The King 2 Hearts Episode 12 Quick Summary

Mr.Kim spoke to Mr. Hyeon about Jae Ha’s safety. Meanwhile, Jae Ha was picked up by the North military. Jae Ha ignored them. Meanwhile Mr.Kim was trying to defend Jae Ha in front of Mr.Hyeon and persuaded him to let Mr.Kim do something for Jae Ha’s safety.

Hang Ah came to her father’s office. She wanted to know more about what really happen, but Mr.Kim sent her back home with two female guards stayed with her. They knew each other, of course, so they talked casually. Then one of them requested to have a look at the expensive cosmetic present Jae Ha gave to Hang Ah.

Jae Ha’s schedule for that day was to visit the amusement park. He rode the swing boat with his men and some of the North military. The common people sat on the other side looking at Jae Ha and the military in a full tense. But as the boat swing, Jae Ha tried to break the ice. He started making a scream and told Shi Kyeong to scream with him too. At the end everyone became more loose. Mr.Kim accompanied him complete with some guards, and Jae Ha’s activity was recorded live to the internet. But then the military officer who was ignored by Jae Ha in the morning suddenly ordered something and a troop came down to the amusement park’s control office. They’re hijacking it.

Hang Ah tried to distract herself by cleaning her room. But when she went out of the room, the female soldiers found another box inside that box and gave it to her. The small blue box had the royal logo on it and a ribbon written “made by Lee Jae Ha”. Along with the present was a product description slash Jae Ha’s feelings expression. Apparently Jae Ha wasn’t lying when he was busy with his skin product experiment last time. He did it for real and it’s dedicated for Hang Ah only. Each product’s bottle was titled by Jae Ha’s feeling toward Hang Ah: I’m sorry. I love you. etc.

When Hang Ah out of her room again, she fought the female soldiers, pointed them a gun. Hang Ah’s leaving the house and they would die if they tried to stop her, that’s her message. She put on her uniform, called her fellows and ready to be on action.

The next game Lee Jae Ha had to ride was a merry-go-round. He hesitated going to the carousel. Even Shi Kyeong refused politely to accompany him. Well, carousel for a cool guy?? No No. So Jae Ha proceed without his men. There was this suspicious mascot and I had a bad feeling about the absence of Shi Kyeong on Jae Ha’s side. And voilla! Suddenly the carousel got a black out. John Mayer who had been watching suddenly screamed out a cheer. The men who rode the carousel with Jae Ha turned out to be the bad guys and the mascot was actually the military officer who was ignored by Jae Ha that morning. The bad guys had bombs installed in their body. After the mascot made all the South guards and Mr.Kim’s men to back off, he was making a speech about Jae Ha’s being a hostage and got aired live on the internet. But it was all John’s scenario. Jae Ha figured it out after he watched the video John recorded earlier.

Hang Ah brought Kang Seok and Yeom along with her. Kang Seok brought bazoka and Yeom was ready on his post as a sniper. Meanwhile Hang Ah proceeded to the carousel area.

Jae Ha threw the tablet where he watched John’s video and talked to the camera, sending provocative message and mockery to Kim Bong Gu. John freaked out.

Kang Seok broke in to the hijacked control room of the amusement park. The light finally came back on the carousel and it’s spinning again. Yeom was shooting the men around Jae Ha accurately. Those who’re not on the carousel could see Hang Ah appeared on the top of the carousel. She released smoke bomb and fought all the bad guys in the carousel as sleek as a deathly shadow. Kim Hang Ah looked sooooo coooool, really! In other dramas or movies, the hero would be the man. But here, the hero is a heroic lady.

After she knocked down the last man, she just left without any word to Jae Ha, not even looked at him in the eyes. She was ready to go with her car, but Jae Ha came with his car, blocking her. Jae Ha got off and stop at a distance. Hang Ah was trying on the gas several times and then running her car towards Jae Ha, but stop at the least distance. “What is it?” she asked coldly.

Jae Ha tried to speak with her heart to heart. Then he told Hang Ah that he’s making Hang Ah her Queen and then made a pledge: “I will kiss you every single morning. I will be a stalker to you. And won’t see other woman but you.” Hang Ah cried a stream. Jae Ha wiped it for her.

Jae Ha would take care of Hang Ah well and “I will  you only until I die.” Then he went down his knee and took Hang Ah’s hand, making a proposal “Be my Queen.” Hang Ah still had no confidence, but Jae Ha just hugged Hang Ah tightly.

