The King 2 Hearts Episode 16 Quick Summary

If you expected The King 2 Hearts to be much lighter as this drama is closer to the finale, you would be disappointed. The story has been reaching its climax when The King has to make a difficult choice between his very loved ones or his throne. The King 2 Hearts is getting tense, and someone or something should kill that loony John Mayer/ Kim Bong Goo soon.

Mr.Eun made a call to Club M to confront them. John’s side made it very clear about their attack strategy this time: 1st scenario, they gave King Jae Ha an option to resign peacefully. The 2nd one would be bloodshed physical power. Mr.Eun finally decided that it was too much for him to handle and he couldn’t let his King, nor the nation either Shi Kyeong to be the victim of his bloody sin. He wrote down the chronological order of what happened that before and after King Jae Kang’s death.

He’s resigning from his job and made his last bow in the emperors hall. This was all happened on the day Hang Ah and Jae Ha were holding their engagement, right after that event.

Jae Ha was enjoying facial scrub treatment with Hang Ah when  he suddenly received a message from Club M. He asked Hang Ah to let him read the message by himself, but promised her to let her be the first to know when something strange came up.

Jae Ha received a pretty detail e-mail related to his brother’s death, including Mr.Eun’s big sin. John even sent him the audio record about Mr.Eun’s phone conversation with the western man. In the right time, Mr.Eun came in to Jae Ha’s office to submit his resignation. Jae Ha was still playing the record. Mr.Eun knew instantly that he’s busted. Jae Ha tried to resent all the facts, but Mr.Eun didn’t deny his sin. Jae Ha asked how could Mr.Eun betrayed his family when he’s already counted as a family. Jae Ha couldn’t help crying as he was so upset. Mr.Eun submit his resignation, and it got Jae Ha more frustrated and furious. Mr.Eun begged Jae Ha to spare his son.

Jae Ha couldn’t tell his family, the public, even shi Kyeong the truth.What all people knew was Jae Ha suddenly fired that old loyal imperial secretary. No one bought Jae Ha’s short explanation, but Shi Kyeong was the one who really insisted for the real reason. He didn’t buy Jae Ha’s firing his father not simply because he thought his father worth better, but because he sensed something else. But Jae Ha never told him, and nor his father. Mr.Eun packed his few stuffs and just left without any other notice.

Hang Ah definitely knew something so bad came up. Jae Ha found all that happened was very very overwhelming. He was about to bury himself in his works, but Hang Ah insisted him to take just a moment to lay down on her lap. Resting his head on Hang Ah’s lap and having Hang Ah’s hands holding him, Jae Ha cried his heart out. He said he was tired. “I can’t believe people.”

Mr.Eun isolated himself somewhere. Hang ah and Queen Mother did their duty trip abroad to do a kind of humanity activity in Africa.

Jae shin started her psychological therapy with an expert. She also pushed herself to listen to the classical music that always triggered her trauma and she still couldn’t stand listening to it.

She summoned Shi Kyeong to have a talk. She asked about his father and how’s everything and told him that she’d been trying her best to recall her memories. Shi Kyeong was talking about Jae Shin’s song, but the Princess had a trouble remembering her own song. Shi Kyeong led her by telling her the keyboard key and humming the a verse of the song. It ended up Shi Kyeong was singing and Jae Shin was playing the piano.

Jae Shin then brought Shi Kyeong to the karaoke room where she  always came singing with his late brother. She asked him to sing and she would record it. Shi Kyeong refused coldly and was leaving. Jae Shin felt Shi Kyeong resent her after she confessed her feelings. “Do you dislike me that much?” Shi Kyeong explained to her in his “it’s me who has problem” way. Then Jae Shin asked “Is it because of my wheelchair?” Shi Kyeong hurriedly said absolutely not. Then she asked him to explain how he memorize her song. Shi Kyeong never answered this one.

