The King 2 Hearts Episode 18 Quick Summary

Somewhere in China, Hang Ah arrived at a house and asked for a help from the house’s owner. The husband left the room and the wife told Hang Ah to flee because she knew her husband wasn’t going to help her. And yes it was too late for Hang Ah to go. The Chinese officers were coming to get her.

Hang ah was interrogated by the Chinese police (he spoke Korean) and then they put her in prison. Apparently those Chinese were John’s contacts.

They’re keeping Hang Ah behind bar and she knew she’d be there for more than a day. To kill time, Hang Ah just did some body exercise.

She might try to be strong, but in the end she was still a woman. She was imagining Jae Ha was by her side, holding her tight in that lonely and cold jail. Hang Ah could only cried alone.

Meanwhile Jae Ha was also restless in Korea. He still looked for diplomatic approach to sue John and rescue Hang Ah.

On the other part of South Korea, Shi Kyeong looked for his father and they spent time fishing together. He was already able to speak casually again and smiled again to his father. Shi Kyeong said “You are you, while I am me.” Mr.Eun noticed something strange in his son’s words, but their conversation was distracted by the moving fish bait.

Jae Ha was still having meeting Korean highers when Yeom came in and informed him that Shi Kyeong was going to China and even submitted his ressignation letter. But Jae Ha didn’t let him. Shi Kyeong was upset by his King’s decision that he hurriedly came to the imperial office and asked to meet Jae Ha. But he was forbade to go inside.
“Why are you doing this to me?” asked Shi Kyeong angrily from outside the door. He was like going to be a martyr to china in order to pay back his father’s mistake. Shi Kyeong asked if the reason Jae Ha was preventing him to do what his planning to do was because he worried about him and thought of him as a friend. “But I never think of you as a friend.” For Shi Kyeong, Jae Ha was always be his King.

Shi Kyeong was so desperate. Then he surprisingly shouted out “Lee Jae Ha! Here I’m calling you as a friend.” Hearing his name was casually called by his soldier, Jae Ha came out of his room, “What? Lee Jae Ha??” Shi Kyeong was asking Jae Ha to let him do the right thing as a friend, if not as the King. He asked Jae Ha to let him go to China and he promised to be back. Jae Ha finally agreed, but they needed to do it with strategy.
They ended up studying many documents to prepare Shi Kyeong’s leaving to China.

Then Jae Ha asked him to meet Jae Shin before he left for China. Shi Kyeong was kind of asking a possibility if he could express his feelings not as a guard to his Princess, but as a human to human. “What human to human?” said Jae Ha, “It got to be a man towards a woman.” Shi kyeong kept asking him, and Jae Ha’s answer was by action. He made a call telling the court ladies to be dismissed from around Jae Shin because Eun Shi Kyeong needed to talk to the Princess in private.

Jae Shin was brought and then left in the garden. She was panic when Shi Kyeong came approaching her because she knew Shi Kyeong heard everything after the hypnotism. She still felt terrible for being the cause of her own brother death. Shi Kyeong touched her hand, trying to sooth the crying Jae Shin. He also told her about his father’s issue. Jae Shin was crying desperately again.

Shi Kyeong piggyback Jae Shin walking accross the garden. They’re making promises to do many things in the future. Shi Kyeong finally put her back to her wheel chair and said that she should start singing again. Shi Kyeong was still kneeling after helping Jae Shin had a proper sit when Jae Shin suddenly gave him a quick kiss on his cheek.

To anyone surprise, Shi Kyeong just spontaneously kissed Jae Shin passionately. It took him few seconds to realize the moment and hurriedly pulled himself back and said “I am very sorry. I’m very sorry.” Jae Shin just blushing and said, “What do you mean?” Shi Kyeong just nervously strolled the Princess leaving the garden.

Jae Ha finally came down to meet Mr.Eun, telling him that he’s sending Shi Kyeong away which made himself seemed like a bad guy. He asked Mr.Eun to come back again to his post in the imperial work. But Mr.Eun asked the King to let him ask for forgiveness from the Queen Mother before he started his work again. It’s still hard for the old lady to even see Mr.Eun’s face now, but she could take it by the time.

