You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Episode 10 Summary

As many of you asking for this summary, I just can’t get it out of my head and keep trying to see a potential gap I can use for writing between works. And here I am writing down Heartstrings Episode 10.

As Shin’s wish for Kyu Won to like him again, they started a new page as an item. Shin picked up Kyu Won the next day and carry Kyu Won’s bag for her.As they walked side by side, Kyu Won’s hand kept hitting Shin’s making him protest between fake-hurt and annoyed. Kyu Won made a face, but then Shin grabbed her hand and kept holding it while they continued their walk. Sweet. :)

Kyu Won’s dad finally found out that his old girlfriend, Shin’s mom, was their new neighbor.

Shin and Kyu won enjoyed ice cream before getting to campus. That’s where the three sisters passed by the parlour and saw Shin and a girl they suspected as Kyu Won.

But then they thought that couldn’t be. What one earth any good reason why Shin had to enjoy ice cream with Kyu Won?
Shin avoid Kyu Won to look back until the sisters took off. Kyu Won asked him what happened. Shin was talking about not making people misunderstood about their situation, like he didn’t want other people to know their real relationship.
Kyu Won took it that way and felt upset.

After the drama practice that day Suk Hyeon asked Kyu Won and Hee Joo out to have some tea together. He asked the girl to stop fighting and started to be friends…for the sake of they play. The girls agreed to pretend they’re friends.

Shin was planning to talk about their earlier misunderstanding, but Bo Woon cut them and got Kyu Won go with her for shopping with the others.
He was disappointed, grumbling “Cha Bo Woon rrggh”

Coming back home, Shin met Grandpa Lee in front of the house and found out that Kyu Won wasn’t home yet. He then decided to wait for her in her house by pretending that he’s interested to learn more from the grandfather. Shin bore the torture of sitting for a long time listening to the boring Grandpa Lee’s (his)story. He was so happy when Kyu Won came, BUT look who suddenly came up with an idea of giving Grandpa Lee a visit: Cha Bo Woon.

Kyu Won was actually thinking about her and Shin when she bought a couple t-shirt on their shopping. But Bo Woon wondered why, so Kyu Won said the shirt was for grandfather. So after saying hello to Grandpa Lee, Bo Woon told him about the couple t-shirt. Kyu Won looked disappointed, but Shin kind of knew her true intention.

Bo Woon started to smell something fishy with Kyu Won and Shin. She told them their attitude lately seemed to be suspicious.Shin had a good reason of learning about traditional music from Grandpa Lee.

And then he came up with an idea of suggesting BO Woon to learn about traditional music from the grandfather too, since she came to visit him. The clueless Bo Woon was so excited. So Kyu Won and Shin could make an escape to the near by park.

What do you think of a new couple would do when they’re hanging out on the park under the late summer’s nice weather? Heyy don’t even think of making out :D
They’re probably a new couple but they’re musician. Shin got an idea of practicing their music there.

No guitar and gayageum? Shin took out his 10.1 tablet (okay, latest serie gadget, huh) and showed an application that would allow him to make music just like he’s playing a real guitar. What about Kyu Won? Don’t worry, she got the same brand’s other product: the smartphone. Apparently she got the same application on it, but this one was gayageum. And they started to move their collaboration practice onto that park. What a technology.

I had to say it’s coooool!
What an ads :mrgreen:
I swear i’m gonna write down the brand’s name in capital letters if they give me that 10.1 for free. Hahaha.

Anyway, i love Shin’s tender look towards Kyu Won…

After playing the music they changed into enjoying music with sharing earphones. This is called romantic? You named it. I called it peace… Try to have this kind of moment of your own ;)

The next day Shin picked up Kyu Won with his bike. He had given the back seat a cute new pad. Aww.

Shin told Kyu Won to hold him tight while they’re on a speeding wheel… what a clever man, that’s a BIKE!

But more surprises yet to come until they arrive at campus. Soo Myeong was talking to the three mean sisters when he suddenly made that look and the sisters turned back and started to scream.

Shin was about to pay his mistake for their earlier misunderstanding by proofing to Kyu Won that he’s more than ready to make them go public. So he took her hand and led her walekd down the corridor. The couple caused a literary chaotic campus. The boys were wondering, while the girls were absolutely hysterical. They went literary crazy. Screaming out in the library, crying like babies…and many other expressions. Good thing this is an art academy.  :rolleyes:

The news soon spread out, except to Suk Hyeon. If he hadn’t had Yoon soo told him about it, he wouldn’t’ve known. And he seemed to feel uncomfy about the news. He said it’s not the time for Kyu Won to date anyone, she’s suppose to focus on the play which only have few more days before the event.

