The King 2 Hearts Episode 10 Quick Summary

Jae Ha coldly told Mr.Eun that Kim Hang Ah would go back home (to the North) today. Mr.Eun could be one of the people who was happy with that decision, unlike the Queen Mother and Jae Shin. Hang Ah was actually hard to go, but Mr.Eun stating a fact that the possibility of Hang Ah to be the Queen of South Korea would be unlikely. He asked if Hang Ah had any confidence to become the queen and so on and so on. He even told her that despite the previous King insist on the idea of the marriage, he actually opposed it.

Hang Ah was so sad and disappointed thinking that even Jae Ha resent her. Jae Ha was in the royal gallery seeing King Jae Kang pictures when the news about Hang Ah’s leaving was out on the internet. He stopped when seeing Hang Ah’s picture on their engagement announcement where she wore the lovely soft pink gown.

Jae Shin talked to Hang Ah before she left. She asked her to come back again. Hang Ah just coldly said sorry and left.

Jae Ha came to his mother. She looked upset, threw him the cleaning cloth when he asked if she left well. The Queen Mother was very disappointed on how he treated Hang Ah. Surprisingly, she even said, “You are really a trash.” Jae Ha was startled. She told him how he had been acting like a real trash.

Jae Ha re-watched  the recording of Hang Ah’s public investigation. The prosecutor asked her about identity, whether she claimed herself still as a North or already a South. Hang Ah said she had been thinking about that, but at the end for her what matter was how she felt being with this particular South Korean man, Lee Jae Ha. Then she talked about how happy she had been with Jae Ha. Looking at Jae Ha’s expression, we knew that deep down in his heart, he regretted what was happening.

Hang Ah arrived at the border. She took off everything she wore in the South and changed into the short pink hanbok. She was picked up by her father on the other side of the immigration line. Hang Ah eventually cried on her father’s shoulder.

Jae Ha kept trying to unlock King Jae Kang’s file when Jae shin came to argue with him about his decision related to Hang Ah’s leaving. Even Jae Shin called him a trash. Jae Ha was upset and told her that he had to put his duty as the nation’s king first. Jae Ha tried and tried the whole night guessing the keyword to unlock his brother’s file. He lied on the floor, tired, when the sun had risen, but didn’t give up. Jae Ha had to be out of the office to go for a video shooting for the soccer team support video. Then he remembered how he watched the world cup with his brother and Jae Kang was so excited doing the famous cheering, “Dae Han Min Guk!” clap clap. Jae Ha got his answer. He tried to unlock the keyword again. Firstly just “Tae Han Min Guk” without a clap, didn’t work. It required even the clap. Jae Ha finally succeeded to open King Jae Kang’s files.

There’re many video diaries of King Jae Kang, from the first day he became the king to his last days when he talked about Jae Ha’s engagement. His diary was mostly about Jae Ha and he made it like he was talking to his father. One video told how he was so proud of Jae Ha could pass the 8 hours challenge in WOC, then he was so excited about getting Jae Ha a future wife. He said among the girls (he showed some pictures), he preferred Hang Ah more. Then he talked about Club M. Jae Ha seemed to realize how serious and dangerous it was this Club M.

Jae Ha instantly buried himself in the library. He found out the history about Club M. He’s getting more curious about this person, John Mayer. Then Jae Ha remembered the memory long ago at school about how someone stabbed him. He also remembered little John writing I am the king on the window. Then Jae Ha ordered Mr.Eun to summon John. The loony was so happy to hear the news.

John had his second meeting with King Jae Ha. The situation was tense but Jae Ha put a smile on his face. He even told his condolence to John about his father lost. Then the situation got tense. Apparently, the meeting was Jae Ha’s way to show John that he’s not an easy opponent. He told John that he knew John was part of Club M and this club was the one behind the bombing and the incident in WOC because those amount of explosives encompassed to this club. Being openly attacked, John decided not to play fool again. He straight forwardly said, “I killed your brother.” Jae Ha was in shock, but he kept his head up. John said something about being the shadow and he admit about all the provocative incidents. “But that’s not the reason i killed your brother,” he said, “he dared to hushed me out of this country! You don’t know anything, don’t you? Living like a fool.”

Jae Ha’s hands were shaking, but he stayed strong. He told John that he remembered the incident at school and even the writing John made on the window. “What was it you wrote? I am…Tom? Ah, no, was it John? Ahh, I don’t think so. Ohh, I am Bong Gu, right? Korean name, Bong Gu.” Jae Ha continued. “Now I’ll continue on remember well, Kim Bong Gu-ssi.” John screamed out at Jae Ha. Mr.Eun entered the room, Jae Ha left immediately.

