You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Episode 9 Summary

Okay, this drama has made me screaming on my screen many times. This Lee Shin and Lee Kyu Won’s recent unspoken romance has brought many smiles and self-blushing…ohh like it’s all the point of being 20 something! :mrgreen:

Last episode ended with Shin asking Kyu Won not to give up liking him. But don’t even expect for a kiss. They ended up with a fight. Kyu Won misunderstood Shin by saying, “You don’t like me but you want me not to stop liking you? You think because many girls are crazy for you then you can do this to me??”

Kyu Won then left with Bo Woon.

Shin went home disappointed. He asked Jeong Hyeon what would she had done if there had been a boy asking her not to stop liking him. Jeong Hyeon said girls wouldn’t like that, girls needed boys to show their sincere feelings.

Suk Hyeon informed Kyu Won about the MT (training, where we go out of town to have an intensive training). He asked her if she would go. Kyu Won was just playing cute when she said, “I don’t know. should I go?” Suk Hyeon just pinch her lips saying, “You’ll be a duck if you keep making that face.” Oooh they’re so sweet.

Meanwhile Im Tae Joon was quite desperate to run his plan because he had to admit that the audience couldn’t be fooled by Han Hee Joo’s so so acting. So he decided to dig on Suk Hyeon’s flaws.

On the practice hall everyone worked hard for their performance. But Suk Hyeon require them to be able to deliver emotions, not just good acting or performance, to the audience. Suk Hyeon sang a song for them to absorb the atmosphere…He sings quite well.

…Now I understand. This is love. the rainbow after the rain, is right in front of your eyes.

While listening to the director’s song, Shin recalled his memories with Kyu Won.

Hee Joo realized that she’s a cold hearted person. she couldn’t get any feelings from the song, but she she lied when Suk Hyeon asked her about it. She went to contemplate herself on that beautiful place. A piece of art swings!

Suk Hyeon approached her and told her that she really did have the talent. Her only problem was the failure to deliver her emotion to the audience. He told her to experience love, to break her own shell and open up her heart. That’s what she needed if she wanted to be a good actress.

Hee Joo came to Gi Yeong to help her in comprehending the emotions without really have to experience such a thing. Gi Yeong laughed her, but finally agreed to help her in this.

Shin came to visit Kyu Won at the hospital with an excuse that they hadn’t finished the private tutoring. Kyu Won tutored Shin in an upset way and that just annoyed Shin. Kyu Won just got angrier. “You still don’t understand it (the lesson)? After I explained to you several times, you still don’t understand? Is your brain damaged or something?” Shin was offended. He said if she wouldn’t teach him then he’d just find other people.

The next day Kyu Won was discharged from the hospital accompanied by her father and grandfather. Shin happened to run on to them in front of Kyu won’s house. In that opportunity he seemed to learn about Kyu Won’s realtionship with her father.

Shin was invited by Grandpa Lee to learn something about traditional music since he knew they’re collaborating. Poorly, he ended up stuck with that old man telling his long experience in pansori. Kyu Won enjoyed the situation, thinking how tortured Shin was, but then decided to save that man from her grandfather.

Before leaving Shin asked Kyu Won if she’s going to the MT. Kyu Won said she wouldn’t.

The next day Shin caught Kyu Won went out of home heading to campus to join the MT. Kyu Won said she just changed her mind, why should he bother?

Hee Joo actually had no plan on going for the MT, but Joon Hee just came out of nowhere and just dragged her along. He said, “the director sent me to get you to the MT no matter what it takes.”

Everyone was very excited about the 2 days 1 night trip. Shin was rejected to join other boys on the bus so he decided to take the empty seat next to Kyu Won. He said, “i’m forced to sit here.” then he pretended to sleep.

While Suk Hyeon’s team was out of town for the MT, Im Tae Joon had the informations he needed. He found out that the reason why Suk Hyeon left Broadway to come back to Korea was because he was about quitting there. He made a scandal with an actress. He replace the well-known leading actress for a play in Broadway to an unwell-known one. The show apparently resulted to be a flop, so he resigned from Broadway.

The three annoying sisters brought two big suitcases that everyone wondered why did they have to bring those for a 2 days 1 night trip. Apparently, they brought things that others might forget so they could sell them. It’s a good business mindset.

For the warm up training Suk Hyeon told the students to scream out their dreams in drama.

Shin failed to avoid Yoon Soo. She said he looked well nowadays. Shin then apologized for giving her too much problem in the past. I like it that they face their issue in a mature way.

