The King 2 Hearts Episode 17 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts finally give an episode for our second leading man character, Eun Shi Kyeong.  Correlated with the attempt to save the lost Hang Ah in China, this episode finally let  Eun Shi Kyeong found out his father greatest sin. And to complete his sorrowful day, he had to keep strong watching Jae Shin in a great pain, psychologically and physically.

The episode started with Jae Ha’s conversation with Shi Kyeong when he said he would just resign from his throne, and then Shi Kyeong tried to keep his King’s mind straight facing this issue. Then Jae Ha received a report that a call from Club M was coming, it was Kim Hang Ah on the other side of the line.

The call was of course under John’s threat and his men stayed alert surrounding Hang Ah. Facing each other again through the call, the couple made different expressions, sorrowful for Jae Ha and kept strong for Hang Ah. “Are you okay?” was Jae Ha’s first question for Hang Ah. “How’s mom?” We –and probably Jae Ha– would expect something more heroic words from Hang Ah, but weirdly, Hang Ah started crying like a scared weak woman. She said, “I want to live. I want to be happy. I want to live with you for a long time.” Then she talked about the memmories they shared together.  She asked if Jae Ha remember what she said to him in WOC? (that they would definitely fight and win and do the engagement). She also asked if he remembered the time when he talked to her about the plan of sending John a present. Jae Ha finally realized what Hang Ah was doing. She’s giving him a message. Jae Ha got the location, it was China, the country where John was when he sent him his USB present.

Knowing that Hang  Ah wasn’t doing what he told, John punched Hang Ah like a man, but she stood still taking it. Then John had his men attacking Hang Ah with a unarmed hands. But being outnumbered for a heroin like Hang Ah was no trouble at all. She tackled them all in just few strikes. She threatened John to kill herself with a sharp point of a glasses stick she pointed into her neck. Of course John didn’t want that to happen either because he would lose his bargaining price, so he sent her back to the room.

They seemed to beat her because her body seemed to be in pain. But hearing the Queen Mother said “Let’s get out of here. I’ll follow whatever you tell,” Hang Ah knew it’s no time to rest.

Jae Ha was trying a diplomatic way to China, as he knew Hang Ah and his mother was kept by John in that country. But South Korean relationship with China in political level is not that good and dealing with China was always complicated. So the royal guards came into the country as common visitors.

Hang Ah managed to attract a guard’s attention. She tackled him down, got his gun and then started to make way to get out of the building. Short distance combat and gun fires couldn’t be avoided. Hang Ah got shot, but she and Queen Mother managed to go into the utility room. They followed the pipelines down to the underground cave.

The South Korean guards and also the North representative slash Yeom’s buddy, Comrade Kwon, were ready to attack John’s place. But their main priority was to take away Hang Ah and Queen Mother safe and sound. When they heard the guards were talking about the two women were running away, the attack mission turned into search mission.

Hang Ah and Queen Mother arrived at the waterfall where the cave came to an exit (or entrance). But they had to swim accross the waterfall pond to make the escape. Hang Ah was worried about the Qeen Mother. But the old lady was so amazing that she bravely said that her eldest son had died, her youngest was paralyzed, and she had her only son fighting, so she had nothing to be afraid of. She swam across the big pond bravely and made it to the other side safely.

The fire guns broke here and there and the guards were actually close to Hang Ah and Queen Mother. But Hang Ah had to make a distraction to let the Queen Mother reached Yeom who’d been calling out for their names. Hang Ah only had a gun in her hand and her limited energy because of her wound. She managed to flee from her chasers, but tripped her steps and fell down the slope and her body was covered by the dried falling leaves.

The Queen Mother got back to the palace safely, but Hang Ah was still missing. Jae Ha assured his mother that his men were still trying to search for her. Jae Ha asked the Prime Minister to do diplomatic negotiation with the Chinese to help them finding Hang Ah no matter what.

But John was also calling the Chinese to search for Hang Ah. It turned out that Mr.Kim had already had a North personnel down there in China. That disguised soldier reported that the Chinese was looking for Hang Ah.

Jae Ha was consulting the strategy with Shi Kyeong about how to save Hang Ah. Shi Kyeong asked Jae Ha to call his father again to help him solve this case because Shi Kyeong thought his father knew Club M and John well as well as the ICC thing. But Jae Ha refused the idea.