He called Shi Kyeong to catch John and to kill him. But Mr.Eun called Shi Kyeong not to do it because it was just the King’s sudden explosion. Jae Ha was talking to Mr.Eun about to do something with this Club M. Mr.Eun said that they couldn’t because this club seemed to pay a big role in the imperial investment. Mr.Eun talked about the fact: no matter what, they still need money. He also said something like what Club M opposed was the reunification of South and North.

Shi Kyeong overheard his father conversation with the king and asked what Club M was. He ended up arguing with his father.

Then outside, on the Emperors’ hall of fame, he saw Jae Ha in a deep thought looking at King Jae Kang’s picture. Shi Kyeong said that Jae Ha had been through a lot and for him he’s already a good king. Then he made a bow, “Please, be strong, Your Highness.” Jae Ha was startled, “This man must have gone crazy or something?”

Mr.Eun wrote down his journal about meeting the western guy named Daniel. John called him yelling and threatened him, but Mr.Eun hang up the phone.

Jae Ha had a drink with Shi Kyeong. Jae Ha tried to treat him like a friend, but Shi Kyeong was feeling awkward. He asked about Club M to Jae Ha. The King said they should investigate this club and especially Kim Bong Gu. Then he asked Shi Kyeong about Hang Ah.

In the North, Mr.Kim received a call and upset hearing Jae Ha was asking about Hang Ah. He was picking up Hang Ah from meeting a man. He looked so excited about the man while Hang Ah was already tired. Hang Ah still couldn’t forget about Jae Ha and she apologized to his father. She cried again. Mr.Kim was getting more upset to Jae Ha.

Shi Kyeong was meeting someone to get information about Club M and Kim Bong Gu when Yeom called from the hospital. Princess Jae Shin refused to go out seeing there were many press outside. Shi Kyeong had to come down to rescue her. They could finally tricked the press, made them chase the wrong car parade. Jae Shin, Yeom and Shi Keyong went with an ambulance.

Hang Ah consumed some drugs, looking so desperate. Then suddenly she was in pain. She reached the phone and called her father.

Meanwhile a car was following Jae Shin’s ambulance. When they thought they were free from the chaser, suddenly two cars hit each other right in front of them in an intersection. One of the cars’ driver was an expat, I sensed John’s men. And I was right. The white car that followed Jae Shin’s ambulance stopped right behind it. At first Jae Shin prevent Shi Kyeong from leaving her alone to help Yeom clearing the street. But then Shi Kyeong assured Jae Shin that he would come back soon. When Shi Kyeong left, John’s creepy woman approached the ambulance. Jae Shin saw her.

In the hospital, Mr. Kim asked the doctors about Hang Ah. The doctor said sorry. “What for are you sorry?” asked Mr.Kim. The doctors said Hang Ah had a miscarriage.

Jae Ha was with his mother when Mr.Eun came in and turned on the TV. The news about Hang Ah’s miscarriage was out in both South and North news line. The North made it a big deal, expressing their great sorry for Hang Ah and put all the blame to Jae Ha. Meanwhile Jae Ha went speechless. He had no idea about his lost child.


Taeeebaak! This episode ending’s surprise was really beyond my prediction. I really didn’t see it coming, jinja! However, I wonder if Hang Ah intentionally kill his baby? Jae Ha’s must have wanted to kill himself hearing this news….from the news! Gee it’s his child and he already lost it before he even knew it. Suffocatingly heart breaking this episode ending.

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  2. least this better than yesterday..

  3. what???? hang ah loves Jae ha, i dont think she would intentionally kill their baby, it was an unfortunate event….thanks for the recap

  4. hmm, I think she took those pills thinking she had an upset stomach. HA looked genuinely surprised in the preview for episode 11 after the nurse/or whoever delivers the news!!

  5. i guess Hang-Ah was just taking some pain medication unknowingly that she’s pregnant in addition also to that past stressful events that she had been through that lead her to miscarriage , this is really heart breaking, aigoo! :(

  6. Wow! The one nite stand works well on them ….Cheers!!! However, Jae Ha is a real trash for causing pretty Hang Ah to lose their child.

    Jae Ha needs to beg Hang Ah to come home….Whoaaa this is very exciting in ep 11….Yay!!!

  7. Thanks for the recap. Can u translate the preview too?

  8. Mr Eun the secretary is a bad person! hate him!

  9. Agree, it’s a DAEBAK episode.
    Waiting for another week to watch ep 11 is too long.
    Thank you for the summary.

  10. Thank you so much for the great summary writing. :)


  12. so sorry for JH and HA but i think they shouldn’t let to be miscarriage on the character for HA she will be so up set on JA ……….I hope they will tie again and make a better world for N and S .

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