You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Episode 12 Summary

I was thinking of packing episode 12 and 13 in one summary since the drama seems to fill the plot with some unnecessary scenes just to make the show end in episode 16 instead of…let’s say probably 14. But I decided to do it normally, one episode each time.

Let’s start.

As I have guessed before, considering Kyu Won’s character, she’s been very obidient to Shin even before they’re officially an item. So it’s not different this time. When Shin begged her to stay, Kyu Won decided to stay. But they went back to the city early.

Meanwhile, our frustrated director was so upset that he went drinking in Catharsis. The uneasy heart Joon Hee saw the scene and got more upset with himself and all his own lies.

Since Kyu won and Shin was back early tothe city, they went around to kill time. They went to this accesorry shop where Kyu Won found a cute cellphone chain, a little bear carrying music instruments. She found one carrying gayageum and another having a red guitar. She was thinking about buying for a pair, but Shin coldly said not to even think about it. So Kyu Won bought the bear with gayageum only and the hypocrit ended up buying himself the bear with guitar.

After sending Kyu Won home, Shin went to the Catharsis and found Suk Hyeon was badly drunk. He offered to help Suk Hyeon walked to Yoon Soo’s car. He then told Kyu Won that the director was sent home from Catharsis.

Suk Hyeon slept over at Yoon Soo’s place and got a bad hangover the next day. Yoon Soo suggested him to keep going to school  for the performance and not to give up, but Suk Hyeon was firm that he’s not going.

Early in the morning Shin waited for Kyu Won in front of her house, but the grandfather said she had gone out earlier. The grandfather was thinking that Shin should continue his lesson with him, but Shin politely made an excuse and fled.

Kyu won rushed to meet Suk Hyeon but found his office was locked. She met Yoon Soo out side the building and said sorry because it’s all her fault. Yoon Soo said no. She said he was the man with a very high self esteem and a bad temper. He just felt bad about the things just happened. Yoon Soo told her not to quit the performance or what Suk Hyeon had been working on with her would mean nothing.

Kyu Won met Shin on the way to the practice hall, but look who stopped them: Im Tae Joon. He said he’s the director and the performance wouldn’t need any understudy actor anymore so Kyu Won should quit. Shin’s eyes showed how much anger he held at that moment. Especially when he asked for permission to skip that day practice, Im Tae Joon didn’t let him. Kyu Won was playing strong in front of Shin saying that he should go in while she would just go somewhere.

Im Tae Joon introduced himself as the new director to the kids. He announced that he made some changes, but ended up messing everything that even made Park Sa Rang had to in two places at the same time. Sa Rang said, “Well, it’ll be possible if i’m Hong Gil Dong (Korean Robin Hood–red), to appear at two places at the same time.”

Im Tae Joon didn’t see it all coming. He just wasn’t qualified to do the job.

Since Tae Joon was making a mess on the script, the musical team could be dismissed because he wouldn’t need them on that day practice. Shin immediately looked for Kyu Won around campus but failed to see her anywhere, because apparently Kyu Won was crying on the rooftop.

Well, the genius musician-boy friend got a better idea, a romantic one. He went to the campus broadcast and have his singing broadcasted live across the campus. He’s singing a lovely song to soothe Kyu Won.

Smile, don’t be sad. It’s gonna be alright, don’t cry anymore. The song i’m singing now, I hope it can comfort you a little // Smile, don’t be in pain. It’s allright. Even if the whole world bring you hardship,as time goes by, you’ll understand everyting.

Kyu Won and the entire school heard the song. She felt better and finally met Shin on her way down. Shin warmly embraced her and said, “Have you cried enough? (Next time) Don’t cry if I’m not around.”

Kyu Won father was coming back home and tried to persuade his father to let him stay. Granfather Lee would let him live back at home with one condition: never to teach Kyu Won any western music or sort of. Kyu Won was set to be the successor of the famous Lee Dong Jin. The father and son ended up arguing. Kyu Won’s dad took off once again.

Jeong Hyeon made a visit to Granpa Lee complaining about Kyu Won’s two timing her brother with the director. Grandpa Lee had no idea at all about the scandal, so he immediately summoned Kyu Won (who just finished practicing the collaboration ending song) back home.

