The King 2 Hearts Quick Episode 20 (Finale)

Here we finally are in the final episode of The King 2 Hearts. Surprisingly, I feel more relieve than sad this drama is ending. Why? This drama is too heavy and if they had some extension in the episodes, I think people would be exhausted. So wrapping up in the 20th episode is very wise. And choosing Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won as the leads were absolutely right in the first place. Had they chosen other actor&actress with “less” fame and acting quality, this drama would have fallen apart in the second week. But if you’re expecting this drama would give a happy ending for all characters, remember, this is not that kind of drama.

Mr.Kim insisted on Hang Ah going back to the North with him. He reasoned with his daughter and it put Hang Ah in a dilemma. Hang Ah of course still had a big trust on Jae Ha that he would find a way to solve this matter, but Mr.Kim reminded her that no matter what, Lee Jae Ha was still the South person.

Jae Ha called Hang Ah and it took Hang Ah some time to negotiate to let her pick up the phone. When they finally talked, Jae Ha begged Hang Ah to come back to South and just stayed with him. They both were already in tears, but Hang Ah’s answer didn’t make anything better. “I will go back to North.” Jae Ha prevented her from going because the possibility of they’re meeting each other again would be very small. They couldn’t even talk through phone because the North had cut off the communication with South. Hang Ah said they would live with their memories and one day, they would meet again. “I love you,” Hang Ah ended her speech shortly.

Both Hang Ah and Jae Ha cried after hanging up their phone call, but they’re tough people so no matter how hurt their heart then, they put it aside and be strong.

Tears would solve no problem (Oho, this is actually my motto). Hang Ah stepped forward the immigration line, while Jae Ha got back to his imperial business.

The US man who was speaking with Jae Ha in the previous episode made a phone call to John, informing him that the US will attack the North as soon as May 24. The loony man of course cheered for this news.

Since he was in a good mood, John made a phone call to Jae Ha. He informed Jae Ha about the official announcement of US military would make an action toward the North Korea. He even e-mailed Jae Ha the official release. John was boasting that Jae Ha would finally die soon, but Jae Ha said,”No, it’s you who’s gonna die,”

Knowing the US military plan, Jae Ha had to think hard about the right way of solving this issue. On one side, North Korea was their brother country and his love of live woman was a North person. Reunification of both Korea was also the last and utmost will of the late King Jae Kang. But, in the same time, South Korea was the alliance of US. They couldn’t turn back on American if they’re attacking the North.

The US army was already on the move towards Korea. And both the SOuth and North military were in the alert mode.

Hang Ah put on her military uniform again. She was summoned by the general. Hang Ah bravely argued her general about the idea of declaring an attack towards the South. She also questioned the general if the North actually was the one who started it all.Ahh, the dialogue was so crazily long, quick and in dialect…so hard to get the whole conversation.

Jae Ha was writing his official statement about the war and he recalled all his memories during the WOC.

Mr.Kim was thinking to take Hang Ah to go out of the country. Hang Ah refused to do that. His father said there would be no more hope for South and North because it’s gonna be a real war between the two countries.

Jae Ha found out something from the South General about real situation.

Some one knocked on Hang Ah’s door. It’s the delivery man handed her a package. She asked if it’s from someone in China, but the delivery man looked very tense and said nothing after giving Hang Ah the package. It turned out to be Jae Ha’s exclusive “For Hang Ah only” perfume. But the main thing Jae Ha sending wasn’t the perfumes. Beneath the package, Jae Ha shared his information about US military attack plan. was the official release of US attack on North.

Hang Ah was meeting her general again. They kept arguing each other. Hang Ah was firm in her trust on Jae Ha, while the general kept blaming everything to the South people especially Lee Jae Ha. He said the engagement had been meaningless. Hang Ah tore apart the agreement documents between the two Korea.

Apparently, the general agreed to open for a negotiation. Jae Ha came down to this one place where there’re a camera, an intercom and another seat for the North representative. It turned out that the North representative was none other than Hang Ah. Her introduction was cold, without a blink and like meeting a complete stranger. Knowing that Hang Ah was under the live supervisory of the general who was watching from the camera, Jae Ha held his emotion and played along.

Jae Ha made the general finally found out about the official order of US would attack the North Korea on May 24. This US attack plan was putting Jae Ha in a situation of opening the pandora box. If the North will die, the South will likely to be so too. Then he offered The North the only way to solve the problem: “I will get married with Hang Ah on that day.” The general thought Jae Ha was joking around, but Jae Ha was not and it’s actually a very brilliant idea.
“It’s not just gonna be our marriage, but also The South and North marriage.”

