You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Episode 14 Summary

The angelic-hearted Kyu Won did give the stage to Hee Joo. She knew Hee Joo wanted to perform so badly and everything, except for the singing, would seem to be a better performance with her as the leading actress. So Kyu Won gave her the stage and her voice later on the performance.

When everyone gave their last salutate to the audience, Shin went down the stage to the back stage. He wouldn’t let Kyu Won cried alone. Shin embraced Kyu Won saying, “You’ve worked hard, Lee Kyu Won. Even though you didn’t perform on stage, for me you’re the best leading actress i’ve ever had.”

Hee Joo and Kyu Won became good friends. Hee Joo was grateful of Kyu Won. So when her mom brought media to interview her, Hee Joo told them the truth. She said she wasn’t the one who’s singing, it was a lysinc. “It was her,” she pointed at Kyu Won. So the media rushed to Kyu Won to interview her. Hee Joo was too grateful to be envy of the attention Kyu Won getting.

Shin  switched his bear with Kyu Won’s. It seemed to show that he loves her more and more after he witnessed Kyu Won’s wonderful heart. Yeah, she’s like pretty inside-out.

Kyu Won had a little trouble with her grandfather because of the performance –precisely no performance of Kyu Won. He told her to prepare for the traditional music competition.

Hee Joo prepared herself for the surgery. Joon Hee was there for her and seemed like taking over Hee Joo’s mother. Like when Hee Joo asked if the anesthesia wouldn’t hurt, Joon Hee answered it faster than Hee Joo’s mom. Even when they both wanted to say “don’t worry” to Hee Joo, Joon Hee oversped Hee Joo’s mom.

Joon Hee told Hee Joo not to be afraid by thinking about happy things, like the word happyness, cleanliness, blue color, fresh fragrance… :)

Kim Suk Hyeon wasn’t staying at the university for good. He’s thinking about going back to Broadway. And at the same time, the producer he met before contacted him again and asked if he could continue on the plan to Broadway and offering an opportunity to the Windflower and the Stupid to record an album. The concept should be a fusion music and he wanted Lee Kyu Won sings for them.

Kyu Won and Shin were having date when suddenly they each received a phone call, telling them that Kim Suk Hyeon was summoning them back at school.

And everyone was so excited when Suk Hyeon informed them about the producer’s intention to record an album for fusion music of the Stupid and the Windflower.

After some discussions, the collaboration group didn’t hesitate to start practicing. They chose the ending song from the previous performance.

Meanwhile, Suk Hyeon was planning to propose Yoon Soo that night. He asked some help from Gi Yeong and Soo Myeong. But unfortunately, Soo Myeong’s old car did get along with the plan.

Kyu won lied when her grandfather called her. She didn’t mention about practicing with the bands. But Grandpa Lee was no fool at all. He suddenly appeared at the practicing room and took Kyu Won away.

Suk Hyeon’s plan to propose Yoon Soo in the most romantic way turned to be total failure when Yoon Soo found the ring before he even showed it to her. But Yoon Soo let him do the proposal anyway. And she asked him to sing her a song before that.

Suk Hyeon sang her a lovely song. And then got down to his job. They’re finally officially engaged.

Shin didn’t want to be helpless about Kyu Won forbid to sing for them. He decided to contact Kyu Won’s dad and asked him for help regarding Grandpa Lee.

Kyu Won’s father begged his father to let Kyu Won continue on the “western” musical and let her decide her own future. But Kyu Won knew that her granfather was as firm as a rock when he already set his decision. Kyu Won didn’t want her father and grandfather be on a fight again when their relationship was showing a good progress. And she decided to continue on gayageum and be a good kid.

Sa Rang and the gang and Soo Myeong plus Gi Yeong made a visit to Hee Joo at the hospital. Hee Joo was still unable to speak. Joon Hee stayed at her side and be her personal nurse just like a pro.

Well, their friends thought of it more like a volunteerly-slavery of Joon Hee. All Hee Joo needed to do was order him with a sign language and Joon Hee would do it right away. It amazed everyone.

Even Soo Myeong and Gi Yeong went speechless and just made this overwhelmning expression:

Joon Hee said he’s very experienced in assisting sick people in the hospital because his mother was hospitalized for quite a long time before.

