You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Episode 1 Summary

You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) have finally started airing last week. I was so excited. I was curious about Yong Hwa and Min Hyuk’s acting, and thankfully found them undisappointing. While Park Shin Hye…she’s always been my one of my favourite young actresses along with after Moon Geun Yeong. Her plus point is always her lovely voice when singing…

Kyu Won went to Jeju Island to accompany her grandfather, Lee Dong Jin who was a cultural elder, attended a confrence. She went around the island where she actually saw this young man on the light house. This young man was actually the person who helped her carrying her suitcase to the bus. But she never got to see his face on the light house. She’s summoned back to the hotel by her grandfather. And when she rushed back, the young man saw her leaving. He took a picture of her back.

First day back at school Kyu Won made a gayageum presentation in front of the class while someone on the rearest row seat was sleeping. And when she’s done, the teacher asked that sleepy student to wake up and gave his critique for Kyu Wo’s gayageum playn. The student name was Lee Shin, Music Major. He said the gayageum play was good enough to put him to sleep.

Meanwhile the school was preparing for the School’s 100th anniversary. They needed to hold a big event. They’re having a new teacher: Kim Suk Hyun. He was a famous director used to work for Broadway.

Kyu Won’s friends was very excited about a small concert at a place named Catharsis where The Stupid was going to perform. Kyu Won had no idea who they were, but her friend said they’re more famous than any idol group at school. Kyu Won’s going to hold a Daily Tea House event. It’s a charity  event to help financial need for her sick music Professor. Her friend thought if The Stupid performed in their Daily Tea House event, they wouldn’t find a hard time selling tickets because it’s gonna be huge.

This is Bo Woon.

Kyu Won decided to go to Catharsis to watch and meet the band. The place was already so crowded when she got a phonecall from her grandfather, complaining about his hanbok Kyu Won hadn’t ironed. Just in the same moment, Shin was coldly rejecting a love confession from a girl. He said he didn’t like her because she’s ugly. The girl slapped him before she left. Kyu Won witnessed it all.

Shin: “What? Are you gonna confess too?”

Kyu Won: “No I just…”

Shin: “If not, okay then.” Then he left.

Kyu Won had no idea how good The Stupid was until they performed. She had to admit, the jerk she met had some talent in music. And the music they performed…quite CNBLUE style :)

Kyu Won and friends tried to persuade the Stupid to perform in their event. The cool Shin told them to speak with the leader: Joon Hee (Kang Min Hyeok).

So our cold musician was actually a devoted big brother to Lee Jung Hyun.

And that’s the sick Professor Kim Joo Won. Kyu Won loved her so much that she visited her almost everyday.

when Kyu Won got home, she found some broken western music CDs in front of her room. She knew it was her grandfather who did it. Those CDs were from her dad. She recalled the memory when her grandfather kicked out his dad from home because he loved western music more than the traditional one.

The next day at school…Oh my goodness. the on stage Joon was so much different from the everyday him. He’s a slob. He told Shin:

“Hyeong, i’m in trouble am I? I accepted those girls’s offered to perform on their event. I’ve taken their money and had spent most  of it for eating beef last night.”

And that’s the dance choreography teacher Jeong Yoon Soo. She had a bad history with Suk Hyun six years ago. They avoided each other at school.

Joon just love to eat and eat that he never stopped feeling hungry. He didn’t even hesitate to ask for someone else’s left over and eat them all. Gross…

Kyu Won went to the library. She took the most uncrowded seat where there’s only someone sleeping in front of her. Things went normal until suddenly a girl put a cute parcel for the young man, who turned out to be Shin. The girl was the one who slapped him the night before. Shin kept saying no to that girl with the same reason: he didn’t like an ugly girl. Bahhhh :rolleyes:

He left, but Kyu Won hurriedly ran after him, giving the parcel he left. Shin said, “you can take it.” Kyu Won insisted him to take it. Shin said he had his reason: “Got sick of hearing a 900 love confession a day” ….ohh yeaaahh, whatever Shin.

Kyu Won was about to catch up Shin when she tripped her step, fell down in the position like begging. So everyone mistook the scene like Kyu Won begged Shin for her love confession. Pretty embarrasing.

