You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Episode 4 Summary

Episode 4 started with Shin who ordered Kyu Won to buy him a coffee, morning at campus. I think Shin enjoyed two things here: having Kyu Won as his “slave” and knowing her as an acquintance –if he didn’t want to say it as a friend.

Kyu Won reluctantly bought the coffee for Shin and she met Yoon Soo at the cafe. They walked together back to the campus and Yoon Soo asked Kyu Won if she’s an acquintance to Suk Hyeon. Kyu Won just casually said that they’re a sort of acquintance.

Shin and Kyu Won turned to be friends unintentionally and even if they didn’t admit it. Kyu Won asked for money for the coffee, but she ended up having no 20 cent change for Shin.

Kyu Won had a very hard time on her first day training for drama. The three mean girls who always hated Hee Joo came out dislike her as well. And Hee Joo didn’t want to make friends, with anyone.

And that’s Joon Hee time to have his own stage at Catharsis. He sang “Star” beautifully.

After the performance Shin hurriedly went back to campus after picking up a phonecall.It turned out to be an SOS call from Yoon Soo. Looked like she’s lock in the dance studio and she had a little trouble with her old injury (?) though she looked fine. She said she called him because she had no one else to ask for help. Blaaahh…I don’t really get this professor.

Kyu Won’s dad seemed to have a more than just friends feeling to Shin’s mom. They’re talking about Shin, worrying him that he might find out that his father was an alcoholic. they had no idea that shin had already known that man was his dad.

Shin paid a visit to his dad again. He needed his father to share his story about Yoon Soo. His father encouraged him to do what he thought was right so there wouldn’t be any regret in the future. His father then told him that he was once fell in love with his friend’s girl. He didn’t do anything at first, but then he decided to take the girl from his friend. Shin asked if they lived together at the end. His father said no.

Could he talk about Kyu Won’s father? But who’s the girl…Kyu Won’s mom or Shin’s? hmm :?

Shin informed his bandmates that he wanted to do the performance. Since it sounded so not him, his bandmates teased him that it must have something to do with Kyu Won.

Im Tae Joon never meant to hide his feelings for Yoon Soo.He asked her out for dinner. Yoon Soo was about to refuse at first, but Tae joon was very determined.

Kyu Won was bullied again by the 3 mean girls. Hee Joo was dragged along and the 5 girls ended up having the typical girly fight: pulling hairs. Suk Hyeon put them in schooly type punishment, the hands up punishment.

Hee Joo told Shin that the man Yoon Soo was once had a relationship with was Director Suk Hyeon.

I like to see Kyu Won-Suk Hyeon relationship. Instead of having the usual professor-student relationship, they had this kind of cool friendship of a sunbae and a dongsaeng. After giving punishment to Kyu Won, Suk hyeon came to console her. He even ruffled her hair, teased her that she’s suitable in that kind of hairstyle.

Yoon Soo watched the scene from a far, and Shin saw the way Yoon Soo look at Kyu Won-Suk Hyeon closeness.

In a very bad mood Shin came to Suk Hyeon. He confronted him, “Taking your girl and put her into a joke, was it fun for you?” Suk Hyeon was confused. Before leaving Shin confirmed him, “I like Jeong Yoon Soo.”

Suk Hyeon got a bad news: Gi Yeong got a foot injury. Nothing was serious but that guy had to rest his foot for about a month…which means he would be completely recover right at the time of the anniversary event.

Kyu Won brought Shin the coffee as usual, but he wasn’t in his regular place. She left the coffee at Shin’s spot. And Shin realized the coffee was left for him. Kyu Won left a note at the cup: “Applied Music Lee Shin. I spat twice at the coffee. Twae twae.”

Kyu Won thought it would be best for her to quit drama and just focus on the traditional music competition that’s just a few days ahead. She told Suk Hyeon it would be unfair for someone like her, who had no desire in drama at all, had to compete against many people who’s been trying like dying to achieve the dream in drama.

