Uee and Joo Woon Finally Got Married in “Ojakgyo Brothers”

Being the fan of drama “Ojakgyo Brothers” I could be happier when my favorite couple, Baek Ja Eun (Uee) and Hwang Tae Hee (Joo Won) finally got married. Their first encounter was full of misunderstanding and Tae Hee used to be a disclose personality. But things had changed, especially in Tae Hee’s character, ever since he embraced love towards Ja Eun. I think Edward Cullen’s centuries of waiting Bella seemed to be insignificant in terms of character’s development in comparison with Hwang Tae Hee. And after those exhausting weeks of Tae Hee-Ja Eun’s separation due to their family matter, this lovely day finally arrived. The two finally took vow as husband and wife. A very handsome groom and gorgeous bride. Uee looked stunning in that sexy wedding dress.

“Ojakgyo Brothers” have come to episode 57, one more episode to go. I will miss this family drama so much. And very looking forward to see Joo Won’s next project “Bridal Mask”.


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