The King 2 Hearts Episode 4 Quick Summary

The King 2 Hearts episode 4 starts with Jae Ha showing Shi Kyeong how Kang Seok went crazy just because watching SNSD’s MV. He even showed him Kang Seok’s notes about SNSD he hid under his keyboard and Jae Ha just made fun of it. But the wise Shi Kyeong just put it back and told his Prince that they should respect Kang Seok’s privacy.

Then for his birthday, Kang Seok got some presents. A man’s vitamin and other things, but there’s one big present that attracted him and Kwon. It’s a notebook, pink cover, and even already loaded by some SNSD’s MVs in it. They knew the present was from the South Prince because it came from Shi Kyeong. However, the writings by Jae Ha that came along with SNSD MV was taken as insult by Kang Seok. It said that from then on, Kang Seok didn’t have to watch SNSD MV on TV, he could do it more private with the notebook. It made Kang Seok furious, instead of joyful. He smashed the notebook to the floor right away.

In the class, Jae Ha continued talking to Kang Seok about how he liked SNSD and sort of. But the already felt insulted Kang Seok became angrier that he thought Jae Ha was out of line making fun of him. He grabbed Jae Ha by the neck and cornered him to the wall. This action was captured in the cctv and that the securities went alert instantly watching this. Kang Seok was so furious that he even said that he’s gonna kill Jae Ha right away. Hang Ah couldn’t do anything. The Chief of South and his men came and pointing gun at Kang Seok right away. But the North Chief and his men also came to defend his men. The two military pointing gun  towards each other, while Kang Seok’s anger still boiling. The situation got soooo tense….until suddenly SNSD’s song “The Boys” sound came out of nowhere. Apparently it’s Jae Ha’s mobile ringing. The ringtone was SNSD’s “The Boys”. The clueless Jae Ha said, “I..I’m also SNSD’s fan. Can I answer it?” It’s a call from Shi Kyeong telling him that Kang Seok was angry because of that SNSD thingy. But Jae Ha said it’s okay for someone to be a fan of an artist. He thought he’s just making Kang Seok a favor. He even said, “Even Hang Ah likes Jang Dong Gun. Isn’t your favorite actor Jang Dong Gun?” Hang Ah answered, “It’s Brad Pitt.” Then Kang Seok’s anger finally subsided. However, in the end, Jae Ha finally made a sincere apology to Kang Seok. So all the tense was because of SNSD?? What a joke.

The King worried about the life of his younger brother in the WOC. Even though the WOC committee had pledged that they’ll take care of the safety of the officers from the 16 participation countries, the King worried about the 8 hours of dangerous activity his brother and the team have to endure.

In the indoor swimming pool, Hang Ah confronted Jae Ha that he made a joke to Kang Seok about the presents. She paid it back by locking Jae Ha in there. In the same time, some armed North officers came and an alarm in the camp wailed. Eun Shi Kyeong got the alert to rescue Jae Ha, but it’s too late. He and Yeom was pointed by guns already. Jae Ha hid under the water and saved from some gun shots, but a soldier saw him and pointed a gun towards him. Jae Ha got out of the water.

The three South team were gathered in a room, not knowing what’s going on. But the news on TV told them that apparently the situation in the North turned alarmed. The situation was getting tense between the North and the South.
Kim Hang Ah and her team offered cover them to the safe place. All Jae Ha and team needed to do was just to believe in them. But the three North team were fully armed. However, strangely both the chiefs from South and North just sat silently in the cctv control room.

Not believing Hang Ah, Jae Ha refused to go. Then the North team were pointing guns towards the three South team. In the cctv control room everyone was suddenly alert, The King of South Korea suddenly showed up.

Before this happened, Hang Ah was meeting her chief and he said they have only 20 minutes to bring the South out of there. But Jae Ha insisted on staying. He decided to just sit there for not believing his life to the three armed North team. But Hang Ah got more tense and very serious that she even activated the gun and then pointed it towards him again. Jae Ha still looked relax asking Shi Kyeong, “What did we eat just earlier?” And then said he needed to go to the bathroom. Even though he tried to look relax, Jae Ha was actually so afraid that he was trembling when washing his hands. He asked Shi Kyeong, “What should we do?”
Thinking Jae Ha and Shi Kyeong had been in the toilet too long, Hang Ah and Shi Kyeong burst in and both Shi Kyeong and Jae Ha fought them back. While Shi Kyeong managed to turn the situation, Hang Ah still under control on the gun and pointed it to Jae Ha. Jae Ha argued Hang Ah that he wouldn’t leave just like that and let the North made him as something like a precious hostage to get what they want. So he thought Hang Ah had only two options: spare him or kill him.

