You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Episode 2 Summary

You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartsrings) has a very good youth spirit. I like this drama for its humane characters and good musics. I think the first two episodes have left a good impression on the viewers.

Last episode ended with Shin held Kyu Won’s hand to avoid her hitting him. His emotion was provoked too, so he asked, “Do you you know why this nauseating jerk has been chased by many girls?” Kyu Won said she didn’t want to know. Then Shin said, “Your music hasn’t touched my heart.” Kyu Won got angrier and told Shin a person like him didn’t know anything about tradition music. Shin seemed to be challenged. He said, “Let’s have a competition then. Let’s proof whose music most touch people heart.” Kyu Won accepted the challenge. If one of them lose, that person became a one month slave for the other.

Kyu Won tried to keep the competition thing for her group only, but unfortunately, one of her friends heard about it. So the rumour was spread very fast. He told everyone that Applied Music kids, The Stupid, had looked down on Traditional Music Department and they challenged Kyu Won for a competition.

So the personal competition had turned to be Department wars.

Suk Hyeon met Kyu Won at school and this girl  didn’t know yet that he’s one of the teachers there. Suk Hyeon handed her the thing she left at the bus shelter the night Prof. Kim died. They started to have a kind of friendship.

Shin just informed his bandmates about the competition with Traditional Music girls on their practice session. Everyone was surprised. The bandmates asked what actually happened, Shin said that they’re the one who challenged The stupid.

Joon was suprised when his Natasha came to their practice studio, looking for Shin. Han Hee Joo asked him back what he was doing there. Funnyly, she didn’t believe him when he said he’s The Stupid drummer.

Kyu Won still secretly kept in thouch with her dad, Lee Sun Ki. She told him about the bet and the competition. And she kept her relationship with her dad from her grandfather.

The Department war was getting more serious. Each department put on big poster about bringing down the opposite department for daring to look down at them. The Invincible Windflower vs The Stupid was a big competition.

Both The Invincible Windflower and The stupid practiced hard. Kyu Won kept thinking that they should perform something new, something more soul touching. Meanwhile Shin pushed his bandmates to keep practicing. The competition excluded singing, so they had to make a very good instrumental music.

Shin just found out that the sick professor Kyu Won and friends was trying to help had passed away. That information explained to him about why Kyu Won looked very upset the day he gave her the money.

Suk Hyeon came to Yoon Soo dancing studio and saw her fell down and felt down. Yoon Soo said she should stop dancing if it would just bring her nothing good. He said she should accept that she couldn’t dance anymore. I think these people have a very serious issue, relating to Yoon Soo’s accident 6 years ago and how their realtionship ended awfully.

And this is Shin’s room…the robots are cool :P

Kyu Won told his grandfather about the competition and the bet. Her grandfather then pushed her to practice very hard that he didn’t even let Kyu Won had a proper rest. He always became emotional everytime he heard about modern music people looked down at traditional music, that’s why he supported his granddaughter for the competition.

Joon watched Hee Joo practiced dancing silently and secretly. But Hee Joo found him and asked him why he was there. Innocently Joon said, “Because you said I couldn’t show myself in front of you anymore, so I watched from the back.” And then he offered her something to eat. Hee Joo refused at first, thinking about her diet. But at the end she took the candy bar.

Han Hee Joo was the daughter of the univerity chairman and disliked by many students for her behavior. Her seniors talked about her on the back, gossiping about her plastic surgery and bulimia. Han Hee Joo did have bulimia, but she didn’t admit it. She was throwing up the candy bar in the toilet when she heard her seniors discussed bad things about her.

The day of the competition everyone in each department was excited. They gave support to each of their department representatives.

The traditional music students made a parade for Kyu Won and friends, walking them to the competition stage. The Invincible Windflower girls looked like soldiers going to a war.

Everyone gathered on the outdoor theater to watch The Invincible Windflower compete with The Stupid. They’re ready for the music battle.

