The King 2 Hearts Episode 3 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts episode 3 starts with the moment when Jae Ha affirmed Hang Ah that “You are not a woman.” It hurts Hang Ah’s heart badly that she left, crying. The clueless Jae Ha had no idea that he had hurt Hang Ah’s heart.

In US, the crazy John got a report about the WOC, the join military training between the North and South. Saying that he liked a chaotic situation to his man, I guess it meant that he’s planning something bad to mess with the training.

Back to Hang Ah and Jae Ha. In the gym, maybe because he’s feeling guilty, Jae Ha started to talk nicely to Hang Ah. But that girl just acted cold. Even when Jae Ha was trying to be more friendly to her, Hang Ah just left ignoring him. During meeting for field strategy, Hang Ah apologized to both teams that she might be distracted by personal matter, but his team just cheered her up and put a big trust on her.

However she was hurt by Jae Ha last time, Hang Ah didn’t stop asking Jae Ha for advice. In their room, Hang Ah asked him what can make boys like girls. Jae Ha gladly said “all men are the same.” He said all men love pretty girls, aegyeo works well too. But then Hang Ah said that all girls are all also the same. Girls love strong and reliable man. She insulted Jae Ha as being weak and just depended on his royalty status only with so many lacks on manly-hood. Then Jae Ha stood up and said, “Come with me” in a stern face. He challenged Hang Ah running on the trademill in the gym.

They both skipped a class, Eun got the text from Hang Ah. But then there’s a blast sound from another gym. Someone put a bomb in the trade mill and a soldier was badly injured. Eun Shi Kyeong ran towards the other gym, worrying his prince.

The training camp’s alarm wailed. The camp site was in alert. Not knowing what’s going on, Hang Ah and Jae Ha kept running. But Jae Ha was too tired that he was about to stop. Thankfully Shi Kyeong came right in time and told both of them to keep running because there’s bomb applied in the trade mill. If they stop, the bomb would blast.

While the team was trying to kill the bomb, the tired HAng Ah and Jae Ha had no choice but to keep running. The problem was, they’re too tired. In that critical situation, Jae Ha cheered up Hang Ah to keep running and asked her to do something that would distract her mind. Hang Ah started to sing, while Jae Ha and the other soldiers sang along and clapping hands to cheer them up.

They kept running from the afternoon till dark. The soldiers kept singing, but it’s getting to ballad. Jae Ha looked so tired that he almost fainted. That moment, it’s Hang Ah’s turn to cheer him up. And Hang Ah started to realize that Jae Ha was a strong man, that he’s not just the playboy spoiled Prince who loved to play and had zero fighting spirit. Hang Ah said in her heart that she started to like Jae Ha.

The team was still trying to kill the bomb and they managed to cut some wires. Thankfully the bomb was killed in the right time Hang Ah fainted. In Seoul, The King got the news from Mr. Eun. He’s worrying Jae Ha.

Prince Jae Ha woke up in the clinic, seeing Hang Ah in the next bed. Hang Ah’s foot was bandaged. He touched Hang Ah’s forehead, but Hang Ah woke up “What do you think you’re doing?” Jae Ha asked if she’s okay. But the two started to argue and their argument continued until they’re in the office, meeting both the military chiefs from both country.

The King visited the old palace to meet John Mayer. The loony John set up the grand seats for their meeting on the palace court. Then he performed his magic tricks with cards. The King didn’t want to play along, but John didn’t let the King left just like that. He started showing his true face and make some threats. It turned out that John seemed to report the bomb attack to the WOC committee. And before the King knew, the UN and China representatives already on their way to the training camp.

In the military camp, the UN and China representatives came to make a thorough search around the camp related to the bomb attack. Jae Ha asked if the King had given the permission. They said the prime minister had approved it. Then they’re officially messing the camp here and there. Searching items they thought suspicious. And they put a suspicion on Hang Ah’s suitcase and summoned her. The representatives introgated her, being suspicious towards her because she was the one running next to the Prince in the gym that day. And the fact that she’s from the North, the team leader, while the team had the Prince from the South, It’s gonna be a good chance if she wanted to do something bad. Both Hang Ah and Jae Ha looked upset. But the representatives didn’t stop there. They asked Hang Ah to open her suitcase, suspicious if it contained any weapon.

Jae Ha remembered that the suitcase was where Hang Ah put her underwears, so he just walked out and brought Hang Ah along. The representatives said if he walked out like that South Korean army would be disqualified from the championship. Then Jae Ha argued those men that they couldn’t intervere this way, barking someone else’s camp and causing a mess saying does and donts just like that. They’re harming a nation’s pride. The representative apologized and asked nicely if they could search the camp again. The Prince, in a stern voice, said “No, you can’t. I don’t like it. Get out of here!” That action seemed to touch Hang Ah. And it also pleased the King who got the report from Mr.Eun.

Ahh John Mayer was playing with that disgusting yellow gecko. I’m not gonna write any detail about it.

Back in the camp, the teams started to practice combat. Because he talked a lot, Jae Ha got shot by Hang Ah. And Jae Ha had to be put inside that corpse bag. Jae Ha kept talking about how he had saved Hang Ah’s pride because the suitcase was full of her undies. Hang Ah acted as if she didn’t care and just zipped the corpse bag. But then she said “thanks” and then left him. Meanwhile in Jae Ha’s room, Kang Seok was watching SNSD’s Geeny MV and got turn on :D and Jae Ha caught him.

Hang Ah’s father visited the camp and got a report about her personal problem from the North chief that it gave him a headache. Then he had a meeting with the King. And I guess it’s when he had an idea about participating Hang Ah in the arranged marriage audition for the young prince.

The King was collecting resumes of many girls, including Kim Hang Ah. He’s looking for a girl for his little brother. He video called his younger brother, while Jae Ha was enjoying doughnut. The King asked, “Have you thought about your marriage? What do you think about Kim Hang Ah?” Then Jae Ha got the alert, “Don’t say you’re trying to arranged me with her.” But the King didn’t say it straight forwardly, but the talk about arranged married just pissed Jae Ha off. In the same time in another place, Hang Ah’s father was talking about the same discussion with Hang Ah. Hang Ah was a bit upset, but she recalled some memories with Jae Ha, even though at the end she told herself, “Am I crazy? No, it can’t be.”

Thinking an alternative, Hang Ah put an interest for Shi Kyeong. The boys were playing snow ball hitting on the field. She threw a ball of snow to Shi Kyeong and started to flirt in her way. Jae Ha saw how Hang Ah looked joyful with Shi Kyeong and got a little upset. He pour a bucket of snow on Hang Ah’s head, talking about jealousy in an upset tone. “Are you now in a jealous situation, Prince Jae Ha?” asked Hang Ah. Jae Ha denied it, but he looked really upset when Hang Ah left him calling Shi Kyeong in an aegyo way.

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