Back inside Shin just annoyed Kyu Won that he needed to sit on the cushion she just sat at. Kyu Won gave it up and Shin rest right next to her. Kyu Won tried to calm herself, saying, “Relax Kyu Won…relax…” Shin then suddenly said, “You’re the stupid one, not me.” Kyu Won had no idea what he was talking about, so she just pushed him away, but Shin went no where.

Soo Myeong asked for cooking volunteers. Joon Hee just said that he and Hee joo would do it left Kyu Won and Shin. They’re asked to go buy some fruits. They went to the near by market.

Hee Joo asked why Joon Hee seemed very happy doing the cooking volunteer. Joon Hee said, “Because i’m with you. Even being in hell i’ll be happy if i’m with you.” And then Hee Joo cut her finger and Joon Hee sucked her blood.

Shin was tired of Kyu Won’s never-ending bargain for a watermelon. He told her to just buy one, but girls don’t give up easily when it comes to shop for the cheaper price but good quality item. Kyu Won suddenly felt her ribs pain again, but Shin was too far to hear her calling. Kyu Won decided to go buy a medicine. When Shin realized Kyu Won wasn’t behind him anymore, he went panic looking for her thought she was missing.

When he finally found her he asked if everything was fine and if she’s hurt somewhere. When Kyu Won said she was okay and just buy some medicine, Shin upsetly yelled at her, “Do you know how hard is it to find you?!”

His bad mood lingered even when they got on the car. Shin commanded Kyu won to lie down. When Kyu Won said she’s okay, Shin said, “You’re hurt, aren’t you? Then just listen to me and lie down!”

You know, in every MT they won’t miss any volunteer performance. The Windflower was performing a dance (turned out to be 2NE1’s “Fire”), but Shin didn’t let Kyu Won go. He grabbed her hand and say, “Please listen. What are you gonna do if your injury got worse?”

Kyu Won was reluctant, but did what Shin said. They both sit next to each other with a some distant in between  at the audience floor on the rearest row. Shin suddenly said, “Don’t get yourself hurt. I will worry.”  Whoooaa…

Meanwhile Suk Hyeon and Yoon Soo had their own private time after the show. Yoon Soo said her gratitude that Suk Hyeon forgave her and was willing to have her back.

Back inside, some students just have their lazy time around the stage. Soo Myeong asked Shin to sing them a song with guitar. And Shin’s choice of the song really surprised me. I really didn’t see that Jason Miraz’s “Lucky” coming! Ooohh. He sang that for Kyu Won and I think that’s just a perfect song to express their situation right then. When he came to the verse, “Lucky i’m in love with my best friend. Lucky to have been where I have been…” His eyes shot to Kyu Won’s. Oooohh…

After the song, Soo Myeong asked someone to get the watermelon. Kyu Won volunteered to escaped herself from the inconvinient situation. Shin followed her. The clumsy Kyu Won suddenly tripped her step and of course Shin immediately came to help her. She sprained her ankle and Shin got a touch on her feet to fix it. Their faces were so close to each other.

I could feel the tense. Is it going to be a kiss? Shin called her name, “Lee Kyu Won.” It’s going to be a kiss, isn’t it???? Or at least a love confession?

Ouuughh, Bo Woon’s voice suddenly calling for Kyu Won. It was like: Ugghhh! X|

Later that night both Shin and Kyu Won couldn’t sleep. Shin found Kyu Won alone in the dark common roon. He sat with her there. Kyu Won said it’s too bad that it’s raining outside that they couldn’t  go out and watch the stars. She said if there’s a shooting star, she would make a wish. Shin asked her what’s the wish gonna be. Kyu Won said it’s a secret. Shin then said that he also wanted to the same thing. And when Kyu Won asked what’s his wish, he said it’s a secret.

But then Shin gave a hand to Kyu Won. And the rest would make you take a deep breath…

Shin held Kyu Won’s hand and asked, “Do you want to hear my wish?” Kyu Won just nodded.

Shin said, “I hope you’ll like me again.”

Wohooo.. B)

Okay, that’s quite better than the previous try of “about liking me, don’t give it up.” ;) Nice try, Shin. Let’s see what Kyu Won is  gonna say in the next episode.

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  1. great summary! i can’t see a summary for ep 10 and i can’t find one w/ english subtitles could you please make a summary too? thanks a lot! :)

    • hey iyab,
      yeah even I can’t wait to finish working on episode 10 summary. just a little more time…
      thanks for coming here ;)

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