You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Episode 5 Summary

Last episode ended with a kiss. A kiss that surprised everyone, except for Shin. Kyu Won felt the pain in her heart.
Kim Suk Hyeon went blank, but still came to Yoon Soo’s place as he promised. However, just before he push the door bell, Yoon Soo called him saying that she’s not feeling very well. Suk Hyeon could only watched her from the outside.

The next morning Yoon Soo returned Shin’s necklace and firmly rejected him. She said, “Stop playing this childish game with me. I don’t need you. What I need is a man. For me you’re not a man.” Shin was very upset.

Kyu Won, still upset from the event last night, got crankier when finding Shin didn’t pick up his coffee at his regular spot. She confronted him saying that she felt like she’s trained to be a stupid puppy, but Shin couldn’t even appreciate it. She protested he didn’t come to pick up the coffee and she felt like a real stupid.

Shin ran after her in the corridor and said if she dislike being his slave so much then she should just stop. He wouldn’t end up liking her either. He also told her not to come to his practice room to nag him about anything anymore. “Just stop taking a concern of my life!” They agreement of master-slave relationship ended right there.

(Oh Yong Hwa looks so much like Nam Goong Min in this still)

Shin was very broken hearted. He contemplated himself staring at the necklace for a long time. And that made him late for the practice. Suk Hyeon gave him a hard time by saying that his guitar play wasn’t that perfect. Shin asked which part, Suk Hyeon couldn’t tell him in detail. So when Shin played one more time, Suk Hyeon just said “That’s better.” And this incident brought Shin confronting Suk Hyeon out side the training place.

He said, “Director, next time you should tell me which part is exactly my lack.”
And it was quite surprising when Suk Hyeon just casually said, “Just don’t be late again next time, Shin.”

Gi Yeong was out of the hospital. Suk Hyeon brought him to the theater to make him carefully think about his passion in drama all over again. Suk Hyeon wouldn’t let him go until Gi Yeong changed his mind.

Suk Hyeon asked Yoon Soo to take a coffee break together. He talked about Shin saying that the kid must like her so much that he even got warned. Yoon Soo said, “Don’t tell me that you’re jealous of Shin?”
Yoon Soo was surprised when Suk Hyeon said, “Yes, i’m jealous of him.”

Later that night Shin found his coffee was still there. Stupidly he tasted it and of course immediately spat it out.
On his way back home he found Kyu Won fell asleep in the bus shelter.

When Kyu Won got on the bus she found it strange that everyone was giggling looking at her. Then she just realized that someone had put a sticky note on her forehead saying (more or less the translation), “This puppy bites and speaks noisly.”

The next morning Kyu Won found the coffee she lest was still there. But she was surprised when she got the cup it was warm. There’s a note there saying, “Traditional Music, Lee Kyu Won. Spat many times at the coffee.” So Kyu Won found out that the note she got was also from Shin.

When she saw Shin coming, she called him up. Shin looked up to her. She just made the notes into small ball, threw it to him and gave him a quick “twae” tounge before leaving. Shin somehow got his smirk back.

The singing practice that day went out a bit lousy for Kyu Won. Suk Hyeon told her to practice more. But the good thing was Kyu Won-Shin friendship got back to normal. They apologized to each other about what they said earlier. And Shin succeeded to make Kyu Won his slave again. He made her cleaning up The Stupid’s messy practice room.

Gi Yeong and Hee Joo seemed to have a deeper relationship than just a common acquintance of senior and junior. Rumous had it that Hee Joo dislike Gi Yeong very much. But that afternoon Hee Joo came to visit Gi Yeong in the theater, giving him courage in her cynical way.

Suk  Hyeon found a video recording from the past in which Gi Yeong enthuasistically telling about his dream in drama. He brought it to the theater and played it to Gi Yeong. He said he wanted to remind Gi Yeong how happy he was talking about his dream in performance industry.

On the other side of campus, Shin couldn’t hold his curiousity about Yoon Soo’s true feeling for him. Yoon Soo got seriously upset. She told him to stop doing this. “For me you’re not a man. Can you see that i’m really upset right now?!” And Kyu Won watched the whole scene.

Kyu Won was broken hearted, but when Suk Hyeon caught her contemplating, she said she’s okay. However, she asked him one thing, “What is actually your relationship with Professor Jeong Yoon Soo?”

In the same time, in Catharsis, the owner of that cafe was also telling Joon Hee-and-friends and Bo Woon-and-friends about the same story: The legendary love story between Kim Suk Hyeon and Jeong Yoon Soo.

Suk Hyeon was a senior to Yoon Soo. He got really big crush on her. Liking her so much, he did what Joon Hee did to chase Hee Joo. He loved secretly watching her dance and annoyed her during lunch. Yoon Soo was well known as the dance queen of Dance Department. She was very talented, but she had a bad social life due to her determination on practicing ballet. Suk Hyeon finally won her heart, but it didn’t last long. Yoon Soo left him for her dream when she was proposed by a famous jazz ballet agency in New York.

Suk Hyeon drove Kyu Won home and ended up being interrogated by Kyu Won’s grandfather since she came home late. Kyu Won’s grandfather thought he was a prospect future grandson-in-law for many reasons: the age gap was quite tolerable (Suk Hyeon was 33), the job was okay and the family background was good too. Kyu Won tried to convince her grandfather that he was THE director, that’s all. But Grandpa Lee said, “At least he was better than the boy at the competition” He meant Lee Shin.

Meanwhile Shin’s family was ready to move in to the new house, which was the next door to Kyu Won’s house.

Gi Yeong finally made up his mind to go back to campus and join the performance. He wanted to give himself one more try and didn’t want to feel regret in the future. Suk Hyeon and all the seniors and juniors were happy to have him back.

And he got a stage that night at Catharsis. Shin was still have a bad mood. Only Kyu Won noticed that.

Suk Hyeon came to Yoon Soo at the studio that night. He made a confession: “Yoon Soo, i still like you very very much. I still love you. Can we make a fresh start again?”

And Yoon Soo was relieved. Of course without saying yes, this was what she really wanted. We could still see love in the way they stare at each other.

And Lee Shin barewitnessed it. He got more and more upset. Kyu Won caught the scene and caught up with Shin.

She said, “Don’t you know that this situation will eventually come? Do you think by keep doing this the professor would turn to like you?”

Shin’s respond was cold and sharp: “Why do you care? you shouldn’t care about my life. Do you like me? Do you think by having a concern in my life I would let go of professor Jeong and turn to like you at the end?”

Wooah that’s deep for Kyu Won. She felt her heart in a real pain.

So we’ve got two broken hearted parties here. We know that Kyu Won likes Shin, but Shin’s feelings for her is still greyish. He probbaly cares for her as a friend, but he knew he felt comfortable with Kyu Won better than with any other women after Yoon Soo.

And i think the idea of putting Suk Hyeon and Yoon Soo back together again is good. This way we won’t be tired of love hypocracy like old dramas usually had. This way we can start to focus on Kyu Won and Shin’s love development.

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