The King 2 Hearts Episode 5 Quick Summary

After all the tiring packed with tense scenes in the last 4 episodes of The King 2 Hearts, finally I found myself laughing many times watching episode 5. Lee Seung Gi and his character, Prince Jae Ha, is really smartly witty. This prince makes me speechless…

Anyway, I’m gonna make the summary a bit simple.

They’re throwing a party after the join military officially ended successfully.Yeom gave Kang Seok SNSD’s poster. Kwon was very touched when Shi Kyeong gave him an expensive present, then he asked the guys to take some pictures together. Hang Ah mistaken Shi Kyeong as Jae Ha that she slapped his back in full power (ugh, hurt!). Shi Kyeong told her that Jae Ha had left earlier, but he handed a present from Jae Ha. It looked like an expensive perfume, but it turned out to be a fool. The bottle was empty. Hang Ah couldn’t help screaming out her anger.

Back in his home town, Jae Was was enjoying his luxury and “freedom” life again. But I don’t know why actually at the end his smile slowly faded. Meanwhile in her room, Hang Ah still imagined that Jae Ha was still there, sitting on his desk. Then Hang Ah contemplated herself, sitting lifting her beautiful legs on to the desk.

At home, Jae Ha was back as the spoil youngest child in the family. But this spoil prince has to deal with the nagging mother about his future marriage.

Jae Ha promoted Shi Kyeong to a good position in the royal guards. But it was actually just Jae Ha’s way to make Shi Kyeong paid everything he had done to Jae Ha in the WOC. Jae Ha was making him something like his private slave. He even ordered him to massage his legs. This Prince is really..

Far in the North, the Kim father-daughter were talking about Hang Ah’s application for Prince Jae Ha’s wife candidate and about her marriage. Even though she might not look excited about the topic, back in to her room alone, she was looking at the the empty perfume bottle she still kept with her.

Go down the South again, The King was looking at Hang Ah’s resume and decided to eliminate her.

He came down to talk to his spoil brother who was on the bath. Yessss, everyone…it’s time for Seung Gi to show off the result of his tight and torturing diet! He’s showing off his muscular body..whoaaa. :D Anyway, when the King told him about the setting up date and an arranged marriage kind of thing, the spoil little brother protesting the King, even said “I hate you,” but -i don’t know how he did it- in a cute way. But the King said the girl was pretty, has a good style, in short words, she’s high standard. Jae Ha changed his expression a bit when The King said he had eliminated Hang Ah, but it was very quick that he just started being curious, “Is the girl really pretty?”

Mr. Eun informing Hang Ah’s father that her daughter was eliminated, and Mr.Kim seemed to be upset. After finally finding out about the news, Hang Ah was sad. She threw away the empty bottle to the trash bin,but cried looking at it.

Jae Ha was having a date, with a France-born Korean girl, a daughter of a diplomat. She kept speaking French all the time and Jae Ha, who looked a bit indifferent, was also speaking in French, ended up talking about Hang Ah.

Hang Ah was back to her life in military career.In the monitoring room she saw Jae Ha’s picture in one of the monitors. It’s the news about the Prince was dating a girl. She tried not to care, but kept looking back to that picture.

But suddenly on the news, someone was leaking a false news to the media that Prince Jae Ha had a marriage engagement to Kim Hang Ah. There’re even pictures when they’re in join military for WOC. The Queen mother went shock, everyone was shock, even Hang Ah herself. Jae Ha saw this news too and got panic.

John mayer’s got the news about the marriage engagement too. I’m still not sure if it’s not his doing, because he looked like a bit surprise on the news, saying he’d be gladly watching the scene.

The news made many South people angry. There’s a protest outside the palace, they seemed to disagree of this idea of a South prince marrying the North girl–the brother enemy. And the King hadn’t given any official words yet. Jae Ha was protesting his brother, too.  But this issue is very sensitive in political level. If the King announced it was a false rumor, the North would be offended. But the marriage idea wasn’t very likely either. But then the smart Jae Ha seemed to have a good idea in his mind.