The man who made a deal with David was in hiding. They seemed to expect John’s people but ended up being attacked by Mr.Kim’s men. Mr.Kim got a phonecall from John’s man, asking a reward for Club M from the North Korean for his information about that traitor. But Mr.Kim just hang it coldly and John gave a punishment to his assistant for his failure in mission.

The next day the news in both the South and the North were talking about this Kim Bong Gu man. Mr. Eun had to do the press conference, but the royal didn’t tell anything about Club M to the public.

Unlike the condition when he came, when he’s going to leave the North he was treated by the North well. The North had some citizens bid him good bye and even Mr. Hyeon himself came. While they’re shaking hand, Jae Ha asked Mr.Hyeon if he knew about Kim Bonggu. That man’s mouth shut meant he did know about that loony.

Hang Ah was saying good bye to her father. While she spoke very carefully, Jae Ha asked for the phone and then talked to Mr.Kim in an almost casual way that he even called him “father”. Hang Ah said she was still afraid and worry if the South would really accept her.

Arrived in the palace, Hang Ah was welcomed by the Queen Mother warmly. She showed Hang Ah her room that had so many presents and foods. She even get a huge fridge complete with stacks of foods.

Being please seeing Hang Ah found her self again in the palace, Jae Ha left the ladies and was instantly briefed by Mr.Eun about the country’s matter. Jae Ha complained that Mr.Eun didn’t give him even a quick break, but he knew he had to start everything right on.

Shi Kyeong was still investigating if Club M had something to do with the King’s death. The international investigator said that the only living witness was the Princess, so she need to bring back her memories if they wanted to proceed with the investigation because they’re lack of proof.

Shi Kyeong came to Jae Shin’s room, finding her joyfully playing cards with the royal courts. Then he’s like pushing Jae Shin to let her memories back instead of refusing them because of her own trauma. Jae Shin was upset and felt offended. She said Shi Kyeong was just a frustrating dude and instantly made an order of replacing Shi Kyeong with someone else to be in charge of her. Because of this, Shi Kyeong failed to concentrate when he was meeting Jae Ha. Sensing something troubling this iceberg man’s mind, Jae Ha asked what happened. Shi Kyeong asked Jae Ha if he’s frustrating. He said even though he’s frustrating and no fun, he would surely be a reliable guard.

Jae Ha discussed about John with Hang Ah. John was not only a regular man, he’s the man with lots of money, and that made them have to deal with him very carefully. Then suddenly slipped his tongue losing his confidence, “Can we really do this? WOC and marriage?” That triggered Hang Ah’s emotion. “What is that? You’re not going to marry me??” She protested, taking Jae Ha’s words wrongly. Jae Ha was startled, realizing that he said wrong words that made Hang Ah furious. “We’re doing it,” Jae Ha tried to calm Hang Ah down. “When? Should we do it tomorrow? We’re doing it.” Hang Ah just left him to her room. Then she made a call to her father asking about Kim Bong Gu.

Jae Ha found a way to dig information about John’s exact position. He had to do it by luring a woman who booked a cafe for herself.
Before entering the room, Jae Ha told Shi Kyeong, “The only woman I love is Hang Ah.” He just did this for a greater purpose. Shi Kyeong just smiled.

John got a package that was sealed by the Royal South Korea. Along with the package was a letter from Jae Ha. It sounds like challenging John because the last words were, “Do well, or regret it.” To open the golden box, John needed a keyword. In his letter Jae Ha had told him that the key word was “What I have that you don’t.” John started to try several guesses, but failed. John was crazy trying the keyword. He ordered his man to force open it, but it was set explode if they opened it by force.

Meanwhile Jae Ha and Hang Ah were going for their event. It’s gonna be their first public appearance again as the King and his official future Queen.

John finally figured out the keyword. What Jae Ha had and John didn’t was “people” that made Jae Ha a King. John successfully opened it.

Following this drama I couldn’t make any prediction about what may happen in the future to each character. But seeing the preview, we knew that because of this loony Bong Gu, Jae Ha and Hang Ah would have a hard time being King and Queen. But I’m actually expecting more spoilers about what may happen to Jae Shin and Shi Kyeong next week. Hopefully Shi Kyeong would realize his feelings soon, and in the preview Jae Shin told Shi Kyeong that she needed him. And I like the last scene cut of the preview where Jae Ha was on his red royal military form and Hang Ah was in her North military uniform, they stood side by side as unification.

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