The King 2 Hearts Episode 6 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts episode 6 started when it ended in episode 5. Kang Seok was reading the letter from Hang Ah. Jae Ha looked sad, no…he was really upset for real. I got him completely wrong last summary. I thought this was what he really wanted, but eventually not. He was drinking with Yeom, feeling being insulted as the famous South Prince got stood up by a North girl. But he kept his clear head. He would continue his acting.

Shi Kyeong was ordered to search for the princess around the city. They arrived at this night club.There’s a rock band performance with a blonde girl as the vocalist. Shi Kyeong was searching among the crazy audience, but as the crowd was calling out the vocalist name, Lee Jae Sin, Shi Kyeong realized that the vocalist was actually the princess. The princess was quite…wild. Even Shi Kyeong wasn’t sure if the girl was really the princess or not. He had to make a call to the palace and still didn’t believe when the princess said she’s really The Princess. Then the princess changed her dress and completely started being a princess. She’s testing Shi Kyeong very hard.This royal family is really… However, I think this princess is not the type of spoil youngest child in the family.

During breakfast, it’s Jae Ha’s turn to leave Hang Ah alone on the table. He didn’t show up in the dining room. Hang Ah felt sad.

The Queen mother was doing a volunteer work of public service. A lady came to her asking her to prevent the Prince marrying the North girl. The Queen mother’s mood was down. She hurriedly left her post.

The princess finally came home. She’s discussing about the North girl matter and about singing activity with the King.

Mr.Eun informed the King about John Mayer’s where about. The King looked tense hearing that the loony man was in the country. Then in John’s place, he suddenly got an uninvited guest, Mr.Eun. He’s asking John to get out of the country soon. The royal guards were even ready at his front door.

Hang Ah was sad that Jae Ha didn’t show up. Until Yeom showed up and Hang Ah looked so excited greeting him. She asked if Jae Ha was fine since he didn’t show up the whole day, Yeom said no. Hang Ah seemed to be worry. She walked outside around Jae Ha’s pavilion. She saw Jae Ha’s shadow on the window, but then the light turned off. It was actually Yeom by the window, not Jae Ha.
As he saw Hang Ah left, he’s informing Jae Ha. Then Hang Ah suddenly heard a sound of piano. She found Jae Ha was playing the grand piano on the terrace. Oh no…it must have been freezing out there!

Hang Ah asked what’ song he was playing. Jae Ha said “It’s Ave Maria.” Hang Ah seemed not to recognize the song and Jae Ha underestimated her by saying that it’s a normal thing for the North people not knowing classing. But Ha Ah said she knew classical music, too and was sure that the song was not Ave Maria. Jae Ha said he’s just playing the prelude of the song. Then he asked Hang Ah to play the piano together. While Hang Ah was enjoying playing the piano, Jae Ha made that looked then slowly leaned…but at the closest point when their lips was about to meet, he stopped. No kiss everyone! Jae Ha then coldly left, leaving Hang Ah startled alone.

Jae Ha was giving Yeom a usb flash. He said he’s making his acting like in a drama. Yeom was really amazed by the Prince’s idea. Hang Ah received the usb and played it on TV. Jae Ha made her a video of Hang Ah’s collage pictures and also their pictures during WOC. I like the scoring song! Hang Ah was really touched. She remembered the moments she had with Jae Ha during WOC.

She sat alone under the window. Snow was falling outside. She was about to close the door, but then she saw Jae Ha was walking out side. Jae Ha thought she wasn’t paying attention, but suddenly Hang Ah came running to him -this scene was in a dramatic slow motion- and give him a full hug. This seemed to be out of Jae Ha’s expectation. He looked surprise, but hugged her back. Hang Ah was teary and Jae Ha’s expression turned serious.

The next day, Jae Ha looked very frustrated. Yeom was curious if the Prince really had fallen for Hang Ah, but Jae Ha still denied it.

He said he was just surprise that Hang Ah liked him for real. But he said he’s gonna end it right then. Jae Ha visited Hang Ah in her pavilion right away. He said “let’s not proceed the engagement”. But Hang Ah said, “No let’s do it. It’s because of our feelings, let’s do it.” Hang Ah tried to convince Jae Ha that they could work it out. Jae Ha was panic. Then he shrugged off Hang Ah, saying “I don’t want to do it! It’s all just an act.” He suddenly back to be the real Jae Ha, saying harsh words that made Hang Ah cried. Jae Ha left the room, but then seemed to be sorry and went back but he never opened the door. He was on the flight back, alone. Hang Ah sat far on the back, alone too. Both of their moods were bad.

In Seoul, everyone was ready for the press conference. The press were ready, as well as the couple. Oh I like seeing Seung Gi in that cool royalty uniform and Ha Ji Won’s lovely pink dress!