The situation just upset Sa Rang. She thought that life was unfair between her and Hee Joo. Hee Joo was rich, pretty and had a loyal boyfriend. “I might be a traitor in my past life to be in this kind of state,” she cried.

But Soo Myeong finally made his move. He said a senior gave him 2 tickets for a show, he asked Sa Rang to go with him. Sa Rang was so exicted, but unfortunately her followers misunderstood the situation and decided to come along. Gi Yeong couldn’t hold his laugh and told Soo Myeong, “It’ll be so hard for you to get a girlfriend before they (the two followers of Sa Rang) get boyfriends.” :D

Kyu Won was ready for the gayageum competition. She was on the waty to the toilet when Shin suddenly appear in front of her. Shin offered her a run away. The recording audition started in the same time as the competition. Kyu Won decided to flee with him.

After calling her dad and explained everything, Kyu Won was in a full confidence. She was about to take off with Shin when she tripped her step because of the hanbok and Shin was trying to catch her, but the landing was rough. Shin held the load of both his body and Kyu Won’s with his left hand.

Shin started to feel the aftereffect. He felt something wrong with his hand and it felt hurt when he played the guitar. So when the audition started, Shin failed to show his best guitar playing.

Kyu Won sensed the problem, but Shin lied and tried to convinced her that his hand was okay, nothing really serious.

Because of her bold action, Kyu Won was expelled from her grandfather’s house.  He father would figure out the way to let her back at home, but meanwhile she had to stay at a friend’s home. And the best thing about having a friend just next door was you actually don’t have to go anywhere far. Kyu Won’s dad asked Shin’s mom to let her stay overnight at their home. Shin’s mom was of course so welcome.

Shin’s mom went out of home and Jeong Hyeon was not really happy with Kyu Won around, so Kyu Won decided to make herself busy by cleaning the table. Shin was so surprise finding his girlfriend at home.

They decided to share the ramyon for dinner.

And after that, Shin invited Kyu Won to see his room. He showed Kyu Won his dad’s album and they listen to his music together. But then Shin turned it off after a while and decided to give the album to Kyu Won. At first Kyu Won refused to take it since it’s very valuable for Shin. But Shin said he didn’t want to end up learning how his father doing his music and tried to be like him. He wanted to do his own music.

“You can return it to me when I’ve done my debut album and become a cool famous guitarist,” said Shin.

And yeah, you know…couple will always be couple. Whenever there’s a chance they’ll think of making out or sort of… :mrgreen:

But look who interrupting:

The next day the Stupid and the Windflower received a bad news. The recording company said their was good, but since they’re students, their musical was still lack of substance. But goodnews came to Kyu Won. The company offered her to sign a contract to be a singer. She’d start right away and the company had planned for her training abroad.

Kyu Won and her father came begging to Grandpa Lee to let Kyu Won came back home. The grandfather had heard about Kyu Won’s become a singer. In his own way he said she’s Lee Dong Jin’s granddaughter so she should do it very well and not to make any trouble.

Shin decided to consult with doctor for his hand. The doctor thought it had to be an injury, but they’re running a further examination to confirm everything.

Kyu Won met Yoon Soo and Suk Hyeon. They both congratualted each other and then decided to watch Shin’s performance at Catharsis before going out for a double date.

Shin was planning to be absent from the performance that night because his hand was getting hurt. But he didn’t say anything to the stupid about his hand. He only told them that he’s a bit unwell.

But as soon as Kyu Won and the couple Yoon Soo-Suk Hyeon appeared among the audience, Shin changed his mind and went up to the stage. He was doubtful about his hand’s condition and Kyu Won sensed there’s something wrong with him. She thought about Shin’s hand.

And just as soon as the intro was about to begin and Shin started to play his guitar…he just couldn’t hold the hurt. He went down and scream out the hurt.

The final episode is ahead of us. I can’t believe that we’re here already. Time does fly. I was actually abit upset that the drama had to turn out this way, but if I had been the writer, I would probably have done the same thing for the climax. I mean Shin-Kyu Won relationship went smooth, but life is about conflicts right, especially life in dramas. So they found one and here we are witnessing Shin’s career at the edge of a cliff while Kyu Won is ready to fly.

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