The King 2 Hearts Episode 15 Summary

The tense in WOC battle field was getting higher. Korean team was pushed to the corner. They didn’t have any other option but to push to win the game, even though the current condition was the exactly opposite situation. Team US had got Kwon’s key already. Jae Ha consulted the matter with South Korean general and they found out the only way to turn the situation was to damage the opponent’s base camp.

Jae Ha got the ability to make explosive from cellphone’s components, which was the skill he got from military. All he needed was time

Therefore the US team needed to be distracted. Kang Seok managed to make two US soldiers out of the base camp chasing him. But as the Korean ground attacking the US camp to save Kwon, gun fires couldn’t be avoided.

They only had time until 8 pm. And during the injury time, only three people were still “alive” from each of the team. Jae Ha put his trust on Hang Ah to lure the US captain to be out of his camp for negotiation and also detonate the bomb in the agreed timing. The US captain went out alone, leaving one soldier in the main shelter.

For US team, this might be just a tournament, but for team Korea, this was hope. A hope for reunification between the two separated Joseon brothers. They had no option but to win this in order to show their people and the world that uniting the North and the South is not impossible. Hang Ah wrapped up her speech and started to detonated the bombs in one shelter to another. The last building to be blown was the main shelter, where Jae Ha was with the unconscious US soldier who fell after the first blow.

Jae Ha’s time was short and lost his contact with Hang Ah because the communication device was broken after the first blow. He only had less than 10 minutes to install the explosive before Hang Ah detonate it. Before this, the two had discussed about the timing. Jae Ha said precisely to Hang Ah that she needed to blow the last shelter right before 8 if the US refused to surrender in order to defeat US team. The rules in war said that if one party lost all its base camp facilities, it definitely lost the war.

Jae Ha was trembling hard but he knew there’s no time to even hesitate in anything. The US definitely won’t rise their white flag. Hang Ah had no idea if Jae Ha was still inside or not, but she remember Jae Ha’s words to have a trust for each other. Before she pressed the button, Hang Ah said it out loud, “I love Comrade Lee Jae Ha.” And the main shelter was blown.

Hang Ah was frantic in fear that Jae Ha was dead. But then a familiar voice yelled, “Noisy!” and it came from Jae Ha. He managed to dragged himself and the US soldier out of the shelter in the right time before the shelter was exploded.

The news about what happened in the WOC reached the palace. Mr.Eun delivered the news and also reported that the issue with Club M was settled. Jae Shin a bit objected by the fact that the Royal Family had to apologize to John Mayer and she was surprised by the information from Mr.Eun that his son also came along with him to do the apology.

Just around the palace, Shi Kyeong was jogging while his mind was busy recalling all the collage memories of what John told him and also the creepy woman. He remembered how that woman whispered telling him that Jae Shin was trembling hard that moment under her threat and begged for her life. He accidentally hit a road cone and just couldn’t hold his emotion again that he screamed and toss the cone to the road. He broke down, and silently in tear. Jae Shin watched the scene from a far.

Jae Shin summoned Shi Kyeong later that night. She told him that she would receive the treatment again, but this time it was Shi Kyeong who said it’s okay not to do it if it’s too hard for her. “Are you giving up on me?” asked Jae Shin. “I like you.” Shi Kyeong really didn’t see it coming. Jae Shin asked him to speak. Shi Kyeong stuttered saying that it must be just because she had been through a tragic accident that like other patient their mentality became dependent to someone. Jae Shin said she thought she just wanted him to be on his side, talk to him, joke with him, but then she realized that she like him. “Liking the ordinary royal guards captain who is the most boring person in the world.” She said she wouldn’t be a coward and receive the treatment again in order “To be the woman that can match up with you.” Hoaa…it’s the Princess who wanted to be matched up with her royal guard? Shi Kyeong should be very honored.

The next day, Jae Shin attended the Jeju summit without prior notice to anyone, including Shi Kyeong. When Mr.Eun told his son about Jae Shin’s sudden turn in her schedule, he hurriedly rush to where his princess was. John Mayer expressed his objection to the Royal family on his speech in regards of the incident of his creepy woman was arrested by the royal guard and then told pessimistic things about the country.

Jae Shin finally made his appearance. She looked astonishing that night. She objected John’s words about her country. Then she stood up with the help support of walking sticks. She said just like the fact that she would be able to walk again with all hard works, Korean dreams to reunite and give peaceful lives to the next generations of Joseon that used to seem impossible would be brightly possible with the people’s hard works and the world’s support. Jae Shin turned to be a very brave woman.

The look at Shi Kyeong’s eyes were the combination of proud, admiration and maybe love blossoms. The Queen Mother who was watching the event from TV was teary and said to Mr.Eun proudly, “She’s my daughter.”

The WOC committee sat down all together to discuss the matter about US and Korea team. But on the field, both teams were very friendly towards each other after the tense combat. Hang ah gave all the meats to the US team, while the Korean got the sweets from US team. And they also came back to the mainland together with the same boat.

And the committee finally decided that Korea won over US and that place them on the 4th position in the final result of the competition. They might not be the winner of WOC, but considering this was the first time South-North Korea join team participating in such a military championship, it’s a big achievement.

However, the cheer couldn’t last long. As soon as Jae Ha and Hang Ah were heading back to Korea, John requested a meeting with Jae Ha. Even though Hang Ah worried about it, Jae Ha agreed with the meeting arrangement. The loony man was at lost with the winning of Korean team in WOC. Shamelessly, he told Jae Ha to discontinue their war and count it an even situation that Jae Ha lost his brother and John lost his hundred billion dollars. Jae Ha had no mercy for John that he would not stop until John got his punishment. It’s a war declaration for war for John. Jae Ha had pissed him off even more. Before leaving, John told Jae Ha to enjoy his engagement while he could.

The royal couple held their engagement event in front of limited public. The made it grand with an elaborated stage. Meanwhile Jae Shin didn’t attend the event because she started her physical therapy.  John didn’t plan anything to mess up the event. He’s just in his house, playing the tarot foreseeing the destiny of Lee Jae Ha and his people.

In the event, everyone was surprised by the video of King Jae Kang preparing the vows for the royal couple engagement. I understand that the concept of engagement and wedding ceremony is a bit different here in Korea. But still it’s interesting for me that the couple took their marriage-like commitment vows  in this engagement by the lead of King Jae Kang. The late king prepared three vows for the couple to take: that Jae Ha would cherish and take care of Hang Ah; for Hang Ah to be by Jae Ha’s side and be part of the royal family with all her rights and responsibility; and for both to maintain the peace between the two countries and tried their utmost effort to prevent any war between the two.

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