Jae Ha told her to just let him speak first and leave everything to him, but Hang Ah had to maintain her smile no matter what in front of the public.

Everyone was watching TV in tense. The royal guards in their quarter: Shi Kyeong, Yeom and the others. The King and the Queen Mother and the Prince. Even Hang Ah’s father in the North. And when they’re ready to speak, surprisingly, Hang Ah said she’s going to speak first, disobeying Jae Ha’s prior order. She bravely said to press: “I love the South Prince, Lee Jae Ha. I’m going to do the engagement.” Jae Ha was in a real shock. The press was waiting for his words. He hesitated long before speaking. And when he finally speak, he didn’t say any clear statement and that made everyone confused.

Hang Ah received a call from her father. Mr. Kim seemed to be very upset. He seemed to know that The South Prince was exactly like he thought, just playing Hang Ah’s heart and now his daughter was declaring love in front of the public but sounded crying on the phone? Which father doesn’t worry like crazy if it happens to their precious only daughter?

Then Princess coming to Hang Ah’s room, introducing herself as the King and Jae Ha’s youngest sister, Lee Jae Shin. She came to talk to talk to Hang Ah about her brother, Jae Ha. “I know my brother well. He often speak out his mind without really thinking.” She worried if her brother had done or told Hang Ah something that hurt her feelings. She asked if he did something bad during their meeting in Jeju.

Later that night Jae Ha came to his sister’s room. He asked about Hang Ah’s condition. Jae Shin protested her brother right away, saying that what he had done to Hang Ah was really cruel. Jae Ha said he didn’t think it would go this way. Then he blamed Shi Kyeong. Jae Shin remembered him. “Don’t tell me you fall for him, too?!” said Jae Ha. Jae Shin said no and then asked what was it with Shi Kyeong. Jae ha thought Hang Ah liked Shi Kyeong. He said Hang Ah kept giggling cheekily in front of Shi Kyeong. But that run-and-hug under the snow that made Jae Ha realized Hang Ah’s feelings and he’s heart was actually waver. “So you like her, don’t you?” concluded Jae Shin. Her plan to make Jae Ha confessed succeeded and Hang Ah appeared from behind the closet. Then the two had their private time to talk about their issue seriously.

Hang Ah went straight to the point, asking, “So do you like me or not?” Jae Ha hesitated, but then said that he might really like her, but that’s not gonna change anything. He’s feeling like a crap in front Hang Ah. Hang Ah said not to and she never thought of him as a crap. Then Hang Ah said in this era, it’s okay for the girl to break the man up. She finally decided not to proceed the engagement.She offered Jae Ha her hand, saying goodbye in a friendly way. “Please live well.” Jae Ha looked sorry, but didn’t want to accept her hand. Instead, he asked her to have a drink together. They both ended up drinking together. Hang Ah was a hard drinker. They went crazy with alcohol.

While the two were drinking, the upset and worry Hang Ah’s father was hunting down The South Prince to his own palace. He’s coming to the palace, meeting the King and asking to meet Jae Ha right away. The King himself walked with Mr.Kim to Jae Ha’s quarter.

They’re drunk on the floor leaning on the fridge. Jae Ha offered Hang Ah his shoulder, but Hang Ah said she’s not going to fall for it twice. She kept refusing, even though Jae Ha was really insisting. It was kind of funny that Jae Ha’s hand had already on Hang Ah’s head and sort of pulling it towards his shoulder, but Hang Ah kept defending herself. Then the alcohol’s effect was turning on and the mood was also perfect. Jae Ha finally kissed Hang Ah! And it wasn’t the typical only-lips-touching-Kdrama-kissing. They’re making out.

Then suddenly The King and Hang Ah’s father caught them red handed. They both looked like two teenagers got caught kissing by their parents :D

Oh I feel so awful that it’s hard for me to read Jae Ha and his plan. He really confused Hang Ah, and confused me as well. But I love this episode. I call this episode: love is on the air :D

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  1. I think JaeHa is just feeling super messed up in his head…
    He loves HangAh and he is shocked at himself…
    Plus he does not have the time to sort things out nor the choice to date HangAh normally to learn his budding feelings for her…

    But I really love the piano scene (nice playing~), the hugging in the snow scene (super touching~) and of course the kissing ^^ :P

    The preview for the next episode looks like troubles ahead and the psycho guy strikes! Yikes!
    Wednesday come quick~

  2. Thank you!! Watched the raw episode….didn’t have an inkling what happened esp after the hug!! I just want to hit Jae Ha for making Hang Ah cry AGAIN!! gahhh, don’t do that to my girl!! :/

  3. thank you, the movie flow good and exciting…it was very interesting and I love it!!!!God bless

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