The King 2 Hearts Episode 11 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts episode 11 is about King Lee Jae Ha was trying to be man. Lee Jae Ha becomes a simple brave man in this episode, but we’ll see it later on.

This episode started with the scene where Jae Shin was struggling alone in the ambulance seeing the creepy lady. She’s trying to reach the horn but couldn’t.

Thankfully Shi Kyeong sensed something not right, so he rushed back. When he opened the car door, Jae Shin wasn’t her self that Shi Kyeong had to shake her. That creepy lady brought a very bad trauma in Jae Shin.

Hang Ah was informed by her father about the child. She took it quite calmly, but I think it’s more of because she was surprise and needed time to really digest what was happening to her.

Mr.Eun advised Jae Ha about how he should act. He reminded him that Jae Ha was a king of a nation so he should put aside his personal matter and put the country as the main priority.

Jae Ha shouldn’t make any comment or public reaction about this matter. But Jae Ha defended himself and Hang Ah. It’s not just a simple personal problem, but about him losing a child from the woman he loved. Whatever Mr. Eun said,  Jae Ha wouldn’t put aside the matter about Hang Ah and their (lost) child. Mr. Eun prevented him to go anywhere, not even to hold any press conference.

Jae Shin was still having the sick in her stomach related to what happened to her that day. She’s expecting her mother to come help her, but she only had Shi Kyeong. Jae Shin needed to rest, so she had to move from her wheelchair to the bed. She asked Shi Kyeong to help her. Realizing that he’s gonna lift the princess on his hands, Shi Kyeong hesitated, but Jae Shin made him lifted her right away. Shi Kyeong avoided eye contact but Jae Shin told him to see her. And as soon as Shi Kyeong made an eye contact with the prince, Jae Shin made him nervous that he ended up putting her down abruptly on the bed.

The news about Ha Ah’s miscarriage was still hot on TV. The North news was hilariously exaggerating and over dramatizing the information, by narrating how the “abandoned” child died calling out for its father. Meanwhile the South news all sound cold, especially without any words from Jae Ha himself. This situation upset Mr.Kim.

However Jae Ha didn’t plan to stay quite for long. He called Shi Kyeong for a help. This help sounded dangerous as Shi Kyeong expression turned tense.

Hang Ah attended her friend’s party for her 100th day baby celebration. She still looked unexcited, but her friends tried to cheer her up. She’s just out on the street when suddenly was approached by the military and even a general came down himself.

They watched the news about how the South people gave bad comments about Hang Ah’s issue. The general forced her to make a recording showing them that she’s suffering, pitiful. But instead of putting on an acting like she was told, Ha Ah looked strong on the camera, saying “Hi South people, I’m Kim Hang Ah. I’m living well. Are you worrying me? Please don’t I’m living my life well. I exercise in the morning…” Hang Ah’s action upset the general, but she refused to do what they’ve told.

It’s her personal life, her emotion. When she stepped out of the office, she asked her father had Jae Ha called or not

Jae Ha made himself looked busy in front of Mr.Eun by testing cream and cosmetic products and interior renovation. He’s planning to make his own recording. I think Jae Ha was thinking of going to the North. The Queen Mother prepared something to bring to Hang Ah.
She was so worry about Hang Ah that she must have been suffered so much getting through this alone. Jae Ha talked to his mom about his plan and the Queen Mother voluntarily would help her son. He just needed to get started everything by 10 am tomorrow.

Jae Ha was ready for his action. He was calling a staff in royal broadcasting division, asking for a help. Meanwhile The Queen Mother summoned Mr.Eun. She’s asking him about her schedule and told him to brief her right away on the spot.

Shi Kyeong and his team was ready for action with the King, but he was suddenly summoned by the Princess. She asked him to escort her again to the hospital, but Shi Kyeong said he’s going somewhere else. Jae Shin asked what mission, Shi Kyeong said it’s a secret mission under the King’s direct ordered. Feeling upset, Jae Shin decided not to go the hospital because Shi Kyeong was not going. Shi Kyeong just coldly left. Uuggh, this man.

Jae Ha was ready to go. A palace secretary tried to stop him, but Jae Ha pushed him away. When Mr. Eun got the report about Jae Ha’s leaving, Jae Ha was already on the way. The Queen Mother asked him to wait for 2 more minutes to reach 10 am, she only needed that from him.

The broadcasting staff worked well. Jae Ha was airing his own recorded conference. In his speech, he said that Hang Ah was the woman who’s gonna be his queen, but there had been some misunderstanding. He’s apologizing to the people about had happened and explaining what caused the incident. He said he’s going to North to meet Kim Hang Ah, not as Lee Jae Ha the King, but Lee Jae Ha as man who’s going to meet his beloved woman who’s been suffering alone there. He wanted to show to his people being a responsible man to himself and the woman he loved would encompass his liability as a country leader.