Shi Kyeong wondered why and he knew Jae Ha was hiding something. It upset him that Jae Ha refused to tell him the truth behind his father’s sudden dismissal from the imperial work. With the super (card) royal seal from the King himself, Shi Kyeong was able to access the restricted royal documents room. He asked to see his father’s official notes of his true reason of resigning from the imperial works.  The ugly truth was finally revealed before his own eyes. His own father’s words told him the great sin his father had done.

Jae Ha was doing one of his imperial job, which was sealing some royal documents, when he suddenly got a call from Mr.Eun. He tried to advise Jae Ha about how to save Hang Ah and how to deal with John. But Jae Ha’s reception was very cold, until he saw the document in front of him telling that Shi Kyeong had accessed Mr.Eun’s restricted document. “Shi Kyeong finally found out, about your matter,” said Jae Ha to Mr.Eun.

Eun Shi Kyeong was crying and driving under the pouring rain. Mr. Eun was about to avoid his son from meeting him, but it was too late. Shi Kyeong appeared on at the front yard, soaked and his hand held his father’s official sin-confession note. “Was it really like that?” asked Shi Kyeong showing his father’s document. He’s already crying. “What (the heck) is this??” He demanded his father’s further explanation but Mr.Eun just said, “Take a better look, this is how your father really is.” Shi Kyeong was very disappointed to his father. His cries was a heart breaking one that sound like a little child who’s being broken heartedly upset to his father.

Jae Ha worried about Shi Kyeong because his phone couldn’t be reached. He sent some men to look for Shi Kyeong and Jae Shin heard it. Jae Ha told her he’s trying to find Shi Kyeong because he worried for that guy since he found out about his father’s issue. Jae Ha finally shared the sad story about Mr.Eun relation with John Mayer and their big brother’s death.

They finally found Shi Kyeong at the airport and it was Jae Ha himself who came down to stop him. “I’m going to Bong Goo,” said Shi Kyeong. He thought the only way to solve their problem now was for him to come down by himself to John. Jae Ha knew that Shi Kyeong was doing a pay back for the imperial for his father’s sin, by doing something like making himself as martyr? sort of? Anyway, Jae Ha assured him, “Your father is your father, and you are you.” Shi Kyeong insisted to leave, but it was too hard for Jae Ha to lose another trusted company to count on, especially with Hang Ah was still missing.

They’re both still arguing when Yeom came in and informed Jae Ha about the Princess’ situation. Apparently Jae Shin agreed to received a force treatment to bring back her memories. She would undergo the hypnotism method.

Jae Ha tried to talk to Jae Shin that she didn’t need to push it too hard, but Jae Shin’s mind was settled. She need to do something for her family in this kind of situation. “Eun Shi Kyeong is just outside if you need him to be on your side now,” said Jae Ha. I somehow was very touched by Jae Ha’s super care for his sister, but Jae Shin said she didn’t want Shi Kyeong to see this. So it was Jae Ha who stayed by her side along the process. Shi Kyeong was waiting outside the room nervously.

Jae Shin finally recalled the memory when the accident happened. She started with the time when she just came to the pension house. Then she could see the creepy lady again…and remembered the whole incident that she was being kidnapped by the bad guys.

The device that was connected to Jae Shin was beeping rapidly and everyone started to worry. The psychiatry tried to stop the process, but Jae Shin insisted on proceeding until the end. She remembered the detail of the incident, even the call from John. Apparently John actually told her exactly how he would kill her brother and Jae Shin started to be hysterical.

John, through his men, made Jae Shin’s own hand to grab the coal and pour them into the fireplace so the coal’s smoke would be the poisonous gas that would kill her brother and her sister in-law. She cried desperately and hysterically, but they made her did it. Jae Shin turned out of her mind. This scene was already really heart breaking for me, but the next thing took my breath away and my eyes went wet.

Jae Shin woke up from the hypnotism and started crying desperately hysterical. She was screaming, crying, and trying to hurt herself, “I killed big brother…I killed him, no way it can’t. I killed him. It’s me. I’m so sorry…”  She made everyone frustrated hearing her heartbreakingly hysterical cries, including Shi Kyeong. After Jae Ha left, he finally got inside, but they already sedated her. Shi Kyeong saw her bruises, the marks of how bad she was struggling to hurt herself while her hands were tied. He cried by her bedside and touched Jae Shin’s face with the back of his hand. He just cried and cried there by her side.

Knowing John had ruined his whole family, this means real war for Jae Ha. He never plan to forgive him. War is the way to  fight that loony man in order to the royal family to survive. Bringing John down is the only way to let them live in peace. Meanwhile somewhere in China, Hang Ah survived. She walked and walked with her bad condition, and tried to keep herself from being taken by the Chinese guards.

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