The Tears on Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 48

This is a heartbreaking episode for Hwang Tae Hee. He finally heard the truth from his on Police Chief. He tried to confirmed it to retired Officer Bong, and he got the same answer. He was upset and flustered, that he kept ignoring Ja Eun’s calls and text. Even when Ja Eun came by his office, he couldn’t face her. He just picked up her phone and asked softly, “Did anything happen to you?” Ja Eun said,”No,I’m just missing you because you didn’t come home last night. Are you on the stake out?” Tae Hee lied, “Yes.” Then Ja Eun nagged him that no matter how busy he was he should eat. Tae Hee just said okay.

And then the father asked Tae Hee for a meeting. He decided to tell Tae Hee the truth, but then Tae Hee said he already knew. Bong confirmed it to him. However, it’s all still unsure. There’s no solid evidence yet that Baek In Ho was the real bad man. The father insisted it was the truth and therefore Tae Hee and Ja Eun had to break up.

Tae Hee went down on his knees, begged his father to forgive Ja Eun that it wasn’t her fault.
Mr. Hwang kept saying no. He said that he understood about their feelings, but he still cannot forgive and forget what happened to his little brother.
“Father, I cannot live without her.”
Mr. Hwang, “There’s no such a thing you cannot live without her.”
“Father, I never asked you anything, but this one for once. If you don’t like us to get married, we won’t. But let me still date her. That would be enough. Not seeing her, how can I continue to live?”
His father kept saying no.

“To be frank that person don’t have any meaning to me besides the fact that he was my biological father. I never saw his face, don’t even remember him…” What he really meant was in comparison with Ja Eun, which was more real and has a real place in his heart and mind, his father was almost nothing but a name. His father slapped him on the head, “You punk! He’s your father. Sober up! sober up!” Tae Hee’s face was wet for the stream of tears.

And a surprise happened reaching the end of the episode.

After an afternoon cry thinking about Ja Eun and her fate with Tae Hee, Mrs. Hwang decided to suddenly showed up on Ja Eun’s office bringing her lunch. She said she was sorry for what she had done. Ja Eun said she understood and she had to respect Uncle Hwang, too.
And then after saying goodbye to Mrs. Hwang and was visited by Kim Je Ha at her office, Ja Eun picked up a phone call.
“Ja Eun-ah.” It’s a familiar male’s voice. Ja Eun was surprise: “D-daddy?”
And Baek In Ho was really calling from the airport.

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