Hang Ah handed him the gun. Jae Ha finally believe that Hang Ah wanted to help the South team out of the country safely. They finally walked out together, the mood was back to casual. Jae Ha boasted how he actually got a well-built body inside, Hang Ah just made fun of it. They even talked about Jang Dong Gun and Brad Pitt. Hang Ah talked about something like wanted to go with Jang Dong Gun, but Jae Ha said, “I told you he’s married. He even has a kid now.” Then Hang Ah changed the actor to Brad Pitt. Jae Ha told her about Angelina Jolie. These two persons really have a serious character disorder  :rolleyes: After such a tense situation they could have such a conversation?? :D

But as soon as Jae Ha opened the door, a glaring flash light shooting towards them startled him. Jae Ha instantly thought there’s something wrong. Saying angrily with disappointing expression of his eyes to Hang Ah: “You…really until the end (set me up)!” Then he pulled the trigger and shot Hang Ah. After that Jae Ha was facing the soldiers and pointing the gun to his own head. Seeing this Shi Kyeong instinctively screamed “Nooo!!” then covered him by pointing the gun to the North soldiers. But suddenly to everyone surprise, especially Jae Ha, the King showed up and asked, “Did you just shoot her?”

The King made an official speech in front of the soldiers about this whole scene as his initiative as the final test for the North-South join training. But the unexpected thing happened when his brother fire the gun to his North teammate. In the end of his speech, the King even bowed and apologized to both soldier for his brother’s mistake. Jae Ha was furious to his brother saying that he was under such situation and couldn’t really think clear. The King thought ins such a siatuation, Jae Ha would do something more noble as an example for both countries, rather than acting like a beast..shooting his North teammate (would harm the reunification effort) and them pointed the gun to himself. The King said Jae Ha should’ve done much better than that because he’s the royal family. Then the King decided to disbanded the join military that very moment, but Jae Ha said he would take responsibility. He would do the real final test of 8 hours marching 60km.

Hang Ah, in the clinic, felt sad remembering how Jae Ha coldly shot her right in the stomach. But hearing Jae Ha took the responsibility in order to avoid the King from disbanding the team in such an ugly way and to let them finish the competition in the real way, she decided to accompany him. They ran together through the woods after telling him how dangerous the surrounding village and the villagers. But this time, Jae Ha had six other soldiers to guard him. While running in the woods, Jae Ha boasted about his royalty status and how he’s gonna have someone help him as soon as he felt tired. He wasn’t as responsible as he tried to convince his brother. He thought the South wouldn’t let the Prince got suffered, so he in the end he wouldn’t really have to run all along 60km but still got the praise. And a jeep came in the right time. But instead of helping him, the soldier said he should do this officially all along without any help. The soldier just gave him a communication device and dismissed the guards. Jae Ha had to finish 60 km without any help, but Hang Ah tagged along him.

And then when Jae Ha was getting exhausted, another jeep came. It’s Eun Shi Kyeong and the other soldiers. Jae Ha acted as a spoiled Prince again by trying to pu on the blame on Shi Kyeong. The other teammates came to run with him, but Shi Kyeong  thought they would just be a burden for Jae Ha, so he and the other would stay behind him by the car while Jae Ha could run alone. After a few more run, Jae Ha’s wounded leg troubled him. Kim Hang Ah noticed it and avoided him from running more. She ripped his pants in the wounded part and acupunctured it with her needles. Jae Ha felt better and they could proceed the run. It was snowing and Jae Ha was no more running because of his leg, instead he walked slowly. But he didn’t give up a bit.

