The King 2 Hearts Episode 9 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts episode 9 conflict is getting more and more serious. This John Mayer loony guy is the same dangerous as the North Korean recent plan to proceed their rocket launching. Really, he’s gonna make this two countries in a war just to get the throne.

Anyway, the summary is gonna be quite short since the dialogues are really…heavy, so just take it as more of a summary than a recap.

John Mayer gave Jae Ha a hint that he once had a close relationship with the royal family about 20 years ago. John looked at the late King Jae Kang’s picture and then cried, making his best effort to be a good actor. Jae Ha still had no idea about this person, nor could sense anything about him until that loony asked Jae Ha if he really liked that North girl. Then his words seemed to insult Jae Ha and the King didn’t have to hide his dis-likeness.

Shi Kyeong entered Princess Jae Shin’s ward very carefully to let him be unnoticed. He brought something for Jae Shin while she was enjoying music. Shi Kyeong was about to leave when he saw Jae Shin’s leg fell out of the bed and the owner didn’t even realized it. Even when Shi Kyeong touched it, Jae Shin didn’t feel it. However, when she noticed what Shi Kyeong was doing, she freaked out and hysteria like usual, telling Shi Kyeong to leave right away. But Shi Kyeong was there to give her something: a cute colorful singing bird. Shi Kyeong let it out and handed the bird to Jae Shin. The crying Princess eventually looked entertained by the presence of the bird.

John gave Jae Ha a pen, saying that it’s a present, a symbol of apology for him who had hurt him long ago when they’re kids. However Jae Ha said no one could touch him ever since he was a kid, so he just threw back the pen to John. Later on he asked Mr.Eun who’s the weird man that he seemed to be a little lunatic. Mr. Eun said he’s the man who’s gonna invest a large of money to the imperial governance.

Mr.Eun made a call to John’s man, asking him what they really want (with the investment scheme). The man said not to worry about anything, but still reminded him that they got his black card.

The Queen Mother, accompanied by the guards and Shi Kyeong was in charge, made a visit to the deadly cottage. She imagined how her son died and was about to leave when watching one of the guards report to Shi Kyeong about their findings. It’s a espionage device, a North Korean designed cell phone and a box of charcoal. He came to Kim Hang Ah to confirm those thing and Hang Ah had a look at them.

Meanwhile Jae Ha was already on the wheel with Yeom Dong Ha when he asked about Shi Kyeong where about. Hearing that Shi Kyeong went to visit Hang Ah, Jae Ha decided to come down to see what they’re up to. When Jae Ha showed up Shi Kyeong excused himself and Hang Ah tried to hide the evidences. Seeing those things, Jae Ha asked Hang Ah what they were. She told him Shi Kyeong’s finding and Jae Ha’s expression suddenly turned stern and he took the evidences with him.

The news about the evidence was spread out soon. The Queen Mother and Jae Shin were watching the news and hearing Hang Ah’s name mentioned, Jae Shin came to Hang Ah’s room to confront her. Hang Ah asked if Jae Shin couldn’t really remember anything during the accident. Then Hang Ah said if it’s the North doing, she wouldn’t stay quite.

In the greenhouse the next day, Jae Shin told her mom that it couldn’t be Hang Ah for sure. She believed Hang Ah. The Queen Mother was listening to this particular classical music while gardening and the music was somehow triggered Jae Shin’s memory to come back. But they’re blurry, still, and nothing in particular Jae Shin could really see in her memory. She suddenly felt sick.

The prosecutors were investigating the matter of King’s death and the accuse of North espionage. Only Mr.Eun was present in that hot discussion between the North and the South representatives. They’re bringing up Hang Ah’s name in this matter.

Knowing that they’ve brought up the evidence to the special court, Jae Ha was worrying about Hang Ah that they’re gonna make her as a political scapegoat. Jae Ha was trying to defend Hang Ah by saying that she’s gonna be his wife, wasn’t that worth considering (not to make her so)? Mr.Eun just flatly said, “It’s because she’s a North person.”

Jae Ha came to Hang Ah’s room and asked her to have a drink together. They sat face to face. “I believe in you.” said Jae Ha to Hang Ah in a serious expression. even if the situation would be very critical when death could be option, he assured her, “I believe you.” Hang Ah was so touched and said that she wouldn’t let that kind of critical situation to even happen.

Before going for investigation process, the Queen Mother summoned Hang Ah. “I wouldn’t abandon you,” said Queen Mother. She gave Hang Ah her support by telling her to keep looking nice and pretty and be brave in front of the public. “Don’t cry. Royal family looked strong.”

Hang Ah showed up in the investigation. They asked her about the WOC and many things. Then they asked to see her father’s last text to her when Mr.Kim told her that “now, you are the South person.”

Hang Ah’s father made a call to Jae Ha, kind of protest about the investigation that dragged Hang Ah. Then he reminded him about Club M and noticed that Jae Ha hadn’t heard anything about that organization.