Going up to the North required a complicated procedure, especially since he’s a king. And any communication from the South to North had been cut off. He had to go the UN quarter to ask for help. Meanwhile the North highers were chaotic hearing that Jae Ha was coming up there. This situation put Mr.Kim in a quite difficult situation because it’s all related to his own daughter.

The UN said the North hadn’t approve his visit request and it’d be dangerous if Jae Ha proceed to the North. But Jae Ha had no intention to step back because “It’s my destiny” he said. Jae Ha walked on foot to the border. He arrived on the yellow line with only 5 men. Over reactingly the North military was in alert mode. All guns at the border were pointing at him. Jae Ha kept proceeding to cross the line. The front line military was in a dilemma, but of course, no one would dare to pull a trigger on the King.

Mr.Kim told Hang Ah about Jae Ha’s coming. Hang Ah said she’d meet him. After the general approved it, Jae Ha finally escorted by the North military to Hang Ah’s house. Hang Ah’s father welcomed him coldly in front of the house, not even took Jae Ha’s hand for a hand shake when Jae Ha offered his hand.

Hang Ah welcomed him a bit cold as well, but she’s still serving Jae Ha a coffee. She gave him 30 minutes to say what he wanted to say.

Jae Ha brought Hang Ah a present, a box of cosmetic and perfume. But Hang Ah took it wrongly that she bitterly said that she felt like an easy woman. She felt really bad that she kept being fooled and kept trusting Jae Ha foolishly after all he done to her. Then she was talking about their baby. She said she felt terrible that she couldn’t even knew she had it and lost it. She said it was only a centimeter big in her womb, but her heart felt so terrible about the lost. Seeing Hang Ah cried hard, Jae Ha actually had teary eyes as well, but when he tried to comfort her, Hang Ah bitterly said, “My feelings won’t be the same again. Go away.”

Shi Kyeong got a call from his father, asking to speak with the King. Mr.Eun asked Jae Ha to come back soon, but Jae Ha planned to stay. He said for this time, he asked as a kid asking his uncle to help him by having a trust on him.

Hearing the news about Jae Ha being in North, John Mayer looked very happy. This situation brought him many chances to continue on his evil plan.

Jae Ha was speaking to the North higher. It’s a political aspect of the story that I don’t really get. But Jae ha said he was sorry to Hang Ah, but that doesn’t mean he’s giving any concession about politic.

Hang Ah actually had no idea that Jae Ha was still in the North until she saw his face appeared in the newspaper.

The news also reached the South palace. Shi Kyeong suddenly got a call from the Princess, protesting why he couldn’t even tell her about this. “He’s my brother, why couldn’t you even tell me about this. I’m not a spy, i’m her sister.” Shi Kyeong said sorry. Jae Shin then asked about how Jae Ha and Hang Ah were. In the end of their conversation, she told Shi Kyeong to go back from the North safely otherwise she’ll never go to the hospital again. Shi Kyeong finally made a smile. (doesn’t this man make you making the “aahhh” or “uuggh” sound quite many times? hehe)

The North generals were still in hot discussion about Jae Ha’s being in the North. One of the general was planning something, but thankfully, Mr.Kim took an action about it.

John Mayer was going to send a threatening video to Jae Ha. He was recording the speech confidently.

Jae ha was in a restaurant and startled by how the food was served in the North. One of the North guards got a good news about his daughter and that made Jae Ha said he’s paying all the foods for them. Meanwhile on the running bullet train, one of the North higher had a meeting with the western person named David who bribed Mr.Eun and set him owe a great deal of sin to the late king. Thankfully Mr.Kim had put his spy there, so he got the report right away. They’re going to make Lee Jae Ha as the target. Hang Ah overheard her father from behind the door. Then in the restaurant, the North military suddenly came to pick up the South king.

I like the idea of how Jae Ha had this basic thinking: if he couldn’t face his problem in a gentleman way and fix it, how would he be a good king for the nation? He’s strong heart of getting Hang Ah’s back was actually heroic, though of course a little selfish and very controversial. And I like the way Hang Ah’s cold reaction towards Jae Ha…it’s actually the basic rule to get a man, right? the pull and push? Anyhow it’s logical for her character. She’s smart so she had to act smart facing Jae Ha this time.

However, what I like the most from this episode was the smile on Shi Kyeong face after he received the phone call from Jae Shin. That indicate that love is in the air between him and the princess? :)

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