Won Bin on 48th Daejong Film Award

On October 17 was held 48th Daejong Film Award (or also known as Grand Bell Awards) on Sejong Arts Center, Seoul. before announcing the winner, of course there’s a red carpet ceremony. Many actors came to that event, but i just want focus on my ajoessi, Won Bin, he looked so stunning that evening…but i really hate his haircut make his charm little bit fade because his head looks heavy and look a like a mushroom…oops..sorry, but we have to be frank to each other, ajeossi.. ;), i prefer your style on 47th Daejong Film Awards.

Not too different from last year, when he got two awards as best actor and popularity actor award. This year he also gets the popularity award , this award is from netizens polling to pick the most popular actor or actress of this year.

Eventhough Won Bin felt that he didn’t deserve to get the award since he didn’t act on any movie this year, but he still say thank to his fans who have chosen him. Maybe his charm on his latest movie “The Man from No Where” from last year still looming on his fans’s heart.

He was so humble and charming that night, he even looks shy when MC praising his pretty eyes. He wear tuxedu plus the bow tie, just looking at his face and his milky skin can make me smile for a week, oh God..he’s too gorgeous to be real (note: absolutely without that hair) :mrgreen:

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