“The King 2Hearts” Released Second Teaser

On March 7th, MBC revealed the second video teaser for “The King 2Hearts”. More tense, action, comedy, and even tears show up in here.  Le Jae Ha just typical spoiled prince and i think it’s not the new thing for Lee Seung Gi, since he played really good on “Brilliant Legacy” (2009). and Ha Ji Won on military uniform is getting bold.

But there’s a bad news, due to labour union strike in Korea that has been happening these days  brings some effect for schedule of a couple dramas, including “The Moon that Embrace The Sun” that has to delay the last episode because the director also involved on that strike.  And it means “The King 2Hearts” has to re-schedule until March 21st.

There are people (the labour) who are struggling for their rights so this time I should not complain for this delay, keep fighting for everyone!!! So, just for a while, let’s enjoy this brief video.. ;)

second trailer:

[video source]

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