Because of this, everyone was awake in the camp, worrying and monitoring the Prince. Both Chiefs kept watching at the watch and radar, and even the King didn’t rest a bit. Eun Shi Kyeong looked in pain watching his Prince in pain. During his walk, Jae Ha contemplated the whole things: Hang Ah’s words about him as having no fighting spirit, about his brother apologizing for him and the royalty sake thingy… From the jeep Shi Kyeong blew the horn several times to give Jae Ha a signal that he could get into the car, but Jae Ha got angry and yelled at them to stop honking.

The sun was already up in the sky. Jae Ha stopped by the water and his condition was so bad that he could barely walk. He tripped his step and fell to the river/lake bank. Hang Ah worried about him, but what Jae Ha was so upset about that he cried was not about the pain in his body. It’s the pain in his heart that people thought he’s undependable and weak. They sat together by the river and Hang Ah gave him a handkerchief, even though Jae Ha was no more crying. It’s just a kind of symbol that she cared. Jae Ha said that the moment he shot her, he also felt the pain in his heart. Hang Ah lied down and told Jae Ha to do the same thing. Just to enjoy the weather and breathe the fresh air, feeling the life for awhile. They both eventually fell asleep, but it didn’t take long. Jae Ha wanted to proceed and reach the finish line.

When Jae Ha finally reach the finish line, everyone was cheering up for his success.

I think I understand why the rating of this drama is dropping. Even though they present the tenses and the bleak jokes in an amusingly creative way, the story get a bit boring with this whole WOC things and training camp. I mean, in comparison with the hilarious 4 Jeoson men in colorful tracking suits who’re stranded in present time, the SBS “Rooftop Prince,” this drama story plot is unfortunately less interesting and a bit too slow in here. Although maybe they wanted to build a strong foundation of the story about how Jae Ha and Hang Ah’s feelings will develop and the introduction of the bigger issue of North-South reunification, I think they should have made at least 3,5 episodes.  However, the preview told us that they’re finally wrapping up the join military camp and Jae Ha could go back to his luxurious royalty life in South Korea…and he’s gonna marry Kim Hang Ah!

I’ve finally made some updates, thanks everyone :)

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  1. :OMG u so fast..!!! thanks for ur hardwork..!!! i hope im the first here.. :DDD better i start to read now..

  2. Thanks for such a fast recap. I love the intensity, suspense and conflict in this drama. Had my heart beating fast at he confrontation scenes. It ended too fast and left me wanting for more.

  3. Actually I do not feel that this drama is boring at all, infact things are proceeding rapidly!
    In just four episodes, tons of info were presented!
    Things are happening at such a fast pace that especially in the 4th episode, I just couldn’t take my eyes off it for a second, and as the clock ticks away, I was praying for time to go slower, wanting more…

    Love the storyline of TK2H and the superb acting of all the casts!

  4. uhm… I think you had some details wrong…

    • hi Jia Min and Jane…yeah I noticed that I would make some details wrong, but i will correct them as soon as possible, that’s why I call it quick summary so it’s gonna need to be updated. although i live in korea, my korean is not that good yet…but i try my best to improve it everyday ;) anyway, thanks so much and keep coming back here :)


  5. Hi,
    Good work! ^ ^ But you got some details wrong.. Please correct them ^ ^ And reading this , i went to I think you made some mistakes in translating many scenes, especially the last 30 minutes.. Anyways, Good work ^ ^

  6. i agree with you, i found rooftop prince more interesting now. It is so funny and you can’t expect what is going to happen next…
    i feel guilty to HJW and LSG since i’m a big fan of them, and i was eagerly waiting for king 2 hearts, months before it aired. However, i hope it will be more interesting after they finish the military training…
    can you translate, what were they saying on the preview of ep 5?

  7. i don’t think the king 2 hearts boring at all. When i watch it i can’t get my eyes out of the screen in any seconds. Since i haven’t watch the rooftop prince yet, i just read the summary, i have the feeling that it just like any korean comedy romance drama, it’s interesting cuz it make you laugh, release some stress but does it give you any thought when it end?

  8. i’m so in love with tk2h

    great plot and story line, great actors and actresses!

    i love the concept of the north and south Koreans falling in love with each other ;)

    yeah~ he’s a real big jerk at first xD

    but he improved a lot

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