You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Episode 11 Summary

After the hysteria in episode 10, the mood is back to normal in episode 11. Well, actually is about to sloping down at the ending. Kyu Won and Suk Hyeon are facing a scandal, while Shin and Yoon Soo are trying to save their love ones.

But before we get there, let’s start from the beginning…

Shin kissed Kyu Won in front of his audience that night as his way to confirm them, especially to the girls, that he and Kyu Won were real. It was his way to tell the three mean sisters that Kyu Won IS his girl and nothing could change that. After kissing Kyu Won he said to her, “So…you’re in trouble now?” Kyu Won just gave him a smile.

Shin walked Kyu Won home that night saying that she shouldn’t worry anymore that other girls would come to pull her hair in campus. Kyu Won was about to get in to her house when he called her back and then gave her a forehead sweet-goodnight kiss.

Arriving at home with a happy mood, Shin’s mom noticed that and asked him what made him so happy. As usual Shin just said, “Nothing.” Then his mom told him to use two tickets, of an art museum, that someone had given her. Shin called Kyu Won asking her if she had no class in the morning. Kyu Won said, “It’s not that i want to go, but it’s a waste to throw those tickets away.” She added later throught text that her grandpa made her to run some errand first.

Jeong Hyeon protested to Shin that her friends had heard about the kiss on the cafe and that made her lose some money from the signatures she always sales to her friends. Shin gave her 20,000 won for the signatures and that gave Jeong Hyeon an idea of getting more from Kyu Won. The next morning  she waited Kyu Won in front of her house and threatened she’d tell Grandpa Lee about Shin meeting Kyu Won. Jeong Hyeon got another 10,000 won from that eonni.

Yoon Soo came into Suk Hyeon’s room and found him reading a postcard from a long-friend actress in US who’d been traveling south. Yoon Soo asked if she was the actress he had the scandal with and if they’re serious. Suk Hyeon thought she intentionally searched for his past life in US, but Yoon Soo said she knew it from Tae Joon and she had a feeling that Tae Joon was up to something with that information.

And yes, he was. He had an idea of making Hee Joo became the victim. He created a “fact” that no one tried to contact Hee Joo about the sudden showcase that day, not even Suk Hyeon because he intended to make Kyu Won the one under the spot light. He made sure that rumour was known by everyone in the campus.

Kyu Won didn’t run any errand for her grandfather that morning. She went shopping for a new dress. Shin caught her logo tag but Kyu Won kept on lying about helping her grandfather doing this and that. When Shin told her about the tag, Kyu Won was very embarrass that she straightly went in to the museum without waiting for Shin.

And the art museum was so cool. There were so many interesting art works. Kyu Won made Shin made up his shoelace in a perfect spot where an angel image pointing to his bottom.

And I like these ones.

Back at school everyone who knew the truth was upset about the rumour. Soo Myeong was even planning to make a fuss in Hee Joo’s home to make them tell the thruth that even he had called Hee Joo so many times that day. Gi Yeong told him that he saw Hee Joo left with Joon Hee somewhere that day after the practice.

I love seeing this three cool guys together.

Hee Joo was in her mother’s side in the scheme of making her as the victim and Kyu Won as the villain. She called Joon Hee and told him not to tell anyone about what really happened that afternoon.

Soo Myeong went to the Stupid practice room to interrogate Joon Hee. Whohoo look at his stern face. He was really upset, especially when Joon Hee lied that he wasn’t with Hee Joo that afternoon. Shin went in to the room and heard about the rumour involving Kyu Won, but he stayed quiet.

Kyu Won finally found out what people talked behind her back about the performance from Sa Rang and friends. The three mean sisters told her that she had been luring not only Shin but also Director Kim Suk Hyeon. They said that the one to be hated in this performance was not Hee Joo, but apparently Kyu Won.

The Windflower girls told Kyu won to skip the drama practice that day because everyone would talk bad about her. But Kyu Won said she had done nothing wrong and if he ran away that would made people think the rumour was true and that would put Suk Hyeon in trouble.

Suk Hyeon kept running the practice that day despite Yoon Soo’s suggestion not to. Suk Hyeon said he wouldn’t let Kyu Won got hurt from this problem.

Everyone was talking bad when Kyu Won showed up in the practice hall, except for Gi Yeong who welcomed her warmly. Shin looked very annoyed hearing people talking bad about his girlfriend. That’s why as soon as the practice over, he dragged away Kyu Won who was in the middle of a talk with Suk Hyeon.

Shin turned to be the bossy boyfriend by telling her not to continue being the understudy actress. Kyu Won refused to do it because she thought it was fun and she wanted to do it. Also she said if she quit that would put Suk Hyeon in a more difficult situation because it’s kind confirming that the rumour was true. Shin was upset hearing the last reason, but Kyu Won determined on her decision.

Suk Hyeon summoned Shin to his office to talk about the ending music. He complained about the domination of guitar and gayageum in the music and requested to have a little piano in it. Shin refused to do it at first saying that Prof. Hong had approved it and he as the music producer thought there’s nothing wrong with that. But Suk Hyeon said he was the director of the show and Shin would do what he said.

Shin then asked if Kyu Won could quit the play as the understudy. Suk Hyeon said that Shin had been over dramatic in their early relationship. Suk Hyeon said Kyu Won could do whatever she wanted, but not what Shin told her to do.

