourn after King Jae Kang’s death, so no wonder they just made a super quick mourn for Shi Kyeong, except for Jae Shin. Ahhhhh poor Princess. I thought she would have a beautiful ending with that “not fun and frustrating” (but sexy cool) guy. But once again, this is NOT that kind of drama. Don’t expect the writers will give what you want.

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  1. NewKDramaAddict

    Heavy-heart and sad! Deeply sadden! But it was an acceptable!

    • so glad at least you come down here. our website was having a technincal problem :( Anyway, I did cried last night watching this episode…

  2. i love your closure..I’ll tweet it immediately.. :)

  3. The reason he died was perfectly clear, and the reason why Eun Shi Kyeong’s character MUST die is also obvious. So no need to narrate it melodramatically, this is just not that kind of drama.

    So right.
    Thank you for the quick summary.

  4. Thank you!

    Shi Kyung’s tragic ending is something we have expected but was in the state of denial…until now actually (for me).

    If the writer really want him to die…I have no regret because he died as a hero.

    • i agree to you coz hes working for the special mission,,he voluntary himself coz he want to help and he knows thats only the way for the meantime…

  5. really this drama is amazing,,anything what others will gonna say,,this is the best to the best!!!

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