You’ve Fallen For Me Episode (Heartstrings) 3 Summary

Shin made that touching performance recalling all the things happened in his life recently. His one-sided love with Professor Yoon Soo, his meeting with his father, and his new acquintance with Kyu Won. After the show, Kyu Won told him about the reflection essay. Shin refused to do it, saying, “You just write yours. And after that, write mine for me.” Kyu Won refused to do it, and Shin just mocked her by saying, “Useless slave.” And Kyu Won cursed him to have a falt tire.

Shin dropped by Yoon Soo’s place, waited for her to come from work. Yoon Soo reminded him that he should stop doing this kind of thing. Shin only said, “I met my father today. I just need to tell someone about it.” Before Shin left, Yoon Soo finally said, “It’s good for you.”

Suk Hyeon surprised the committee for the 100th anniversary uni event by saying that he had redone the plan for the performance. He said the theme would be about a girl who’s so obsess pursuing her dream that she even left the love of his life for that. But an accident happen to her and that made her wanted to come back. Since everyone there knew what’s going on between Suk Hyeon and Yoon Soo, they’re objected. Even the setting director said, “This is not a place for lovers’s quarrel!” Suk Hyeon’s senior, Im Tae Joon, told him to stop hurting Yoon Soo. But Suk Hyeon said that Yoon Soo was not as fragile as he thought and he would not stop what he had planned. He would do it till the end.

Shin And Kyu Won met the teacher for their reflection paper. The teacher asked if they’re lovers or one-sided love for Kyu Won. Of coursed Kyu Won said, “Nooo. that’s impossible!” The teacher made them read the reflection paper of one another. Shin read Kyu Won’s, and when it got to this part, it sounded very funny and Shin read it half-heartedly: “….I’m very very very sorry.I’m really really really reflecting on my actions.From now on, I’d never never never, for sure for sure for sure, do such a thing ever again.I will become a student who looks toward the sky without shame.”

And when it’s Kyu Won’s turn to read Shin’s: “The last class was very important. I didn’t tell you that I would let a useless student to be my subtitute…” Kyu Won glared at Shin asking whom he meant by a useless student. Shin teased her saying, “Lee Kyu Won, do you really really really really really don’t know?”

The teacher dissatisfied by their letters, so he sent them to clean up the drama department’s property room as their punishment. Shin, of course, left everything for Kyu Won. He said he’d supervise her.

Being in that prop room, Kyu Won was trying to enjoy herself rather then take Shin’s bossy attitude into her mind. She’s putting on a balaclava. Shin saw it and thought it’d be funny if she’s putting on a clown costume. Shin made Kyu Won put on several costume from a clown to snow white, but he’s entertained at all. Kyu Won’s step-tripped-behaviour happened again. And right after Shin asked if she’s okay, the light went off.

When the light turned on again, Shin’s face was only a few inches from Kyu Won. Shin was the one who immediately pulled himself backward. Shin’s tortured didn’t stop there. He told Kyu Won to fix his flat tire bike. It seemed that Kyu Won’s cursed on him the night before really worked.

Kyu Won half-heartedly brought along Shin’s bike to the mechanic. On her way out of the campus, she was stopped by Han Hee Joo who asked what her realtionship with Shin was. The bold Kyu Won asked her back the same question. Han Hee Joo was surprise that Kyu Won didn’t even know who she was. Before she left, she told Kyu Won to becareful on Shin’s bike since it’s very expensive.

Kyu Won brought Shin’s bike to Catharsis. There’s already Suk Hyeon in there, being ignored by Shin when he invited him for the audition. Kyu Won, on the other hand, seemed to be interested.  Before Shin left, Kyu Won threw his bike’s key to his back, saying that he should take a very good care on the tire because she’d worked hard on it.
I thought Shin would say some mockery again, but surprisingly he said, “I want to hear your gayageum play once more.” That’s a jaw dropping words to hear for Kyu Won.

Yoon Soo waited for Suk Hyeon on the parking lot. She just wanted to say that she’s not gonna give up. He wouldn’t make her stepped back.

The Windflower decided to go for the audition. Everyone was so excited preparing for the audition.

Except for one student…

Suk Hyeon asked for a student named Hyeon Gi Yeong to his senior. His senior said that young man dropped out of school and then attended the cram school instead. Suk Hyeon needed him for the performance. His senior was against it because that kid had been messing around the school and had a stage freight. But that kid seemed to have something special in Suk Hyeon’s eyes. Oh, he’s cute… :p

Hee Joo was picked up by Joon Hee in his “drummer” appearance. They rode the scooter, but then it was raining.

Hee Joo, “Hey, it’s raining!”
Joon, “You say you really like it?”
Hee Joo, “Drive fast! It’s raining!!”
Joon, “You say you’re hungry? I’m really really happy!”
Hee Joo, “I said it’s raining, you beggar!!!”
Joon, “You want to go out with me??”

The day of the audition finally came. The situation was tense. The judges were very strict.

Suk Hyeon’s friend, Lee Soo Myeong, was still trying to persuade Gi Yeong to participate in the audition. He tricked him by saying that the teacher had given him another chance.

Meanwhile Shin visited his father again to pratice guitar.

Hee Joo got a high fever because of the raining from the night before, so she couldn’t participate. Joon Hee was just looking for Hee Joo in the audition, but as soon as he heard that classic 80s country rock music, he burts on to the stage and dance along with the real particpiants.

Gi Yeong showed up, but Suk Hyeon’s senior just insisted that he could never perform on stage because of his stage freight. Suk Hyeon still had a faith on him, telling him that it was his last chance. The other judges summoned the next participant: The Windflower.

Kyu Won hesitated at first, thinking that the boy was still there. Suk Yeon himself was still trying to push Gi Yeong to show his true talent, but the other judges told Kyu Won and friends to start their performance. And when the Windflower started playing their music, they took a modern song I guess, Gi Yeong who was still standing on the side of the stage, closed his eyes and started to sing…very beautifully. This duy had a beautiful voice.

Joon Hee felt so guilty that Hee Joo couldn’t make it to the audition. Suk Hyeon refused to take Hee Joo just because her mother called them that she got a fever. So Joon Hee waited for Suk Hyeon at the parking lot, asked him to put Hee Joo’s name on the list or he would do anything to make Hee Joo paticipate in the event since she badly wanted it. Suk Hyeon still said no.

Joon Hee tailed Suk Hyeon. But then he got a better idea to let Suk Hyeon have an “extra” audition for Hee Joo. Joon Hee asked The Stupid to perform at a certain place, Shin ordered Kyu Won to place some candles for the performance, and Suk Hyeon got a note from Joon Hee that he should go somewhere to see something.

Then Joon Hee got Hee Joo out of the hospital without really telling her where they’re going or what they’re going to do.

Joon Hee was giving Hee Joo her audition. Suk Hyeon came to watch it.

The day of the announcment was full of cries and screamings, Kyu Woon and Bo Woon were one of them. They made it to the event. Gi Yeong’s name and Hee Joo’s as well were there.

Everyone whose name was on the list was summoned to gather in the hall for some announcement. Strangely, Suk Hyeon also summoned the Stupid. Strangely too, Suk Hyeon put Kyu Won at the “drama” section isntead of “music” section. So she’s gonna be trained for acting instead of playing music.

And Lee Shin was about to leave the hall when Yoon Soo appeared. He stared at her in a strange way of looking and that made Kyu Won curious.

“What is with this athmosphere?”

I like this drama more and more every episode, especially for Min Hyeok’s funny acting. His character as Joon Hee is wacky and Min Hyeok suits him well.

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