I agree with Suk Hyeon here.

Im Tae Joon was planning for more evil scenerio. He suddenly showed up in Suk Hyeon’s room talking this and that and then told Suk Hyeon to get him a drink. Well, junior is always a junior in Korean strict social rule, Suk Hyeon went out to get him a drink.

Im Tae Jun then sent a text to Kyu Won using Suk Hyeon cellphone telling they need to meet at a certain place to talk about something later in the evening.

Not long after that, Suk Hyeon received a text from Hee Joo’s mom asking for a meeting at this certain place in the evening. Suk Hyeon and Kyu Won were set up for a scandal.

Suk Hyeon starightly realized that they had been framed as soon as he saw Kyu Won showed up in that hotel bar. Kyu Won had no idea at all what’s going on. She just told him that he had sent him a text. Suk Hyeon immediately took her home, but a hidden photographer had shot some images of the two.

Before leaving to meet Suk Hyeon that evening Kyu Won told Shin that she’s meeting a friend. And when she was on the way home she said she’s still with the friend when Shin called and asked her whereabout.

What Kyu Won didn’t know was Shin was waiting for her in front of her house and saw Suk Hyeon walked her home. So when Kyu Won text him asking if he was sleeping, Shin who was still standing in front of Kyu Won’s house just “Yes.” He looked so disappointed.

The next morning Jeong Hyeon was trying to get more money from Kyu Won with the same trick. But Kyu Won had known her plan. And she tricked her back that made Jeong Hyeon gave up her own plan.

Later at school some photographs of Kyu Won and Suk Hyeon were spread through the internet. Everyone talked bad about Kyu Won worse than when they found out her relationship with Shin.

Joon Hee started to worry about his lie would hurt Kyu Won more. But Hee Joo confirmed him to keep on lying.

Shin arrived at school and found out about the rumour. He rushed to see Suk Hyeon and discussed about the best way to protect Kyu Won. Shin decided to take her away from school the whole day that day. Suk Hyeon thought of fighting alone and not to put Kyu Won in a worse situtation. He let Shin taking his car to get Kyu Won away from school that day.

Kyu Won had no idea about the real reason why Shin took her out of town with Suk Hyeon’s car. Shin even forbid her to answer any call from anyone. They’re having a one day date.

Kyu Won told Shin that her father was moving back to Seoul. Shin than said that she’s not like her father. Kyu Won told him that she resemble her mom and she would show him a picture of she and her mom later if he come to their house.

Shin then said, “Tell me when you’re grandfather is not at home.”

Kyu Won was worry because that made them alone at home. Shin said not to think of any unproper thought, he just didn’t want to hear her grandpa’s long story. But when Kyu Won made a look, Shin corrected his words. He said she should call him when the grandpa was at home. When Kyu Won asked why, Shin said, “Because maybe I would think of preverted things without knowing.”

Yeah…boys will be boys, right?

Meanwhile, the campus was chaotic. Suk Hyeon stayed calm facing the gossip and Im Tae Joon, but he couldn’t sit still any longer when Im Tae Joon talking about making Kyu Won stop coming to school until the event day to let the rumour fade away naturally.

Suk Hyeon grabbed Tae Joon collar saying, “If you want to kick me out, i will quit. But don’t touch Lee Kyu Won.”

Yoon Soo was desperate. She asked him to marry her to release him and Kyu Won from the scandal. But of course Suk Hyeon wouldn’t ever hurt Yoon Soo that way. He just said, “I’m sorry.”

Meanwhile, Joon Hee was feeling more guilty to Kyu Won. But stupidly he asked Hee Joo’s permission to tell the truth. Of course Hee Joo said no.

Back to Kyu Won and Shin, Kyu Won searched for her phone that Shin kept in his bag. She was worry that her grandpa made some calls and then would get angry if she didn’t call him back. But Kyu won found so many miss calls from Bo Woon and a very long text. She called Bo Woon and finally found out that Suk Hyeon was quitting from the performance. She decided to leave.

He told her he knew she was coming home with Suk Hyeon that night but the rumour wasn’t true. He knew about the rumour that’s why he took her there and Suk Hyeon knew about this plan too. Shin told her to stay when she insisted on not letting Suk Hyeon fighting alone.

He then told her not to go, saying, “If you go, you and I are over.”

Ohh, come on, Shin! You cannot do that… Why boyfriends always think their girls would stop and choose them if they shot that option?? X|

Kyu Won didn’t say anything and was about to leave. But Shin grabbed her hand and hug her tight saying, “Please, don’t go,” in a heart-melting tone of voice.

We kind of understand the reason why Shin was doing that. He just care for Kyu Won so much. But man always think their ways to protect their girls and sometimes those ways are hard to understand.

Considering Kyu Won’s character, I think she likely to keep going to campus even though it endangered her relationship with Shin. But love story is not always sweet, right? Though there’s still a possibility she will listen to Shin as she always does.

Can’t wait to see the next episode. ;)

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  1. It was very nice ! I will waiting for next episode ! I love jung yong hwa’s voice & smile & the way he look . He is so handsome & cut & jentelman … !!!

  2. just found out about your site,im backreading all your recaps now about heartstrings..i love this drama so much :))

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