While Hee Joo was desperately practicing to express emotion on her performance with Gi Yeong, her mother met some sponsors who are interested in the campus play directed by Suk Hyeon.They asked to see the unofficial performance before the event.

When they’re ready heading to the campus, Hee Joo was going somewhere else. Hee Joo’s mom couldn’t reach her phone. Joon Hee took her to the roof top to enjoy a lunch. Sweet Joon Hee.

Kyu Won started to learn playing guitar with Shin. He noticed his girlfriend’s hair do.

“What do you do with your hair?” he asked. Kyu Won then said that since they went public, she became like a public enemy for almost everygirl in campus.  She was afraid they’re gonna pull her hair. Shin then assured her not to afraid. “I’m with you. So no one will pull your hair.”

And the atmosphere went a bit warm…Shin was leaning towards Kyu Won…they’re ready to…”KYU WON-A!!” suddenly came Cha Bo Woon.
Shin just grumbled, “Rrgh Cha Bo Woon…”

But Bo Woon brought them an urgent news. Kyu Won needed to perform as the leading actress for the unexpected visit of the sponsors, since Hee Joo was nowhere to be found nor to be contacted.

Yeahh, our princess was taking a nap…her phone was silent mode.

Kyu Won helped the nervous Gi Yeong. But as soon as Gi Yeong left because Shin came in, it’s Kyu Won’s turn to be nervous.

“I just pretended to be okay because i’m afraid Gi Yeong would run away again,” she said to Shin.

Shin then gave her a heart-throbbing encouragement, saying “I always get a stage fright too everytime I get a performance. Do you know what I always do?”

Shin scooped Kyu Won’s face and continued, “I look the audience in their eyes like this and chant: ‘you’ve fallen for me’.” He added later, “Lee Kyu Won, fighting!”

The sponsors were excited, Hee Joo’s mom was so uncomfortable and Tae Joon was upset. But the performance went well. Gi Yeong was no more suffered from the stage fright. Kyu Won performed well too, though she’s officially just a side kick, a subtitute for Hee Joo >> Hee Joo’s mom made that notice to the sponsors.

When Hee Joo woke up from her nap, she found so many miss call from her mom. Rushing to the hall and found her mom with a scary facial expression, Hee Joo got slapped.

Suk Hyeon was saying his gratitude for Gi Yeong and Kyu Won’s hard work. They had been less confident about themselves but they finally did it. Suk Hyeon was about to ruffled Kyu Won’s hair when Shin got his hand and said, “Don’t touch her hair.” Before the director could say anything, Shin took Kyu Won’s hand and left. Gi Yeong just laughed, “Shin likes her a lot.”

The sisters made a campaign and public vote for Shin and Kyu Won’s break up. They still couldn’t face the reality that Shin had fallen for Kyu Won above any other girls in that campus. Shin was reluctant to do anything about it when Kyu Won asked him. She was disappointed by that saying that his reluctant was because he was not the one who turned into public enemy. Iwas her those girls hate. She just went home alone.

Shin avoid Bo Woon and friends to do something with it and told them to leave it to him. He approached the sisters and asked them to go with him somewhere.

Shin arrived at the Catharsis that night just the right moment when Suk Hyeon, Yoon Soo and the bar owner talked about his hooked up with Kyu Won. Yoon Soo excused herself to the toilet to let Suk Hyeon spoke to Shin.

Suk Hyeon said, “Don’t make Kyu Won cry.”

Shin coldly replied that he didn’t know why the director should worry about it, but he made sure that wouldn’t happen.

Hee Joo felt helpless at home. But her mother got a plan for her. And I have a bad feeling about it.

Kyu Won went to Catharsis after receiving a text from Shin. The audience was still excited to watch the Stupid’s performance. Girls were still screaming out Shin’s name.

But it fell to silence when Kyu Won came in. Every eyes drawn to her. She didn’t care and just walked through to the front. After the first song Shin changed his guitar and ready for the next. He’s singing “I Miss You.” This time, the song was for Kyu Won. Shin didn’t take his eyes off Kyu Won while singing that emotional song.

And then when he finished, he gave sign to Kyu Won to approached the stage. Shin took off his guitar and walked to the edge of the stage and bent on his knees. Some girls were screaming “Noooo!”, some others were too breathless to say anything.

Shin shot a kiss to Kyu Won’s lips.   :left:   :)

As I have watched last night’s episode 11, I can say that personally, so far episode 10 is the best. I laughed a lot, smiles a lot, got blush a lot…and Shin just gave so many surprises. This episode is so sweet and fun. This is what is called youth.

I’ll probably make some updates later for this episode, especially for some good lines which I forgot the detail. And hopefully will start working on episode 11 soon after this.

Cheers ;)

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  1. I’ve finally made some updates…

  2. You’re right. This was the best episode. Its what turned the tables on whether I really liked it.

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