Bo Woon was worried that Kyu Won would be locked at home again. Joon Hee heard it and just couldn’t sit quite anymore. He finally made the confession. He told them that he was with Hee Joo that afternoon, and because Hee Joo’s mom seemed to dislike him being with her daughter, Hee Joo asked him not to tell anyone about what really happened that afternoon.

Shin was angry, but Kyu Won asked him not to. Bo Woon also took Joon Hee’s side saying that she’d seen him suffered these days.

Shin accompanied Kyu Won to clear the misunderstanding with her grandpa. Grandpa Lee scolded her it’s all because she insisted on doing the modern musical and she’s ruining her and her grandfather’s reputation. But Shin then saved her by showing their collaboration work. He showed him the song he’d written with Kyu Won’s great help.

Instead of getting an apraisal, Shin ended up was obliged to have a mandatory visit everyday to have a one-hour-lecture about traditional music from the famous Lee Dong Jin. Since Kyu Won and Shin couldn’t have Bo Woon as they escape-card anymore, they’re thinking about setting up Yeo Joon Hee. :D

Since the sponsors heard about Suk Hyeon withdrawal from the play, they took back their investment which was not a good news for the campus chairman. Suk Hyeon was almost proposing Yoon Soo when her phonecall rang. The chairman asked her to bring Suk Hyeon back to campus.

Everyone was so happy and excited when finding out that Suk Hyeon was back. Soo Myeong even hugged him tightly that made them look unproperly intimate. The kids were welcoming him in a celebration of hugs.

Suk Hyeon announced that they would have a 3 days 2 nights intensive training in campus.

Tae Joon sensed that Hee Joo was having a problem with her voice. The girl went to see a doctor and found out that she got an inflammation with an ulcer so she should avoid singing otherwise things got worse. Apparently, Tae Joon followed her to the hospital.

Shin found some photos he had taken during his short visit to Jeju Island not long ago. He found Kyu Won in his photos around the light house and recalled the memory.

The next day, Kyu Won was dragging her one-wheeled impaired suitcase and tried to get it on to the bus when Shin came and gave a hand. She felt it like a dejavu and figured it out for some moments before finally remembered she had the similar moment once in Jeju…with the same helper!

Shin just smiled and said, “I remembered you.”

Kyu Won was surprised saying, “Me too.”

Im Tae Joon asked Hee Joo’s mom to have a conversation. Apparently Hee Joo’s mom didn’t know anything about Hee Joo’s illness. She was about to send Tae Joon for an abroad training, but Tae Joon said, “If Hee Joo couldn’t perform, Kyu Won would be the leading actress. And you ended up letting everyone enjoy the meal (while you get nothing).”

The girls were talking about scary ghost story around campus during the break before bed time. The girls asked Sa Rang to tell them everything she new about the story. Sa Rang said all studentss who met the ghosts ended up successful. That’s why the girls came up with the idea of meeting the ghost in purpose to let their performance ended up successful.

Soo Myeong heard the news about Sa Rang’s plan. He then gave an idea to the boys to let the girls “see the ghost”. The girls all walked in the dark corridors summoning the ghost, while the boys were ready in action with their scary costumes.

Kyu Won was left behind because she was busy sending Shin a text. Shin couldn’t read her text because Soo Myeong had made all the boys handed in their phones. But Shin finally found her and rescue her to the balcony.

The boys and girls ended up running into each other and frightened themselves and caused chaotic screams here and there.

Meanwhile our couple was enjoying their private time together. Shin finally threw away the necklace she gave to Yoon Soo.  He said he wanted to throw it away in front of her.

Hee Joo’s mom told the chairman to cancel the 100th anniversary event. She’s just a very dictator queen and the chairman seemed to unable to do anything about it. So the event was cancel.

Suk Hyeon and the kids were doing the morning exercise when Soo Myeong came in a hurry, delivered the bad news.

Okay, let’s see what the next episode will bring us. As a little spoiler, I’m giving you a hint: they’re not easy kids. And they’re art school students anyway, so they must have creative ideas.

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