Suk Hyun opened up old file about Yoon Soo which were newspaper clippings telling Yoon Soo’s career from the golden era to her accident 6 years ago in New York which caused a fracture on her leg that made her shining career as a ballerina finished.

Yoon Soo couldn’t dance well anymore. She was very frustrated by doing ballet because of her leg injury. But she always had Shin, her loyal admirer who always there for her and helped her dealing with her injury.

Joon Hee was meditating in hungry condition under the moon light. This kid was so weird. He was always hungry and always had lack of money to buy any food. So when he suddenly smelled a chicken bbq from somewhere, he was so excited and hurriedly follow the smells.

Joon Hee was on his way following the smell of chicken bbq when he saw this girl practicing a dance in a class room. He straightly fell for her, saying “Whoaa I think I’ve found my Natasha.” He funnyly asked, “Onnie, who are you?” Of course the girl asked back and told him to get out of the room. She wasn’t friendly to him, but Joon innocently said, “It’s okay, since you’re pretty.”

Shin walked his teacher out of the school. But Yoon Soo suddenly told Shin to stop doing what he’d been doing. she said, “If I ate my meal, if my leg hurt, don’t worry. Don’t do anything. Like someone suits you, a young woman.” But Shin coldly said, “I don’t want to.” and then left.

One of the things I like about Shin character was, no matter how cool he was, he showed us that he had a good reason to act so and he wasn’t actually inhuman. He still had a gut to tease Kyu Won about how clumsy she was, recalling the accident in the library. He let her run with that big gayageum while he showed her his watch, telling that she’d be late for their class.

The night of the charity event came. Unfortunately, at the same moment, Shin got a bad news that his sister had to undergo a surgery because of appendicitis. He failed to showed up. Kyu Won was so upset. And to calm the diappointed audience, Kyu Won decided to step up to the stage and became the subtitute vocalist for the stupid.

Among the audiences there was Suk Hyun. Watching Kyu Won and the group gave him an idea of having traditional music for the school 100th anniversay concert. He looked very interested when seeing Kyu Won singing as Shin’s subtitute. She has a very nice voice.

Suk Hyun approached Kyu Won at the bus shelter just saying that he was Prof. Kim’s friend. I think he wanted to know more about Kyu Won’s talent, but she was in a hurry to the hospital to give Prof. Kim the money she got from the Daily Tea House event.

But unfortunately, when she got there, Prof. Kim was already dead. She was late. Suk hyun who also went there just got the news that the professor passed away. He saw Kyu Won crying. He consoled her.

Shin definitely knew his sin and he looked like he was afraid of Kyu Won. He asked Joon to accompany him giving the money back to her, but Joon refused. He said Kyu Won noona was the angriest person because of the event and he didn’t want to deal with her even in Shin was going to treat him lunch.

So Shin had to go by himself…

Shin found Kyu Won practicing gayageum in a classroom. He hesitated to watch her play for awhile. I guess he was watching the way she pulled the strings beautifully.

But I was so shock seeing the way Shin threw the money to Kyu Won, telling her to accept that money to repay his mistake. Of course the upset Kyu Won was getting more upset watching this arrogant action before her own eyes. She pushed way the money and said in anger, “I really don’t understand what those girls see in you. I really don’t get it. You’re a jerk and had nothing good on you.”

Shin said she should take the money.

Kyu Won picked the money just to throw it back to Shin’s face when Shin blocked her move. That’s the moment when they started to hate each other…

With Blossom not around the whole week I think I must be crazy undergoing two drama projects in the same time. But this is all for CNBLUE’s Yong Hwa and Min Hyeok… :p Though I love them for their musical quality, I think as a good fan I have to support them by watching this drama :)

Min Hyeok’s character Joon Hee is absolutely my favorite! ;)

[by Rizz]

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  1. hey.i like this.but what happen for summaries midas and secret garden.they are beutiful.please finish them.

    • hi zainab, how’re you doing?
      thanks for being here many times.

      Well, I was tired of Midas of its exhausting story line, but I’ll try to reconsider finishing the project i’ve started.
      And for SG ep20, we’re still working on it…just a little more time to edit this and that. Blossom made a loooong writing…

  2. Uhmmmm… What’s the title of the song they played there in the 1st episode?

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