Jae Ha checked on what the Club M about and tried to opened up his brother’s confidential files. Mr.Eun told him that the keyword to unlock the file should be something that The King always wish to accomplish. Jae Ha tried “the reunification of North and South” “Child” nothing worked.

The south and north highers had a meeting. Here came this Mr.Hyeon to defense the North. The North kind of prove that they never invented such a mobile phone technology and the South had no other supporting evidence either. The result was actually good, even Shi Kyeong confirmed it to Jae Ha of that report, but Mr.Eun said the BUT. He told him not to announce the truth and let there be a public investigation. And they’re gonna bring out Hang Ah for that.

Hang Ah got a call from her father. He was so upset that they had to do this to her daughter. He wanted her to just go back home soon, but Hang Ah said he’d do it. Mr. Eun talked to Hang Ah, assured her that she could do the public investigation well. Hang Ah would try her best.

Hang Ah showed up in the public investigation. Everyone was so nervous that the Queen Mother said she thought she couldn’t watch it. Jae Shin said they should keep watching because Hang Ah is a family and they should support her.

The first question for Hang Ah was her impression about South Korea. She innocently said that the South was popular for its girl group idols and then speak out her  sincere impression of the South in a positive way that brought smile to Jae Ha’s face.

However, they move to the engagement issue and tried to corner her. King Jae Ha couldn’t stay still watching how she’s interrogated publicly with such questions, so he made a sudden visit to the prime minister. He’s kind of using his “power” to make them “release” Hang Ah soon from that public investigation, because it was all staged up anyway.

Hang Ah came back to the palace, asking where Jae Ha about. Mr.Eun said that Jae Ha went out somewhere. Then when Jae Ha arrived and asked for Hang Ah to Mr.Eun, he said Jae Ha should just let her have a rest after the hard day. It seemed that Mr.Eun prevented Jae Ha to meet Hang Ah, for I don’t know what reason.

Mr.Kim made a call to Hang Ah saying that he still couldn’t believe in Jae Ha. He was upset that Jae Ha couldn’t take care of her well. Hang Ah defended Jae Ha, but remembered how Jae Ha always treated her since the beginning. She doubted Jae Ha’s feelings again. She even had a nightmare that Jae Ha shot her again in the chest just like last time. She cried alone in her room.

The next morning, when Jae Ha finally came to bring her a breakfast and cheer her up, Jae Ha found Hang Ah sat stiff and looked at him coldly. She asked where Jae Ha was yesterday when he had a hard time. Wrongly, Jae Ha just casually said “It’s a secret.” Hang Ah was kind of doubting that Jae Ha really never care so much for her. She told him that eventually the King had lived like a trash by treating her that way.She spoke out her heart to Jae Ha that made him silence. “Do you like me or not?” asked Hang Ah at the end. “I like you,” said Jae Ha, but it seemed like Hang Ah’s words had offended him that it made him continued saying this, “How dare you North girl, just go back to the North. Just go, right now.”

Jae Ha left and Hang Ah’s eyes were teary.

The dialogues are frustrating, really. They’re heavy in content, difficult in vocabs, grammar and way of speaking, and most of the time everyone speaks very fast. I tried my best dear readers, really. But do help me correct things when you find me make mistakes.

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  2. Ok, I’m so sure there is meaning of his words! Come on show! Don’t make me so curious that I want to fastforwarding days!

  3. Actually I think you missed out a number of things…
    JaeHa opposed to investigation of HangAh from the start. After JaeHa told HangAh that he believes in her, HangAh went forward to say that she would go for the private investigation.

    Through investigations, proof of HangAh and the North’s innocence was found. The North actually did not create the phone. But the secretary told JaeHa not to as the North does not want to be shamed that they could not produce the phone…

    Then the secretary told HangAh that she has to go for the public investigation and lied to her that JaeHa did not disaprove of her going. While to JaeHa, the secretary told him that HangAh proposed to go to the public investigation herself.

    The secretary further prevent JaeHa and HangAh from meeting each other, wavering HangAh’s trust in JaeHa. Moreover her distrust was also increased due to her father who realised that JaeHa did not even know of Club M and deduced that JaeHa is not capable of protecting and helping HangAh.

    HangAh then lashed out on JaeHa for not being with her and not helping her in her view that JaeHa did not even watch her public investigation. Questioning JaeHa if he was drinking and playing around with women again during the investiagtion, and called JaeHa trash. Further fueling that JaeHa should inform his people how he is (trash). Lastly, HangAh asked if JaeHa like her or not.

    Hurted JaeHa replied that he loves her because she a North girl is easy, and that he told her his weakness because he trusted her… Finally, he just tell her to go back to North Korea.

    • Jia Min oh thanks so much. I hope I’ll have some more spare times on weekend so I can update this summary and probably the next episode tonight :)

  4. Thanks a lot Jiamin…. xoxo

  5. Thank you for translating! Hope you’ll always do this to help us understand the story w/out an English sub! Keep up!

  6. you are the best!!! thanks!

  7. aaarrrghh..i hate this episode!!!

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