Jae Ha was talking to his brother’s painting, which was the diary video recorder that would automatically be on if Jae Ha said a particular word as a kind of password. Seeing the recording device, Jae Ha suddenly realized something. Then suddenly The King was holding a press conference. He’s announcing to the public about the case of King Jae Kang’s death. Jae Ha clearly said it was a murder and he showed them the record video of the moment when Jae Ha was meeting John. It was the moment when John clearly admit his own crime killing the late King Jae Kang.In the same time, Mr.Eun was handing a nation’s petition to an international organization.

John’s man was planning to kill John to take over Club M. He noticed John had become uncontrolable and in disadvantage situation after Je Ha’s announcement. John heard the conversation and he didn’t have to hesitate killing that man.

Shi Kyeong was trying to break into John’s house and then got caught by the creepy woman. Shi Kyeong’s plan did work. He was kept a hostage and was tortured.

Hang Ah was treated by a doctor when she made a sudden attack and made the doctor as a hostage. She managed to made a call Jae Ha to inform him where she’s about.

Jae Ha together with his military and some of the North’s soldier came down to that spesific prison Hang Ah informed him. But Hang Ah was no here to be found when the South- Noth military were trying to save her. Hang Ah was kept in silence by a pointing gun at her. Hang Ah managed to screamed out Jae Ha’s name and Jae Ha heard it. He was running into the building where Hang Ah’s sound came from. But the Chinese officers were moving Hang Ah. Jae Ha saw Hang Ah on the move. HAng Ah fought the guys and tried to escape, but one guard shot her.

Jae Ha witnessed the incident, Hang Ah fell down and her blood was dripping into the floor. Thankfully they only got her feet. Jae Ha just cried and held her tight. China was of course cornered because of this incident.

Club M decided to use Shi Kyeong. John was offering Shi Kyeong a position. What John knew was that Shi Kyeong came to him for a revange after finding out about his father and Jae Ha was dismissing him too. John was taking the bait, but Shi Kyeong still played hard to lure.

Hang Ah woke up and instantly asked for Jae Ha to his father. When Jae Ha came, she just started talking about they should get John right away. She looked very traumatic all that happened to her. Hang Ah cried on Jae Ha’s arms.

The Chinese man who’s working with John was cornered by Jae Ha and Hang Ah’s father. John was asked to leave the country. So John thought there’s no other way but to persuade Shi Kyeong to join him.

Jae Ha was sharing the information about Shi Kyeong’s plan to Hang Ah.

Shi Kyeong was tortured  but finally he agreed to lure Jae Ha for the appointment that was set by John. Jae Ha was sending Hang Ah to Korea, despite Hang Ah’s worry. “The person i’m meeting is none other than Eun Shi Kyeong,” said Jae Ha. Then he promised Hang Ah that everything would be okay.

Jae Ha came to the meeting point, but the place was surrounded by many snipers and Shi Kyeong had actually been wired, so he had no chance but to follow the game. He asked Jae Ha to drive with him, Jae Ha agreed. Jae Ha was brought to John, who was waiting for him by the cliff.

What a strange place to have a meeting. Hang Ah suddenly decided to go back.
Shi Kyeong was pointing a gun to Jae Ha.

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  3. another awesome episode, gazillion thanks for writing this super quick recap.. feels like a birthday present for me;cD

  4. arghhhhhh this drama is just going all out now!
    next week! final week! why!!!???!!!
    oh please don’t let anyone die! specially Shi-kyung!!! *wails*

  5. NewKDramaAddict

    If Shi Kyeong dies, there will be a revolt of epic proportions! Every scene with Shi Kyeong and especially with Jae Shin were phenomenal! Finally a kiss! How next will be is anyone’s guess but what was the password between Shi Kyeong and Jae Ha? remember, it was written on the paper or was it? I don’t think it was revealed. Why do I feel that there is a WOC member lurking somewhere nearby? Otherwise, I cannot imagine how this will end! Dang, last week!

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