Jae Ha’s marriage idea was actually simple. The US didn’t know that both Korea had already known their plan. Meanwhile Jae Ha and Hang Ah were engaged anyway, so a wedding soon or later would be just as natural as it should be. If both Korea were celebrating the royal wedding together, the US wouldn’t dare to touch the North because hurting their own alliance, the South, would be very unlikely. Jae Ha needed the North cooperation for this, but the general hesitate.

Jae Ha pressed the emergency button, so both military burst into the room. Yeom led the South while Kwon led the North. Jae Ha said if the North general refused to cooperate, Jae Ha was ready to die. “Die now or later will be no different (with the war coming)” said Jae Ha. He even requested Kwon to personally killed him right in the center of his forehead.

The general time to think about Jae Ha’s offering was up. He still didn’t give his answer. So Jae Ha was ready to die. Kwon’s hand was shaking, and then suddenly Hang Ah got off her seat and took the gun. She pointed it to Jae Ha. “Do you think I cannot kill the person I love?” Hang Ah would kill herself after she killed Jae Ha. Hang Ah activated the gun and the trigger was ready to be pulled.

The tension was so high…but the general finally agreed with Jae Ha’s offering. Everyone was relieved.

John got frustrated about the idea of Jae Ha and Hang Ahh wa getteing married and that made US had to cancel the war. John protested the man who informed him, but that informant turned his back on John.

Jae Ha went to the north for his wedding. Hang Ah looked beautiful in her hanbok. The US finally sent their congratulatory message for Jae Ha and Hang Ah’s marriage and even said they would keep supporting South Korean commitment in bringing peace for both countries.

Jae Ha and Hang Ah got married on the country’s border line, the legendary yellow line. Hang Ah came from the North part while Jae Ha from the South. Jae Ha took Hang Ah’s hand and then stepped into the North part. They bowed to their guest. And then both of them moved to the South side and then did the bow again.

John was prosecuted in the court, finally. He’s sentenced to life in prison for his severe humanity threat because of the murder allegation.

Jae Ha visited John in the prison. He said thanks to John because of his constant threats finally both Korea could get reunited and he also got married with Hang Ah. Jae Ha confirmed his victory, while the loony still couldn’t accept the reality.

4 years later
The South and North relationship was more than good. They even had the join military. It’s nice to see Jae Ha was having a casual reunion with Yeom Dong Hwa, Lee Kang Seok and Kwon Yeong Bae…aaahhh is everyone missing Eun Shi Kyeong??

Jae Shin was sitting on the city’s old fortress like she did last time watching the shooting star with Shi Kyeong. This time she was only with the bird. But she imagined Shi Kyeong was there, sitting right next to her. Jae Shin told Shi Kyeong that she would live with her love and memories on Shi Kyeong. But Shi Kyeong said she had to move on (sort of).

If this scene made you think that Jae Shin finally could walk again…sorry, but she’s sitting on that fortress like the old time was also an imagination.The reality was Jae Shin was still on the wheel chair. She could only look at the memorable spot at the fortress from a distance. The “happy end” does not apply to all characters… bitter reality for poor Jae Shin.

Jae Ha and Hang Ah had a son, a handsome one. And Mr.Kim was so fond of his cute grandson like any other grandpa. The number one couple of both Korea opened a North-South bank and the King and Queen themselves who officially led the opening ceremony. During the ceremony, their son ran towards his daddy and Jae Ha lifted him up. He said their son was just like him….until that kid called Hang Ah loudly, “Eoma’ni” which was the North Korean dialect, because in South they pronounced “mother” as “Eomeoni”. Hang Ah spontaneously covered up her son’s mouth.

The Crown Prince dialect had become the news in the whole country. People were objected having their South crown prince speaking in North dialect. But the Queen Mother and especially Jae Ha and Hang Ah was totally fine with that. Ahh their kid was so cute…

And what about Club M after John’s got locked up? Jae Ha decided to embrace them instead of pushing them away. He and Hang Ah were ready to attend the event.

Happy End

After all the unpredictable plots these whole last 19 episodes, surprisingly, the ending is quite predictable. I mean, this is the most rational ending and voila! it’s what everyone has ever wanted. I didn’t hope this drama to have a bitter ending, so i’m quite happy with it. Jae Ha and Hang Ah deserve their “happily ever after” because otherwise many televisions in Korea would be broken tonight because the viewers might express their frustration to their TVs. I was expecting something more surprising or “phenomenal” but this one is quite okay. Unfortunately, the writers have to be unfair with Jae Shin. I think the reason is as simple as… no matter how complicated this drama is, it’s still a Korean drama. And like in many Korean dramas, if leading roles got their happy ending, the cries and heartbreak must go to the second lead roles.

To wrap this up, I’m quite proud of myself with my poor Korean I could still finish this summary project. Thanks to all of you who come by my summaries and those who always come back as well. I’ll see you soon in the next project ;)

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