The Ladies from “Scent of Woman”

This time, Kim Sun Ah get Seo Hyo Rim as her rival for her new drama “Scent of Woman”. These women will be fighting to get Lee Dong Wook. Seo Hyo Rim plays as Lee Dong Wook’s fiancee, while Kim Sun Ah plays as woman he loved.

As a rival, of course their relationship is not good, a lot of clash and conflict between them. Even for the first time they meet, Kim Sun Ah and  Seo Hyo Rim already start their fight. They slap each other due to misunderstanding. They fight like girls, slapped, grabbed, tense… :D

Actually this scene is not easy for these ladies, especially for Kim Sun Ah who has to slap Seo Hyo Rim’s cheek on first turn, she feel uncomfortable to slap , but Seo Hyo Rim convinced her that she was fine with that slap. finally, the senior-junior managed to make this “fighting” scene, after make some mistakes (NG), with red cheeks. ;)

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