The King 2 Hearts Episode 14 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts episode 14 is “everyone was pretty much occupied”, I think that’s how I call it. Jae Ha and Korean team was busy in the WOC. Jae Shin was busy struggling with her psychological issue and being a country leader, Shi Kyeong was soooo busy fighting Club M, Mr.Eun was busy protecting his son more than his country…I think it’s only John who had all the leisure: attending meeting, eating nice foods, bubble bathing, etc

Anyway, let’s down to the business.

Jae Ha picked up the very wrong ball. Their opponent for WOC first round was USA. Meanwhile in Jeju meeting, John’s man got the same WOC ball and it’s USA. So it’s clear John was behind it. Before coming to the meeting Mr.Eun made a call to John. Now he’s not only going to ruin the royal family, John also made Shi Kyeong as a target. Mr.Eun asked him to leave his son alone.

Lee Jae Shin finally made it for her public appearance. But as soon as she got out, she saw John and suddenly the fright came back. She was trembling badly. Shi Kyeong was going inside the room and bumped into a foreign woman. That creepy John’s woman. Jae Shin could see the woman from the stage and she was shaken so badly that she turned her wheel chair at a sudden that made her fell off the chair. Everyone was startled, but the press knew exactly what to do.

Shi Kyeong realized that woman’s presence late, but thankfully still be able to catch  her in the lobby right in time.

The prime minister was calling Jae Ha frantically and asking Jae Ha to come to Jeju. But Jae Ha couldn’t leave WOC.

Hang Ah protesting Jae Ha wore the royal ring that it might affect his choice. Kang Seok was in the toilet, defecating, when he overheard the other soldiers from other countries were bad mouthing North Korea as a terrorist country. Kang Seok came out of his cubical in anger. Wrongly, USA soldiers tried to be friendly to him but over acting that they made a mistake because Kang Seok got that as an insult. He fought the two US soldiers.

Regarding Kang Seok’s behavior, Hang Ah was furious. He took off Kang Seok’s emblem and told him to go away. Jae Ha took over this issue. The authorities made it a big issue that the US higher asked for team Korea to be banned from the WOC.

Jae Ha tried to talk to Kang Seok. He said that Hang Ah had been frustrated that she was blowing off like that. “But you’re feeling bad too aren’t you? Just apologize to them.” Jae Ha said if he couldn’t do it, he would do it. Kang Seok knew Jae Ha shouldn’t do it because he’s still the King no matter what and this issue isn’t that urgent yet for a King to get down to make an apology for this matter. He finally agreed to do it.

The Korea team and US team had an official meeting face to face. The situation was tense and they got 10 points deduction. However, the US official still wanted Jae Ha who do the apology as both the team leader and the King. They’re showing the US arrogant-image like in any movies, and I almost thought this Korean drama would dare to do it. Lee Jae Ha was just making his introduction of apology when Kang Seok finally came in. He made the 90 degree bow and said his apology. And then surprisingly, the US soldiers apparently supportive too that they also apologized for their misbehavior. (Ha! see? Korea wouldn’t dare…)

Shi Kyeong interrogating the creepy lady. He’s suspecting the chocolate she’s been eating as drugs. The woman ate it in an exaggerating way. Then the lady lean towards Shi Kyeong saying that she knew so many techniques of killing people and his latest action involved sunset and fireplace. She also said she’s been researching about the point of fear in someone (Jae Shin). She said she’s an artist. I said she’s a loony creepy bitch.

Shi Kyeong was reporting to Queen Mother about his on progress investigation and asking for Jae Shin’s cooperation in identifying the lady as one of the bad guys she saw before the incident. The Queen mother opposed because Jae Shin just had a hard time, but Jae Shin said she’s okay. She let Shi Kyeong in.

Shi Kyeong told her about the investigation to the woman who’s from the Club M and brief Jae Shin about that woman’s record entering South Korea. Shi Kyeong finally showed her the woman’s picture and Jae Shin could even barely see it because of her trauma. Shi Kyeong got his answer. Jae Shin said she’s still had no confidence about herself, but Shi Kyeong said not to worry about anything. I like the way he bowed to Jae Shin with such passionate look in his eyes, even though Jae Shin wasn’t looking.

Mr.Eun came down to Shi Kyeong’s official protesting about what he’d been doing to Club M. Shi Kyeong wondered why his father wanted to keep him away from the investigation. M.Eun knew exactly how dangerous could this be for his son, so he made a call to the imperial secretary to forbid Shi Kyeong interfering imperial matters or proceed with his investigation, but Shi Kyeong got the royal seal from the King that made him got the absolute authority than anyone else about this matter.

John’s plan to make US-Korea be opponents for the 1st round was actually smart. Korea had a very strong dependency to America,so either winning or losing from US would actually bring no good for Korea. But Korea absolutely needed to win, no matter what!