Joon Hee asked for a sip of Shin coffee, but Shin firmly refused to give it. He said, “No you can’t have it. Because someone had spat on it.”

“Such a cheapskate!” said Joon Hee. Shin just left with a smirk on his face.

Suk Hyeon went to look for Shin and then brought him to talk to Kyu Won. He threatened both of them by saying that Shin wouldn’t be able to perform if Kyu Won didn’t want to go for the drama. He told Shin to get Kyu Won back to the training.

Kyu Won asked Shin if he really wanted that performance and why. Shin said, “Because I want to see someone.” He also said he didn’t care what Kyu Won would do, he would still do the performance.

Gi Yeong still refused Suk Hyeon’s intention on giving him the spot in the drama. He said if Suk Hyeon felt guilty for him he should stop it right there because he wouldn’t go for it. Suk Hyeon didn’t even think of giving up on him.

Kyu Won finally decided to go back to the drama training. The mean girls just didn’t stop bullying her, even under Suk Hyeon’s eyes. The director was off his patience limit.Yoon Soo started to question the real reason why he obviously stood for Kyu Won. Suk Hyeon mocked her saying that as the dance trainer it was her fault. “Don’t tell me you’re just jealous (on Kyu Won)?”

Suk Hyeon then brought the girls to a theater where some performers did a rehearsal. He said those people never had any drama performance before, but they could have it through a very hard training.

He told Hee Joo that she’s yet nothing in drama industry so she had no right on seeing herself above everyone. He told the mean girls that having themselves just as make up artists didn’t mean their part was less important than anyone else and they shouldn;t look down at make up artist contribution. And as for Kyu Won, he told her that he’s picking her because of her heart not her talent, so she should work very hard.

So Kyu Won decided to work hard. She started to practice the dance alone, but Yoon Soo caught her and helped her out.

Shin saw these two girls practicing and drew a smile…

I think beyond his cosciousness, he always smiles everytime he looked at Kyu Won…a relaxing smile, a different smile he had everytime he saw Yoon Soo. I think the smiles he always had for Kyu Won was sweeter…

The next morning Kyu Won had a bad after-practice effect on her leg muscles. Shin caught her on the way to the campus. Kyu Won was ready for a mockery, but surprisingly Shin offered her a ride.

Wohoo… As I said before, this is what i like about Shin or his relationship with Kyu Won. He’s not that hypocrite cold-hearted man to Kyu Won…he just acts cool without being mean. So the offering was sincere.

The scene was funny… it’s in Kyu Won’s mind…

It seemed that she was really falling asleep all the way to the campus with her head was leaning to Shin’s back. So it was actually sweet that Shin let her sleep leaning on his back.

When they arrived at campus and Shin told Kyu Won to get off, all the girls around them stopped and gave a fierce stare at Kyu Won.

Kyu Won felt awkward at a sudden, but Shin just casually told her to get off. They’ve arrived at campus.

So with Kyu Won’s good improvement in her dancing, the training went well. Suk Hyeon apologized for his harsh mouth the day before and asked if they could get a dinner together. Yoon Soo refused at first (she had a promise with Tae Joon), but then quickly said she had bought a wine so they could have them together. She ended up lying to Tae joon saying she’s not feeling well so she couldn’t come.

On her way back home, in a cheerful mood knowing that Suk Hyeon was coming in the next hour, she caught Shin tailing her on his bike. She stopped and told him to stop doing that kind of thing. But Shin said he had something to give her as a birthday present: a necklace.

Suk Hyeon actually had bought her one too. He was planning to give her later that night, but Shin got her first.

Suk Hyeon found Kyu Won had trouble walking so he offered her a lift. On their way he told her that she would always had him, the director, on her back so she had nothing to worry about. Kyu Won always had that cute little-sister-like expression everytime she’s with Suk Hyeon.

But Kyu Won’s smiles suddenly stopped when she saw an inconvinient scene on the street…

Shin was kissing Yoon Soo.

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