The press conference was set up. The King was ready for his official speech. The North’s highers were watching the TV in full tense. But just about the time The King had to his speech, Lee Jae Ha suddenly appeared on a sport game, taking people’s attention. He had his own speech. He proclaimed a love for Hang Ah in front of his own people, even asking forgiveness as well as support for the Prince was in love with the North girl.

It was just an acting! And the King also knew it’s all a lie. He just read his brother’s mind well. However, The King said since Jae Ha himself had made the public declaration, they should really proceed with the engagement no matter how hard Jae Ha said that Hang Ah was a really no way for his future wife. He said he doesn’t even like Hang Ah (as a girl).

In the North, in front of the country’s highers Kim Hang Ah said she’s not going to marry Jae Ha. But her father persuaded her so hard that she finally agreed for a meeting with the Prince.

Hang Ah was wearing a beautiful pink-black short hanbok. She was escorted by a full of army of the South and even the Queen herself was there to pick her up, crossing the border line between the two countries.

The King and his mother were watching through TV. The King asked “She’s pretty, isn’t she mother?” The mother gave a sigh.

Jae Ha was already on the plane. It seemed that the meeting place was in Jeju. He had Yeom accompanying him. Yeom asked him if he’s really not going to do it. Jae Ha said, “I’ll do it.” Then he’s sharing his strategy to Yeom.

Hang Ah was welcomed warmly in the palace. Though she looked pretty in her hanbok, but for royal standard, she still needed some make over. So she got her own hair stylish, make up artist, and even fashion designer before meeting Jae Ha. At the end, she’s wearing a white dress with pink mini skirt ~oh no.

The meeting was not that awkward. Their greeting was the Jae Ha-Hang Ah type of cynical greeting. And they’re eating doughnut?? Ohhh sponsor, pleaseee…

Hang Ah was sure that Jae Ha was only joking about the love confession thing. But in a very serious expression, Jae Ha told her that it wasn’t. “So you really love me?” asked Hang Ah. Jae Ha said his feelings towards her was out of his expectation, but that’s the fact. He’s really in love with her. His confession was leaving Hang Ah startled.

To make his acting more convincing. Jae Ha even pretend to forgot his mobile. Hang Ah told Kang Seok to hand it to him. Before coming inside, Kang Seok also heard from Yeom that the reason the Prince proceed with the engagement plan was really because of love. When they accidently touch the mobile’s screen, they’re really surprise to find Hang Ah’s cute picture as the wallpaper.

It was all an act, of course!! Jae Ha shared his plans with Yeom. Poor Hang ah was such a very innocent girl. She really bought Jae Ha’s acting.

Jae Ha was preparing for a small pretty party for Hang Ah that night. He’s so detail in everything: the people, the baloons, the music, the doughnuts (again??) Jae Ha was ready on his knees with a bouquet when he was informed that someone was finally coming. But surprisingly, it was only Kang Seok who appeared, bringing a letter. The letter was short, but polite. Hang Ah said sorry that apparently, she couldn’t do the engagement. Jae Ha’s plan really did work! But he did look sad hearing the news, though i’m sure he’s still acting.

I call this episode as Prince Jae Ha slash Lee Seung Gi’s episode. For Seung Gi, he’s showing off not only his excellent acting quality, but also his muscles :D For Jae Ha, I can’t stop wondering and being amaze of how smart his character is. Really, he’s way of thinking is unpredictably almost genius. He did the whole scene to protect himself and his country as well. By pushing his limit, he knew at the end of his plan, Hang Ah would be the one who gave up. So it’s gonna be from the North side who’s canceling the engagement. The South image would be safe and he’ll also be safe from the arranged marriage! The writers do really have a huge energy to be able to think well of so many details.

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  4. Thank for the quick recap!
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    I think, deep down, Jae Ha has already fallen in love with Hang Ah, he just doesn't realize it yet because men can be soooooo clueless sometimes! :-P

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