Jae Ha lost his confidence as the boat was bringing them to the isolated island where the tournament took place, but Hang Ah tried to lift up his spirit. They had a meeting on a boat discussing about strategy for the first round. The team was ready, changing their battle uniform and checking their weapons. Arriving at the battle island, confidence or not, the game was soon to be started. While South made a simple cheering (Korea, fighting!), North’s was still in their strict style.

Shi Kyeong’s investigation was further to Club M. It made Club M’s representative (John’s man) held a press conference about their objection to the imperial investigation to their creepy lady. Mr.Eun ordered Shi Kyeong to made an apology. And there he himself  came down to John’s place to make an official apology as the imperial representative. Shi Kyeong came along, bringing that creepy woman for free. Being released, the creepy woman leaned to Shi Kyeong, tried to provoke him. “Are you sleeping with her, your Princess? Oh, you haven’t, have you? Is it because she’s limp? That night she’s trembling so much like a coward, begging for her life to be spared.”

The evil sides expecting Shi Kyeong to be provoked, but Shi Kyeong suppressed his anger very very well that he could even made a cold speech. He provoked back the woman telling her about her mother’s death. The lady was instantly histerical.

John embraced him and said “You’re pretty smart, too.” He asked why he loyal to Jae Ha. Shi Kyeong gave his answer in a typical patriotic way any soldier would answer such a question. John  tried to lure Shi Kyeong to come to his side instead, but Shi Kyeong with his expressionless face said he wouldn’t do such a thing. Of course. John finally realized that Jae Ha didn’t tell a lie when he’s speaking about having people trusted him and whom he trusted.

While Jae Ha was still trying to decide the best strategy, the US team was approaching Korean base camp. Hang Ah and Jae Ha kept arguing and they chose the one who’s in charge to protect the “nation’s key”. This key was the thing each of the team was after (winning point) because the key would lead them back to the mainland. As soon as the four soldiers go, the basecamp was attacked. There were only the two maknae, Yeom and Kwon. The US team knew exactly who to after because they had installed a spy camera on the window of Korean base. Yeom ate the key and the US soldier pointing a gun to him. They already got Yeom when Jae Ha and the others came.

Being a hostage, Yeom just made noises and talked nonesense. The US soldiers were discussing about how to get the key out of Yeo,’s system. The female soldier thought of against-human-rights type of way, while their leader opposed and suggest a drug. they would drug him to make Yeom defecate soon.

Hang Ah found the spy camera installed in their basecamp when the phone rang. It’s from the US. “Just give up,”said US. They’re giving drug to Yeom that would make him defecate in the next 3 hours. As soon as the poo was out, the US got the key. And yes they did. The US team thought they’re already winning. But the boat that would bring them back inland went missing. The Korean team had a strategy and they’re already in action. Hang Ah and the new South guy did something with the boat. They took out the machine and hide it somewhere.

Meanwhile Kang Seok’s job was as a distraction. Jae Ha and Kwon were in the front line, they’re breaking into US’s base. The brainy Jae Ha installed something in the US base from a light bulb and his mobile phone’s component. I think he’s making an explosive, or sort of. Jae Ha’s narration is for Hang Ah to believe in him.

Seeing the preview..aaahhh I’ve got the frustration already. Something would happen to Jae Shin and Shi Kyeong would be in a great despair.  Jae Ha-HAng Ah’s condition in WOC were also critical. I just notice that the odd-number episode is always heavy, while the even-number ones are pretty much okay.

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  1. Thank you sooooooo much for the summary!TK2H fighting!! :)

  2. Lee Seung gi in uniform. Need I say more??? Hawt! Tk2h figting!!! Thank u for the fast recap!!!

  3. NewKDramaAddict

    As always, thanks for the summary. Will look forward to this Friday night!!

  4. thank you so much , your recap always the fastest…i love you and keep it up :D hwaiting

  5. Thank you so much!

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  7. I guess from the episode 15 preview that:
    – Shi Kyeong found out about his father’s shady betrayal, thus he was very disappointed and got desparate, still he would protect the royal even it means fighting his own father
    – Jae Shin would survive though, probably the prince charming robotic Shi Kyeong would come to her rescue, and thus concretes the love between Damsel in Distress and Royal Guard with Heart!
    – Hang Ah would be squeezed by danger that almost vanquished her last moment on earth and thus she felt, once more, that how much she love her king Jae Ha. She would be saved though, or else there would not be the leaked pictures of Royal Engagement (I hope it should be wedding though!)

    Love “King 2 Hearts” so much!

    • The spoiler leaks out today that they will play the Romeo & Juliet line. Their love will be tragedy. No wonder as his father did wrong to the royal family. Quite disappoint with this storyline though. :(

  8. oMo!! i love the tandem

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