Shin said sorry for what happened to Professor Kim. This is what I call as a humane character. At first I thought he’d be the drama typical of a cold hearted man who acted cool for no reason. But Shin character is cooler than that. He had his reason to act cool, but that didn’t make him an inhumane person. It wasn’t even hard for him to say sorry.

The battle started. The host of the competition was the KBS’s “Let’s Go Dream Team” host. He said he was a shop owner at uni who closed his shop to be the host for this competition.  :D

The Stupid performed first and the blew everyone with their music. Even Kyu Won and friends had a sudden low self-esteem to beat such a brilliant performace. But when it’s time for Kyu Won and friends to perform they also awed everyone. Even most of The Stupid members dropped their jaw watching the beautiful performance. I bet Shin was actually also touched by Kyu Won’s gayageum performance…BUT

when Kyu Won was about to hit the most important chord, she broke her string!

And they lost. People liked The Stupid most. Kyu Won had to be Shin’s slave for a month. But I like it when Shin praised Kyu Won’s gayageum performance. He said she could’ve won if the string was okay. But an agreement is an agreement.

Lee Dong Jin who came to watch the competition gave his support to his granddaughter. He cheered her up saying she’s still the best.

Joon and Bo Woon went out for a dinner. But the ever-hungry Joon just couldn’t stop eating while Bo Woon actually didn’t have enough money. They had trouble for that and sent an SOS text, Bo Woon to Kyu Won and Joon to Shin, to help them paying for the food.

Shin and Kyu Won left alone after Joon sent Bo Woon home. Joon said Shin should send Kyu Won home. Shin asked which direction Kyu Won’s home was, but it was apparently just to make sure he should go to the opposite direction.

Shin mom got a phonecall from a woman who knew Shin’s father. She met that woman and that woman said she should let Shin meet his dad because his dad missed him alot and he’s in a very bad condition.

Kyu Won’s try to avoid meeting Shin in the campus turned helpless. Shin caught her hiding behind Bo Woon and he stopped her. In front of everyone he asked for her phone number. He said, “To let me order you anytime I want.” He did the phone number changing by himself in front of many jealous girls. As soon as he left, Kyu Won was attacked by those girls asking for Shin’s number.

And this is Shin’s father. He’s very sick, suffered from Parkinson I guess since his hand was shaking. Shin’s mom met him. He asked if Shin played guitar, she said yes. He said he hoped not because being a musician was lonely. He asked to meet Shin.

Kyu Won and Bo Woon were waiting for a bus when Shin and his sister passed by. Jung Hyun asked his brother if he knew that girl who stared at them. Shin said she was his slave.

Shin’s mom asked if Shin liked to play guitar that much. He said yes. His mom looked very worry. She asked her friend, who apparently was Kyu Won’s dad, if she should let Shin meet his dad. Kyu Won’s dad suggested Shin’s mom to let him.

Shin made Kyu Won attended a class for him because he’s going to meet someone. His mom asked Shin to meet a guitar specialist to help Shin improve his ability. Kyu Won caught by the killer teacher that she’s attending the class for Shin. She and Shin were asked to write self-reflecting essay to admit their mistake and not to repeat it again next time.

Shin met his father without being informed that the man he was meeting was his own dad. But looking at Shin’s tense expression and considering him as a music genius, I think somehow Shin already knew that man was a father he never knew. They played guitar together…which I consider as a beautiful scene of this episode.

Shin performed at Catharsis that night with a very touching performance. Bo Woon insisted Kyu Won to let Shin knew about their punishment for the skipping-class issue, so she brought her to the Catharsis. And when Kyu Won watched Shin’s performance with that emotional song…I think somehow, Kyu Won was very touched.

Will she fall for her eventually? At this very early of the show? We don’t know yet. I put a high hope to this drama since Moon Geun Yeong-Jang Geun Seok’s “Marry Me, Mary!” musical drama was quite disappointing. I really hope to see more good music and dynamic story line… ;)

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  1. HEY! Thank you for making these summaries, I really like reading these after an episode so I know if I missed any important things or not. Please keep doing these! :)

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