The creepy woman appeared again in the hotel Hang Ah and Queen Mother were staying during their visit in the African country. The two ladies were seeing the kids pictures and discuss about how hard those kids’ lives might have been. Their condition made Hang Ah brought up the story about her late mother. Hang Ah told her that she lost her mother when she was so young because of a disease. The Queen Mother felt sorry for her and asked her to start calling her “mother”, and she did, without the accent.

The Queen mother had the creepy woman knocked on her door and she couldn’t make call to Hang Ah because that woman was already inside. One of the survivor guards pushed the fire button and people started to notice the urgent situation. Hang Ah was rushing to Queen Mother’s room but she was also welcomed by many pointing guns.

Jae Ha got the message immediately. They found the two African men who were kidnapping Hang Ah and the Queen Mother, but all were dead bodies. Shi Kyeong reported that the court lady saw the strange woman with barcode on neck. It’s definitely John’s creepy woman and Shi Kyeong confirmed it with his own memory. Jae Ha couldn’t reach John’s phone and John was just enjoying the show.

John finally appeared in front of Hang Ah and Queen Mother. Hang Ah was trying to act like any fighter who’s trying the diplomatic trick. But John’s creepy woman dragged her away, leaving the Queen Mother alone with the loony guy.

John was talking about his sad life about his late father and losing his mother when he was young. And then he asked the Queen Mother to help him make Jae Ha resign from his throne. The old lady lost her patience. She burst out her emotion, telling him how could she even did such a thing after what John had done to her first son and daughter. She stood and started punching John hysterically, saying he could just kill her.

Shi Kyeong’s job in this episode was more than just the first level royal guard. Without people really realize it (even himself) he seemed to be the royal secretary, trying his best to advise Jae Ha to stay in his right mind and while kept trying to contact his father several times. Jae Ha also finally called Mr.Eun and it was only from Jae Ha he picked up the call. Jae Ha didn’t say anything, even a hello, but Mr.Eun knew the situation and knew what he must do. That old man advised him how to push John out.

As it was advised by Mr.Eun, Jae Ha finally asked for diplomatic help from US and China. And finally he could meet John in person in China.

John pretended as if he never knew anything about what happened to Queen Mother and Hang Ah. But then he got down to the business by saying if he could help Jae Ha bringing back both women he loved what he could offer in return. The request was simple: Jae Ha to step down his throne.

All day Jae Ha kept his burden himself. He was imagining Hang Ah was right in front of him, but her words were weirds. She’s talking about Jae Ha needed to keep eating well, do exercise well, and so on…and then she disappered along with the Queen Mother. Jae Ha finally let out his feelings to Shi kyeong that he couldn’t bear losing both Queen Mother and Hang Ah that he’d better let go of everything. But once again, Shi Kyeong was there to help him keep his right mind.

Hang Ah was tortured by watching the Queen Mother was being played by the creepy woman. It’s the way John threatened her to persuade Jae Ha to resign. At first she refused, but watching the old lady’s life in dangerous, Hang Ah couldn’t handle it. She finally said she would do it, persuading Jae Ha to step down the throne. But her facial expression told us that Hang Ah might have a plan.

I felt like I’ve just came home after losing a war by not being able to post last episode’s quick summary. My condition compromised my writing, but for today, i’ve saved my energy for this summary. I will survive, as Hang Ah, Queen Mother and Jae Ha will too.

Personal message, please stay healthy. :)

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  1. Thank you sooo much for this quick recap!
    Please do rest well and get well soon!

    This episode is nerve-wrecking to say the least!
    I HATE Bonggu!#$@%$#^$#
    He is despicable!!!

    JaeHa FIGHTING!!!

  2. Yeah, pls stay healthy so that next week you’ll be able do summarize the series as quick as before.. Thank you for the hardwork!! ٩(●̮̮̃•)۶

  3. NewKDramaAddict

    What a turn of events compared to episode 15!! Dang it! I knew something would happen but this was totally unexpected! Thanks, Rizz for the summary. I always enjoy reading them!

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      • NewKDramaAddict

        Yeah, I am all over the place! Can’t wait to comment on Equator Man. No one has put up the recaps yet for ep 15 and 16 so I can rail against a certain character!

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